Survivor: Palau
Season 3
Filming Location Koror,
Winner Miriam Jones
Tribes Koror
Previous Season Survivor 2: Nicaragua Fanfic
Next Season Survivor 4: China Fanfic

The premiere of this season of Survivor aired on July 23, 2013. The two-hour season finale aired on [here], followed by the reunion show.

For the first time in Survivor: Fanfic history, a tribe switch was introduced to the game at the final 12, were 3 members of the Koror tribe, and 3 from the Ulong tribe were swapped to the other.

Once again, the CBS Survivors twist returned, for the second series in a row which sees 4 CBS Survivor All-Stars returning to compete in the game again. This season they were Brian Heidik (Survivor: Thailand), Jerri Manthey (Survivor: The Australian Outback, Survivor: All-Stars and Survivor: Heroes vs Villains), Kim Spradlin (Survivor: One World) and Rob Cesternino (Survivor: The Amazon and Survivor: All-Stars).

The tribes were Koror (wearing brown) which was the former capital city of Palau and Ulong (wearing blue), named after Ulong Island, Palau's biggest tourist spot. The final ten merged into the tribe 'Angaur', wearing mint green, named after another of Palau's largest islands.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Oliver Oliver Dodd
24, Miami, FL
Koror 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Art Arthur "Art" McCarthy
46, Coeur D'Alene, ID
Ulong 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Matthew Matthew Hayes
49, Seattle, WA
Koror 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Juana1 Juana Bodin
18, Oak Brook, IL
Ulong 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Jerri Jerri Manthey
41, Los Angeles, CA
Survivor: The Australian Outback,
Survivor: All-Stars &
Survivor: Heroes vs Villains
Koror Ulong Eliminated
Day 15
Sofia Sofia Jones
18, Cleveland, OH
Koror Koror 5th Voted Out
Day 18
Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 22.36.44 Amelie Tarenorerer
19, Evansville, IN
Koror Koror Angaur 6th Voted Out
Day 21
Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 11.12.07 Steve Caesar
22, Ridgeville Corners, OH
Koror Ulong 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
Brian Brian Heidik
45, Quartz Hill, CA
Survivor: Thailand
Koror Koror 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
Annabelle Annabelle Campbell
51, Harrison, AZ
Ulong Koror 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
Rob Rob Cesternino
31, Wantagh, NY
Survivor: The Amazon &
Survivor: All-Stars
Ulong Ulong Eliminated
4th Jury Member
Day 33
Lauren Lauren Kroemer
22, Christiansburg, OH
Ulong Koror 10th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
Kim Kim Spradlin
31, San Antonio, TX
Survivor: One World
Ulong Ulong 11th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
Gerald Gerald Hogan
35, Beaver Falls, PA
Ulong Koror 12th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Jai Jai Wight
24, Minneapolis, MN
Ulong Ulong Runner-up 15
Miriam Miriam Jones
49, Charlotte, SC
Koror Ulong Sole Survivor 3

The GameEdit

Episode title Reward Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
"Pop Goes The Ankle" Ulong Oliver 7-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
"It's Going To Be More Than A Spanner In The Works" Koror Koror Art 6-1-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
"Baby, He'd Kill Me" Koror Ulong Matthew 4-3 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
"Being Pretty Isn't Worth Anything Anymore" Koror Koror Juana 4-3 4th Voted Out
Day 12
"Topsy-Turvy" Koror Koror Jerri 2-2-1-1
Black Rock
Day 15
"Man-Made Catfight" Koror Ulong Sofia 3-2-1 5th Voted Out
Day 18
"I Bet She Won't, But I Hope She Will" None Brian Amelie 5-5
6th Voted Out
Day 21
"Like Apologising For Your Embarrassing Parents" Kim
Lauren Steve 5-4 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
"Netflix And No Chill" Brian, Gerald Lauren Brian 5-3 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
"Comeuppance" Survivor Auction Kim Annabelle 4-3 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
"Two Wrong Moves Don't Make A Right" Miriam
Miriam Rob 3-3
Black Rock
4th Jury Member
Day 33
"Just Think About It" Kim Jai Lauren 3-2 10th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
"Two Wrong Moves Don't Make A Right" None Jai Kim 3-1 11th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
Miriam Gerald 1-0 12th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
None Jai 7-0 Runner-up
Miriam Sole Survivor

Episode 1: "Pop Goes The Ankle"Edit

On Day 1, the 12 new castaways and the 4 former Survivors arrived via boat on to a beach Palau, and were notified of their tribal divisions and to make a trek to their own camp-sites. On their way to the camp, Gerald formed a 3-person alliance between himself, Annabelle and Kim, however he revealed in his confessional that he chose these people for the reasons that they would both be targeted before him for their annoying personality and strategic dominance respectively. Over on Koror, the rookies bonded together, headed by Miriam and Oliver (two superfans of the show) and agreed to target Jerri and Brian before each other, as to give them a fair shot at the game. Once arriving at the new camp, Amelie and Steve started to become close due to mutual flirting, which frustrated Sofia who also had a crush on Steve. Despite knowing her position on the outside Jerri pleaded to Matthew that if the tribe lost the first immunity challenge, that they vote out Brian before her as he had already won the game before, and she hadn't, however Matthew confessed to the viewers that this was a reason to keep Brian in the game. Over on Ulong, as expected Annabelle's crazy tribal dances offended Jai who had American Indian heritage and felt she was making fun of other cultures. During one of these dances, she knocked over the water bucket, which couldn't be replaced without fire. This caused a huge argument between Annabelle and Art at night, overshadowing Lauren's homesickness. At the first immunity challenge of the season, the castaways had to push mini WWII tanks through the Jungle, while firing cannons along the way. While running the course, Oliver fell over and twisted his ankle, ultimately holding the tribe the victory. At the Koror camp, Oliver as a superfan was thoroughly disappointed about his place in the game, and wanted his tribe to go far and asked the tribe to vote him out so they would have a better chance at winning future immunities, however many of the other rookies (notably Steve and Matthew) were still set on eliminating a veteran first. At tribal council, Jeff brought up the difference between quitting and voluntarily leaving the game, as well as the tension between Sofia and Amelie, which the latter was oblivious to. It was also discussed whether there was a divide between the veterans and the rookies, especially after Yau-Man's win the previous season. When Jeff revealed the votes however, the tribe honoured Oliver's wishes and unanimously removed him from the game.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Both tribes must roll a heavy miniature tank, which holds a fire cauldron, across a rugged terrain through the jungle while lighting and firing three cannons along the way. The first cannon is across a rapid river, the second tower is on top of an abandoned army base and the third is down on a beach. The first tribe to light and fire all three cannons and cross the finish line with all eight members wins.
    • Reward: Waterproof matches and a metal cart, which can be used to transport supplies.

Episode 2: "It's Going To Be More Than A Spanner In The Works"Edit

After returning to the camp-site after voting out their first member, Sofia and Amelie got into a heated confrontation over Steve, with Sofia promising to throw the next challenge, in order to get her voted out. The next morning, Sofia apologised to the tribe for making them uncomfortable, and stated that she would not throw the challenge. At the reward challenge, Annabelle's lack of upper-body strength combined with Jai falling over, both contributed to Koror's win, ultimately giving them much needed morale. At Ulong, Art openly complained about Annabelle's performance at the challenge, and blamed her for the loss of the challenge, and decided to call-off by trying to fish with the tribe's machete. Similarly to the other tribe, a newbie alliance was forming, headed by Art and Juana, however Art lobbied for the tribe to vote out Annabelle before Rob and Kim, due to her annoying nature. At the immunity challenge, both tribes reached the tiebreaker, between Miriam and Juana, however the former pulled through to earn the win. At camp, Art revealed to the tribe that he had lost the machete while fishing, meaning that it would be increasingly harder for the tribe to gain food. This annoyed Lauren, as she didn't want to vote out Kim over someone who was ruining the Survivor experience for the tribe. Additionally, this aggravated Gerald, as by taking out Annabelle, there would be a bigger target on his back. At tribal, the tribe clashed and the rivalry between Art and Annabelle continued. When Rob brought up why Jai wasn't being criticised for his poor performance in the reward challenge, Lauren and Juana declared Art a sexist. When Jeff revealed the votes, the rookies of the tribe turned on their alliance voting out Art by a vote of 6-1-1, with Rob giving a throwaway vote to Kim.

  • Reward Challenge: Both tribes have five logs of different lengths. Each tribe must carry their logs one at a time along their criss-crossing paths while negotiating a series of obstacles to a tower where they must use the logs to build a staircase by inserting them into peg holes around the tower. Both tribes must stay together and on their own path. The first tribe to get all their logs to their tower, build their staircase and have one member to the top of the tower wins.
    • Reward: Blankets, canned food and other supplies used by locals.
  • Immunity Challenge: Two at a time, one member of each tribe must drink a shot of shark's blood mixed with milk. The tribe that downs the most shots out of eight wins.

Episode 3: "Baby, He'd Kill Me"Edit

Coming back from tribal, the tribe relished in Art's departure celebrating at the campfire. Lauren declared in her confessional that camp felt much lighter now that he had left. The next morning, wanting to start afresh, Jai confronted Annabelle over her previous mockery of tribal dancing and how it had offended him. He apologised for not coming to her sooner about it and bitching to other tribemates about it. Annabelle who had been unaware that he felt that way, apologised as well but acknowledged in her confessional that she still didn't trust Jai. Over on Koror, despite previously having clashed Sofia and Steve bonded over a mutual friend from Ohio, which aggravated Amelie. In a closely fought reward challenge, Koror came out on top again and enjoyed their jungle shower. Steve spoke to Amelie about his new-found connection with Sofia and declared that he couldn't bring himself to vote out Sofia pre-merge as his friend from back home would never forgive him for doing so which angered Amelie who refused to talk to him for the rest of the day. Matthew's constant strategising began to annoy some of his tribemates. At the immunity challenge, Koror's signal failed after they left their bonfire to burn, sending them to tribal council. Despite still targeting Jerri for her previous experience, Matthew switched the target to Sofia, fearing that her connection to Steve may be too strong and on boarded the two veterans. Not wanting to risk word getting out, Matthew approached Miriam about being the fourth vote to take out Sofia. Knowing she was in a now power position, Miriam told Steve, Amelie and Sofia about Matthew's plan and the three planned to turn the vote back on him. Miriam revealed in a confessional that despite letting slip of Matthew's plans, she may still vote on his side. At tribal council, Matthew's game was called out and Matthew attacked Jerri for trying to turn against him. Despite this both Jerri and Brian remained loyal to Matthew, however Miriam switched sides sending him home in a 4-3 vote.

  • Reward Challenge: Both tribes have a giant boulder which must be rolled along a marked course. The first tribe to get their boulder across the finish line and into their resting spot wins a tall metal tower would win.
    • Reward: 100 gallons of fresh drinking water and a supply of organic shampoo.
  • Immunity Challenge: Both tribes must use whatever is handy to create a distress signal that can easily be seen from the air in an airplane flying overhead, The tribe whose distress signal is chosen to be the most visible of the two in a rescue situation according to the drop master wins.

Episode 4: "Being Pretty Isn't Worth Anything Anymore"Edit

After Matthew's blindside at the previous tribal, Jerri worried about her position in the game, once again feeling at the bottom of the totem pole. Brian on the other hand, who had been laying low until this point, privately congratulated Miriam on her game move and proposed a final two deal between the two of them. Miriam accepted, knowing that Brian would always be a much bigger threat than her down the line, but noted that he would have to prove his trust to her in a confessional. At Ulong, as the two youngest girls on the tribe, Juana and Lauren grew closely regularly sunbathing on the beach and gossiping in the shelter together. This annoyed Jai, who felt that neither girl were pulling their weight around camp. At the reward challenge, it was a close-fought race however Koror pulled out the win, winning the items involved in the challenge. On Koror, Brian used the new spear to catch fish for the tribe and taught Steve how to do so. Still worried that she was in a vulnerable position, Jerri threw Brian under the bus highlighting his previous cutthroat behaviour. At the immunity challenge, Jerri and Miriam acted as the callers for Koror and Annabelle and Rob acted as the callers for Ulong. Despite physically being able to move the shelter components easier, Annabelle's disruptive communication with Rob ultimately lost the challenge for Ulong, resulting in Jerri crying tears of happiness. Back at camp, Annabelle was publicly suggested as a target for elimination by Juana as the target for elimination, due to her poor performance in the immunity challenge as well as her weak physicality, to which Lauren agreed. On a trip to the water well however, Jai suggested to Gerald and Kim that the tribe vote out Lauren instead as although he didn't like Annabelle, she was more helpful in terms of camp life; Gerald and Kim immediately agreed, not wanting to break up their alliance. Kim suggested bringing Jai into the fold down the line to Gerald, however they decided to leave doing so until after the next tribal. Jai informed Rob of the plans for the vote. When Gerald and Kim informed Annabelle of the plan, she suggested that she would rather vote our Juana over Lauren as Juana was more of a strategic threat and the pair agreed. Kim also stated in a confessional that she was much closer to Lauren anyway so the plan was working perfectly for her. At tribal council, Jeff questioned whether it was going to be an easy vote after the day's challenge. While Juana and Lauren both nonchalantly stated that Annabelle was the target, they were quickly surprised when Annabelle, Jai and Rob all admitted that they would be voting for one of them tonight. The two girls scrambled for their safety and questioned why they were being targeted for elimination. When the vote was revealed, both girls voted for each other to save themselves however Juana received the majority of the votes in a close 4-3 margin. She hugged Lauren and told her to win the game for her before having her torch snuffed.

  • Reward Challenge: Before each tribe is a large rope web. Hanging on each web are twelve baskets each containing a different survival item. One at a time, one member of each tribe must race up a ramp, across a netting and up the rope web. Once a tribe member grabs one item, brings it back and crosses a line, another tribe member must do the same. The first tribe to retrieve all twelve food items from their rope web wins.
    • Reward: All twelve of the survival items involved in the challenge.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe has a camp with a shelter, animal pen, flagpole and other camp supplies. Both tribes must choose two members as architects who must remember how the camp looks as the other members must move the camp, one or a few pieces at a time, to a new spot that is 200 yards up a sand hill and rebuild it exactly as before. The architects must be at the new spot at all times and cannot physically help the others rebuild the camp. Keeping in mind that the flagpole is the last to be put in, the first tribe to rebuild their camp in their new spot exactly as it was built in the original spot wins.

Episode 5: "Topsy-Turvy"Edit

With the shocking revelation that she almost went home at tribal, Lauren briefly sought comfort in Kim and thanked her for allowing her to stay in the game. Kim comforted her and compared her to Kat Edorsson of her previous season due to their sisterly relationship. The pair stuck a deal to have each others backs in the game, however Kim stated in a confessional that like Kat she may be able to use Lauren's emotional instability to her advantage at a later date. The next morning, both tribes awoke to tree-mail instructing them to elect 3 people to take part in the day's challenge and would be taken off-shore to a remote island. On Koror, as the strongest man, Steve was chosen alongside Miriam who had proven herself to be good at mental challenges; Jerri also volunteered wanting to prove her worth to the tribe. Over at Ulong, it was a similar story with both Lauren and Annabelle wanting to make up for previous tribe grievances and Gerald being chosen for his physicality. Upon arrival, the six castaways were greeted by Jeff who informed them of the rules of the reward challenge however that the real challenge would be that they would not be returning to their original tribes in the franchise's first tribal swap. While Miriam and Steve did well in gathering the pigs, Jerri struggled to contain them in the pen allowing for Ulong to win the reward.

Returning to their new camps, the tribes were equally shocked at the news with Sofia and Amelie both a a loss on Koror after losing their closest partner in Steve. Amelie plotted in her confessional that with Steve not there, this could be her opportunity to flip on her old tribe and take Sofia out while she has the chance. At Ulong, Kim was disheartened at having lost both of her alliance mates of Gerald and Annabelle as well as her new deal with Lauren, however took the opportunity to make a deal with Jai. Rob, who had been feeling on the outs for a while took the chance to get to know the old members of Koror, especially reuniting with Jerri with whom he had played on All-Stars with; the pair agreed to not vote for each other if they were to go to tribal council. At the immunity challenge, despite having the 'smarter' tribe from the offset, the Ulong tribe failed to work cohesively and ended up losing in a blowout. At camp, Kim gathered Jai and Rob and stressed the importance of sticking together as a tribe at the next vote, and that Rob should use his relationship with Jerri to take out Steve a strong physical threat. Meanwhile, the former Koror's set their sights on Rob, a strategic threat who would be forgotten about once the merge came. Sensing that the vote may deadlock, Steve offered himself as a spare vote to the former Ulong's, offering to vote for Jerri with them. Taking the opportunity to have the votes split, Kim, Rob and Jai decided to vote for Steve, in a 3-2-1 vote. At tribal, Jerri and Rob's relationship was a topic of discussion as well as whether tribal lines were still intact. All tribemates were shocked however when the vote tied 2-2-1-1 after Rob cast a throwaway vote towards Jai. In the re-vote, the votes deadlocked once again with nobody owning up to the vote towards Jai, however suspicions towards Rob did arise. With the tribe not willing to vote unanimously, the remaining four tribemates agreed to pull rocks. Unfortunately, it was Jerri who pulled the black rock sending her home.

  • Reward Challenge: A large pen holds forty pigs (twenty with red collars and twenty with gold collars). Several yards away at the finish line are one small red pen and one small gold pen. Both tribes must select one player to be their gatekeeper who must be in their color pen at all times and is responsible for getting their color tribe's pigs in while keeping the other tribe's pigs out. The first tribe to get all twenty of their pigs into their color pen wins.
    • Reward: Three egg-laying chickens, one rooster and a supply of chicken feed.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe has a giant twenty-piece puzzle which, when put together, form a picture of an African mask. The first tribe to put their puzzle together correctly wins.

Episode 6: "Man-Made Catfight"Edit

After a deadlocked tribal, the Ulong tribe returned to camp all quite shocked at the result. In his confessional, Rob explained that his stray vote was because he felt that Kim had greater loyalty towards Jai rather than himself in addition to wanting to stir up some drama; he did acknowledge that this did almost get him sent home. In her confessional, Miriam explained that now she was worried that with Jerri's departure the former-Koror's were in the minority, but did express her relief that there was now less paranoia around camp. Over at Koror, Brian expressed the growing tension between Amelie and Sofia now that Steve wasn't around to keep things and order and how he was planning to use this advantage, seeing as he felt on the bottom of his former tribe. During the night, Brian hid Amelie's bikini top in the jungle.

At the reward challenge, Koror continued their winning streak here winning their fifth reward challenge in a row with Brian and Gerald being the stand-out players. Returning to camp, Amelie searched for her bikini top to no avail, however after Brian implied that he had seen Sofia with it the night before whilst doing the washing, Amelie flipped out however chose not to confront Sofia as it make hurt her no image. Instead she conspired with Brian to vote her out at the next tribal council. Over at Ulong, now feeling in a power position Rob weighed up his options, ultimately deciding that it would be in his best interest to turn on his former tribe. Connecting over her superman status, Rob approached Miriam about working with her and Steve to blindside Kim who he believed to be leading an alliance with Gerald and Annabelle on the original Ulong. On the back of this, he even suggested throwing the immunity challenge in order to carry this out. Miriam stated in her confessional however that this could al be a master ploy to take her out however and that as much as she wanted to trust Rob, she just couldn't.

At the immunity challenge many of the castaways struggled with the bow and arrow, however Kim, Jai and Steve adapted quickly and managed to take home the win for Ulong, despite Rob's wishes. At Koror, while Annabelle, Gerald and Lauren went to discuss the vote, Amelie, Brian and Sofia all re-grouped however conversations were noticeably awkward. When Sofia suggested Lauren as the vote due to her performance in the challenge, Amelie simply shrugged and went back to sunbathing. After initially setting their sights on Brian as the target, Amelie approached the original Ulong's stating that she would gladly vote out Sofia that tribal so they would have a comfortable majority and not have to worry about a deadlock. Gerald explained in a confessional that ordinarily he would be skeptical of such an offer but the tension between the girls was too obvious to ignore. At tribal council, things came to a head when Sofia finally confronted Amelie about her attitutde towards her since the swap which led to Amelie accusing Sofia for stealing her bikini as punishment for 'winning' Steve'. The girls traded insults back and forth while Brian beamed with delight. At the vote however, it wasn't a landslide as expected as Annabelle, Gerald and Lauren all held to their end of the deal by voting for Sofia, but Brian and Amelie voted for Lauren sending Sofia home in a close 3-2-1 vote.

  • Reward Challenge: Both tribes stand on the top step of either of two bleachers and are asked a series of questions about Africa which they must answer together as a tribe. Each time a tribe answers correctly, they move one step down; The first tribe to reach the ground wins.
    • Reward: TThe first tribe to reach the ground wins a buffet of food including Mountain Dew soda, fresh pasta salad with vegetables, sandwiches, and cookies for dessert.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe has five targets ranging from thirty to seventy feet. In pairs, one member of each tribe must try to hit one of their targets with a bow and lighted arrow. Once one has had their turn, another pair must try to do the same. The first tribe to hit all five targets from closest to farthest wins.

Episode 7: "I Bet She Won't, But I Hope She Will"Edit

After having Sofia sent home at the previous tribal council, Amelie rejoiced at how this put her in a much better position with Steve going forward. In addition, she explained how her and Brian stuck to the original plan to vote for Lauren, so that she couldn't be blamed for sending Sofia home outright. Brian also expressed his happiness at the result of the vote as although it meant that the original Koror's were down in numbers going into the merge, it broke apart the trio of Amelie, Sofia and Steve leaving him in a better position as a free agent. Lauren questioned in her confessional why she was the target for elimination based on her challenge performance when everyone was aware of the upcoming merge as it 'didn't make sense'. While knowing they were close on their original tribe, Lauren suspected that there may be an alliance between Annabelle, Gerald and her former tribe-mate Kim but didn't want to raise suspicions. While not having proof here, she did question why this far into the game the only real alliance anyone had asked her to be a part of was Kim and expressed how the merge would give her the opportunity to play much more aggressively.

The next morning, as expected all tribes were told to pack up all of their belongings and meet at a new location, where they were greeted with a feast plus the announcement that they were now one tribe. Steve was both shocked and upset to learn of Sofia's departure, but was quickly informed by Amelie that Sofia had made it too difficult for them to work together, thus giving the other alliance the majority. It wasn't long before both new and old connections starting to arise, with Gerald, Kim and Annabelle solidifying their alliance once again and their plan to keep the tribe strong with Jai and Lauren as additional votes. Kim expressed that due to Rob's inconsistent stories she didn't trust him and that the alliance should be weary of him when including him on how they will be voting in the future; rightly so as Rob, sensing that something was up approached Miriam again about an alliance between the two of them and how he was willing to flip to the other side at the next vote and that they should target one of the stronger males for elimination. Although still not trusting him, as they original Koror's were in the minority here, Miriam accepted the offer however they still needed one more vote to gain control.

At the immunity challenge, a game of endurance, it came down to Brian and Gerald with Gerald faltering after over 6 hours of holding his arm up. Gerald collapsed due to dehydration and was detained by the Survivor medical team. Back at camp with Gerald's fate unknown, the Ulong alliance panicked as they no longer held a solid 5 alliance, but decided to continue with their target of splitting up Amelie and Steve who were now an obvious pairing. Their paranoia was short-lived however when Gerald returned back to camp with clearance to continue in the game. After learning of her antics after the swap, the group decided to target Amelie. Meanwhile, with Rob on board the Koror alliance debated between Gerald and Jai as their target, ultimately deciding on the latter who due to his youth would be a greater threat in physical challenges. Knowing she was on the bottom of their original tribe, Rob and Miriam approached Lauren about flipping the game on its head however in a confessional she questioned whether it was the right time to do so. At tribal, perceptions were that of tribal lines still being in tact with even Rob agreeing that the person being sent home that night would be from the original Koror. Gerald's drive to win the challenge was admired by the tribe, but whether this also put a target on his back was also discussed. Steve and Amelie's Survivor romance was also joked about by several members of the tribe, mainly Annabelle however they worried about being split up. At the vote, Lauren stuck to her guns and original tribe by voting for Amelie, whereas Rob turned his back on his tribe (as expected) resulting in a tied 5-5 vote with Jai. Going into the re-vote, Rob shocked everyone by revealing that he had originally voted for Jai however didn't want to full victim to pulling rocks as Jerri had and as such would be voting for Amelie in the second round, much to her disappointment. When the second round of votes, Rob was not the only one feeling the pressure as all but Steve turned on Amelie sending her home in a 7-1 and Steve in near-tears.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each player stands on top of a log with one arm raised. Their wrists are cuffed to a rope that is connected to the rim of a large bucket that is full of water. All must try to keep their raised arms very still due to the slightest movement being enough to trigger the bucket to tip over and dump the water on top of the player, thus eliminating him or her from the challenge. The last player with their arm still raised wins.

Episode 8: "Like Apologising For Your Embarrassing Parents"Edit

With Amelie gone, Steve was particularly upset at the results of the night's events as not only had he lost his closest allegiance and potential lover, he was now also in the minority alliance in the merged tribe. He expressed his fear of being a target for elimination especially now as he would be considered a much greater physical threat than Rob or Miriam putting either he or Brian in the hot-seat. On the other side, Jai was grateful to his alliance for saving him and pledged his allegiance for the rest of the season. In a confessional, Lauren contemplated whether she had made the right move sticking by her tribe and worried now that they had saved Jai, a potential move to swing him away from Kim and Gerald could now be out the window. She did state however that the final 9 is definitely the time to make a move. The next day, the tribe arrive at the reward challenge in which they are informed that the prize would be money which they could use to barter with at a village market over on the island of Koror; they could use this money for themselves or for the good of the tribe and could spend it on anything they wanted. In the end it came down to Gerald and Kim, however Kim pulled out her first individual win. Despite point out Gerald's strong efforts, she decided to take Jai on the reward to make him feel better for receiving votes at the previous tribal; however in her interview, she revealed that this was also an opportunity to make a greater connection with Jai and solidify a deal with him; Annabelle expressed her annoyance that she wasn't chosen to attend the reward despite being in an official alliance with Kim.

Back at camp, Brian tried to make good with the tribe, bonding with Gerald whilst building a camp swing and benches. Meanwhile, Rob took the opportunity to try and swing Lauren back over to their side. Sensing Lauren's uncertainty, Miriam approached Lauren separately later in the day apologising for Rob's aggressive pitch and understood the situation she was in. Lauren was thankful for Miriam's sympathy and expressed her likeness towards her as it was the most genuine relationship she had felt thus far. Miriam expressed that having teenage children has definitely helped her relate to the younger members of the tribe and this could particularly come in useful when working with Lauren in the game. Over at the reward, Kim and Jai continued to bond over their laidback lifestyles outside of the show and decided to use their money to buy foodstuffs for the whole tribe, including a hog roast. Jai had an emotional confessional about interacting with the Micronesian locals and how this game had definitely opened his eyes to those less fortunate. Upon returning to camp, the tribe were overjoyed at the food brought back for them, especially Brian who had not enjoyed a reward since the first immunity challenge, but did express in an interview that he saw right through Kim's decision.

For the immunity challenge, a test of memory, Steve really struggled to retrieve the right items, while Miriam, Annabelle and Rob failed to keep up with the physically stronger members of the tribe. In a nail-biting finish, Lauren edged out Gerald to take home the win. At camp, Steve knew his head was on the chopping block but attempted to use his poor performance in the challenge to his advantage as not only had he not won a challenge individually, but many of the challenges they had played in were skill-based rather than strength. Meanwhile, Rob persisted to work his magic with Lauren deciding that they should target Kim, who they felt was holding the Ulong alliance together. Lauren confided in Miriam about her decision, acknowledging that while Kim was the natural target, she was also her closest ally within that alliance and as such it may not be worth turning on them just yet. Miriam agreed, but noted in a confessional at how effortlessly Lauren divulged this information to her. At tribal, Brian played his nervousness off, however Steve was quite vocal about his worry of being target. Lauren held all the power this time around, but ultimately decided to stick with her alliance, sending Steve home in a 5-4 vote.

  • Reward Challenge: Each player is given nine items. Using a plank as a springboard, they must place each item, one at a time, on one end of the plank and stomp on the other end, catapulting the items up into a bucket on top of a tower. The first player to get all nine items into their basket wins
    • Reward: Money to be bartered at small African village for luxuries, food, souvenirs or whatever the winner decides.
  • Immunity Challenge: The players are given thirty seconds to memorize nine objects and their locations in a grid inside a barrel. Afterwards, they must head out to each of nine similar barrels whose grids are blank. Reminded to think of their grid like a phone pad, they must remember the number to each item, meaning that item #1 is in the top-left, #5 in the center, #9 in the bottom-right, etc. When Jeff calls a number from 1-9, the players must find the item to the number in a field that is 150 feet away, bring it back to their barrel and put it in its proper spot in their grid. If a player is right, he or she moves on to the next round. If wrong, they are out of the game. After two rounds, the remaining players are given 15 seconds to memorize a second grid of nine items. They are then given one minute to find as many of the nine items as possible and place them in their proper spots in their grids. Whoever gets the most right out of nine wins.

Episode 9: "Netflix and No Chill"Edit

Returning back to camp, it seemed as if the Ulong alliance were as strong as ever now holding a comfortable 5-3 advantage over the minority group of Brian, Miriam and Rob. Miriam explained in a confessional that although she was most definitely vulnerable of being voted out, she felt that both Brian and Rob would be targeted before her, giving her a time buffer to forge relationships with the original Ulong castaways which could lead to a crack in the alliance. Brian meanwhile was definitely feeling the heat now as the obvious physical threat but revealed his plan to push the target onto Rob due to his game knowledge and ability. The next morning, Annabelle pulled Gerald aside, voicing her concerns about Kim within the alliance and that they would have to watch out for her going forward, especially into the end-game and that they may need to cut her soon. She further detailed her uncertainty of Kim in a confessional based on her decision to take Jai on the last reward challenge as well as her strong connection with Lauren. Gerald agreed with her, but revealed in a confessional that while Kim's game-play was strong and that she definitely was a contender to win, right now was not the time to turn on each other.

At the reward challenge, the castaways were divided into pairs which consisted of Annabelle & Lauren, and Miriam & Rob in the first heat and Brian & Gerald against Jai & Kim in the second heat. Naturally, as the strongest team physically Brian & Gerald had an easy win in the final round against Annabelle & Lauren winning a reward of a private movie night away from camp. On the reward, Brian took advantage of the situation reinforcing his bond with Gerald and vowed to be a vote in his favour going forward should he want to make a move. Gerald admitted that if it were up to him, Rob would be voted out at the next tribal, but ultimately the decision lay with the group consensus. He would do his best however to keep him in the game. Back at camp, Jai accidentally knocked over the tribe's rice dinner, prompting a brief outburst by Annabelle. A small argument ensued, however Annabelle swiftly apologised to Jai for her behaviour stating that the game was just getting to her. Jai revealed in his confessional that while the game is tough, Annabelle needs to check herself as she has no potential to win the game.

At the immunity challenge, a classic game of building the tallest fire, almost all of the tribe members were in a chance of winning however nearly everyone struggled to get a fire going due to strong winds. After 40 minutes, both Lauren and Annabelle were able to get stable fires going, however Lauren had a slight edge, earning her her second consecutive immunity. At camp, Jai confronted Kim about his growing frustration with Annabelle and that he was seriously considering voting her out instead of Brian or Rob. Kim quickly shut this down however because as annoying as she was, Annabelle was one of the more loyal people still left in the game. When joined by Gerald, they trio discussed the target for the night's vote. Gerald heavily pushed for Rob to be voted out, however both Jai and Kim were concerned that Brian's emotional distance from the fellow tribemates unnerved them. They group agreed to discuss further with Lauren and Annabelle before choosing their target. Knowing they were still on the bottom, Rob and Miriam discussed whether pushing their focus onto Annabelle after her recent outburst could be a good game move but decided against it as she was clearly no threat to win the game and they would continue to target Kim. At tribal council, alliance lines remained as the main focus of conversation, however Jai and Annabelle's arguments throughout the game were once again brought up. Jai warned Annabelle that she was pushing people away with her behaviour which could backfire in her face, to which Miriam made a point of agreeing. At the vote, the initial alliances remained strong at 5-3, with Brian ultimately being chosen as the target making him the second member of the jury.

  • Reward Challenge: The remaining eight players are teamed up in four pairs of two. Two pairs at a time, the players run an obstacle course. The pairs start by going over a cargo net and across a timber tumble followed by going up a rope climb by climbing up a rope or rope ladder to ring a bell. Next they go under a belly crawl leading to three walls for the pairs to jump over. They must then assemble a ladder for them to climb over the fourth and final wall which is ten feet high. The two pairs to finish first in either of the first two heats go on to the final round in which they must run the same course. The pair that finishes first in the final round wins.
    • Reward: a private screening of the movie "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" complete with popcorn, candy, hot dogs and Mountain Dew.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each player has a circle lined with stones and on the other side of the field is a pile brush, sticks and dried elephant dung. All must race to gather as much of these materials and place them in their circle. They must then attempt to build a fire using a magnifying glass and refracting the sun's rays. The first player to build a fire and build the flame high enough to burn a wick to drop a sandbag and raise a flag wins. Players are disqualified if their materials touch the wick or any other part of their structure.

Episode 11: "Comeuppance"Edit

After the previous tribal, Gerald was upset at the tribe's decision to ultimately vote out Brian over Rob and begun to become worried that he wasn't individually having enough of an impact on the game and as such, wouldn't have much of a case in his favour going into the end game. Despite somewhat of a reconciliation at tribal, Jai vented his frustrations about Annebelle to Kim and complained that she was by the least deserving person still in the game. While Kim sympathised she reassured him that they had to remain as a unit going forward. In an interview however, she worried that Jai's emotions may be becoming too strong, making him a liability for the alliance. Miriam and Rob discussed the fraction between Annabelle and Jai and discussed how they could use this to their advantage along with Lauren going into the next vote.

Arriving at the reward challenge, the final 7 were all given $2,000 US dollars and were informed that they would be participating in the Survivor Auction. Miriam took home a cheese sandwich, Annabelle a slice of cake as well as a large beefburger, Kim a hot shower and soap and a glass of jungle water. Gerald held out for a video message from home and Jai won a deep-fried scorpion, which he still ate; Rob left the auction with nothing but the $2,000 dollars. Back at camp, Gerald had an emotional afternoon by himself, thanking the video from home for giving him the extra push to go on in the game. Miriam was also slightly upset that she had bid on the sandwich earlier on in the auction, as otherwise she would have bid on the video from home prize. She was comforted by Jai who was also feeling slightly homesick. Miriam questioned Jai about his position in the game and repeated his earlier feelings about Annabelle's position in the game, admitting that she open to voting him out at the next tribal, should he wish. She also stressed how it would definitely earn him respect from the jury for making a move at such a pivotal point in the game, however he responded that he didn't want to make any false promises and give unnecessary hope to her.

At the next immunity challenge, Returning back to camp, it seemed as if the Ulong alliance were as strong as ever now holding a comfortable 5-3 advantage over the minority group of Brian, Miriam and Rob. Miriam explained in a confessional that although she was most definitely vulnerable of being voted out, she felt that both Brian and Rob would be targeted before her, giving her a time buffer to forge relationships with the original Ulong castaways which could lead to a crack in the alliance. Brian meanwhile was definitely feeling the heat now as the obvious physical threat but revealed his plan to push the target onto Rob due to his game knowledge and ability. The next morning, Annabelle pulled Gerald aside, voicing her concerns about Kim within the alliance and that they would have to watch out for her going forward, especially into the end-game and that they may need to cut her soon. She further detailed her uncertainty of Kim in a confessional based on her decision to take Jai on the last reward challenge as well as her strong connection with Lauren. Gerald agreed with her, but revealed in a confessional that while Kim's game-play was strong and that she definitely was a contender to win, right now was not the time to turn on each other.

The immunity challenge this time was a test of memory, as the castaways had to rush around a course answering questions on a story dictated to them by Jeff earlier that day which ultimately resulted in Kim winning. At camp, Kim celebrated her win and relished in the fact that she wouldn't receive any votes for the first time in three tribals. After having seen Miriam and Jai continue to talk throughout the afternoon, Kim became suspicious of his position in the alliance and revealed to Gerald and Annabelle the conversation she had had with him a few days prior. Annabelle, enraged at he had attempted to get her eliminated after allegedly 'making up' vowed that he would get her vote and that they should take this opportunity to vote him out whilst they held the majority. The pair agreed, and assumed that Lauren would be on board with the plan as Jai had previously tried to target her in the pre-merge. Knowing that there could be hope for them here, Miriam discussed with Rob about how their only chance to stay would be to target Annabelle at the upcoming tribal as although she was neither a physical or strategic threat in the game, all of the Ulong alliance would want take her to the end as she was an easy goat to beat in the end. The pair then approached Lauren about the possibility of shaking the tribe up here, with Rob particularly selling how this would still leave her in a good position going forward. Lauren admitted she was open to the idea but didn't want to make a move without a guarantee from Jai that he would vote that way. At tribal, Jeff questioned the tribe whether this vote would be another easy one, with Gerald and Lauren both openly stating that Rob would be the night's target (despite their ulterior motives). Jeff also questioned Miriam and Kim about the importance of making big games moves in the game as he noted that there hadn't been any since the turn of the merge; Kim rebuked the need for a move, whereas Miriam stressed their importance, especially if the Ulong players wanted her jury vote in the end. At the vote, Jai took noticeably long at the voting booth, reinforcing Annabelle, Gerald and Kim's decision plans, however worried Lauren. As the votes were revealed, almost all of the tribe were shocked at how the votes fell with neither Jai nor Annabelle expecting to see their name written down. After a 3-3 tie, the final vote was revealed to be for Annabelle, blindsiding the majority alliance and sending her home shocked and angry.

  • Reward Challenge: Instead of a reward challenge, players are each given $2,000 and a Survivor auction takes place. Jeff offers various food items and players bid on them in $50 increments. Items go to the player who bids highest. Items can be shared so long as money is pooled.
  • Immunity Challenge: Along the perimeter of a large circular fence are seven stations. Each station has a question relating to a story told to the players by Jeff and two large snake eggs, each below one of two possible answers to the question. Players must enter the stations, one at a time, latching the gate behind them. If a player breaks open the egg with the right answer, they will find a strap of colored leather which must be wrapped around the same color on their staff. If a player breaks the egg with the wrong answer, it will be empty inside, and the player must try again later. Eggs are replaced after a player leaves a station. The first player to answer five questions correctly and return to the starting circle with five straps of leather wrapped around their staff in the right places wins.

Episode 12: "Two Wrong Moves Don't Make A Right"Edit

After Annabelle's blindside, Gerald and Kim were left the most in shock at the result, especially now at finding themselves in the new-minority meanwhile Jai was equally as shocked to learn that his former-alliance had turned on him without his knowledge. Jai explained in a confessional that while he had previously felt guilty about turning his back on the Ulong alliance, he felt justified in his decision knowing that they were planning to take him out and that he felt his integrity was left intact. Miriam comforted Lauren about her game-move, reassuring her that she had made the right decision to which she agreed, however in an interview Lauren revealed that she still felt like a free-agent within the game. Wanting to get some answers, Kim and Gerald both confronted the group for their decision, with Gerald in particular calling out Jai for making a bad game-move and sealing his fate now. When Rob called Gerald out for turning on Jai anyway, the two argued over the result with Gerald proclaiming that he will outlast Rob in the game. Kim pulled Lauren aside wanting an explanation, with her stating that Miriam got in her head about a possible final three deal between Annabelle, Kim and Gerald and that she wanted to solidify her own place within the alliance. While not wrong, Kim refuted the claims and apologised for potentially making Lauren feel that way. Kim explained in a confessional that the best course of action was to do damage control and to not isolate herself further from the group.

For the reward challenge, the castaways were quizzed in a Survivor version of 'Mr and Mrs' in which they had to correctly match answers which their loved ones had answered on video-tape prior to the show filming. Many of the contestants did well, however Gerald's poor efforts to match his girlfriend's answers made the tribe laugh. Miriam's age proved an advantage with her husband of nearly 20 years, winning her the reward. To limit the chance of either Lauren or Jai being persuaded to switch back to their original alliance, she chose Gerald to join her on the reward much to the surprise of everyone else. On the reward, Gerald questioned her decision to which Miriam stated that as the two African-American contestants in the game, she wanted to take this time to bond with him. While true to a certain extent, Miriam explained that it was solely a game-move in her confessional. Gerald attempted to play on this, suggesting that they work together to target Jai at the next tribal council to which she stated she would consider. Miriam also made a deal that she would ensure that Kim would be voted out before Gerald. Back at camp, Kim tried her luck at making amends with both Jai and Lauren with Rob attempting to disrupt any conversations Kim had as much as possible. Jai explained that he felt totally betrayed by Kim and that he didn't think he could trust her again moving forward. When Kim managed to get some time with Lauren after faking needing the toilet, she argued that if Lauren goes forward with her current alliance she was setting herself up for a deadlock tie at the final 4, whereas she would be guaranteed the final 3 should she work with Gerald and Kim. While she acknowledged that this was likely the case to Kim's face and was open to different options, in her interview Lauren stated that it was a double-edged sword as Gerald and Kim would be harder to beat in the finals.

The next day the contestants participated in the immunity challenge, a test of skill and popularity. Kim and Gerald were quickly targeted, shortly followed by Jai. In the end, Miriam won the challenge with all of her pots intact as no one was able to accurately hit her pieces. Back at camp, Miriam didn't need to argue for Gerald's safety as Rob immediately targeted Kim for being the greater strategist, despite his earlier argument with Gerald, to which Jai was strongly on-board with. Meanwhile, Gerald pushed for Rob's elimination solely for revenge. Kim quickly put a stop to this plan however as Rob had very little friends on the jury, and would likely be more open to working with them over someone like Jai who played more emotionally. Lauren was hesitant about switching on Jai after making amends with him just a couple of days ago. She stated that she was also nervous about causing a tie unnecessarily which would also expose her as the person who switched, however Kim explained that they could easily pin this on Rob. At tribal, the main topic of discussion was the outcome of the previous tribal and how that set everyone up for the end-game; Rob and Gerald's previous argument was also brought up which ignited another bickering match between the two. At the vote, as expected Jai and Kim received votes again however much of the tribe were shocked when the vote tied 3-3, leaving Kim and Gerald celebrating. Rob immediately called out Lauren as the one who had flipped but was swiftly cut off with Gerald accusing Rob of being the actual flipper and wanting to shift the blame. Going into the re-vote, Miriam and Gerald stuck to their guns, however both Rob and Lauren were nervous about the possibility of going to rocks. In a shocking turn of irony, both castaways switched their votes to avoid the tiebreaker, ultimately causing a deadlock by mistake resulting in the second rock draw of the season, this time between Gerald, Lauren and Rob. Despite not receiving a vote, Gerald got his wishes when Rob drew the black rock sending him home in the most unexpected tribal to date.

  • Reward Challenge: All six players are asked a series a four questions which their loved ones had previously answered on videotape. When a question is asked, the players must write down their answers on a pad. If their answers match their loved ones' responses, they get a point. The player who matches the most of their four loved ones' responses wins.
    • Reward: A flight to the island of Angaur to dine with a local tribe, swim with the jellyfish and stay overnight with access to a bed, shower and good food, and a private hot air balloon ride the next morning all paid with Jeff's Visa credit card.
  • Immunity Challenge: Hanging in a line are eighteen clay pots. Each player's name is printed on three of the pots. The players are given rifles used in World War 2 which they must shoot at their opponents' pots trying to break them and have them fall to the ground. Each player gets one shot per round and players switch positions after each round. When a player's third pot is broken, that player is out of the challenge. The last player with at least one pot still hanging wins.

Episode 13: "Just Think About It"Edit

With another shocking tribal under the belt, the Angaur tribe returned to camp without Rob to which Gerald celebrated at winning their unofficial bet. Jai initiated an open discussion as to how the votes fell with Kim and Gerald continuing to back their false case of Rob betraying their alliance, however Miriam remained sceptical. After the tensions had died down, early the next morning Miriam pulled Lauren aside, asking her about her vote at the previous tribal. Lauren repreated Kim and Gerald's claims, promising her loyalty to the alliance however Miriam left the conversation unconvinced. Miriam relayed the conversation to Jai and revealed her fears that they may now be in the minority going into the next vote unless they could convince Lauren to flip back to their side, once again. In a confessional Jai expressed his disappointment at Lauren's move, even though she wouldn't admit it and that he felt that Miriam was the only person aside from himself left in the game with any integrity left.

In a Palauan word-based reward challenge, the boys struggled with the girls storming ahead, despite Miriam initially being slow in the physical part of the challenge. Although she caught-up fast, Kim managed to edge her out winning a reward of taking medical supplies to a local village and orphanage as well as a car of their own. Miriam revealed in a confessional that Kim winning the challenge turned out to be the best thing for her game, as it gave her individual time to spend with both Lauren and Gerald who she had strong social connections with. In particular, she approached Gerald about the upcoming vote and how she had upheld her end of the deal in that she would always vote for Kim before him if she had the choice and that she'd like him to return the favour. Gerald wanting to uphold his end of the bargain, promised to vote for Jai over her granting that he doesn't win immunity. At the reward, Kim had an emotional experience after giving over the medical supplies to the children, as it made her think of her own kids and how she was playing this game for them.

For the immunity challenge, the castaways competed in a 'second-chance' at previous challenges from throughout the season. All of the castaways performed well, however Jai took the lead and never looked back, winning his first individual challenge of the season, and a crucial one at that. Returning to camp, Miriam was worried that the result of the challenge could potentially seal her fate, but wanted tot try and take a stab at swinging Lauren over to her side. As they had been trying the previous few votes, both Jai and Miriam approached Lauren about taking out master strategist Kim; while Lauren agreed to vote with them, she continued to seem wishy-washy to the pair. This was later confirmed when Lauren, not wanting to lie anymore, approached Jai confirming the alliance's plans to take out the last Koror (Miriam). Jai relayed this to Miriam and that her chances of staying were slim. Taking one last stab at switching the game up, Miriam pulled Gerald aside and reminded him of the promise they had made on the previous reward challenge to keep each other safe if they could, suggested that they target Lauren instead. Assuming that Jai would be taken out at the next vote, she stressed that Lauren would take Kim to the finals over him and that she couldn't guarantee that Kim wouldn't reciprocate that either. In his confessional, Gerald contemplated the idea of keeping Miriam in the game as going to the final three with her and Kim would guarantee a place in the finals; it would be a risky game move, involving betraying Kim but could be better for him in the long run.

At tribal, Jeff began with discussing how important the end game now was for the remaining contestants, with Miriam almost instantly jumping in, stressing the importance now of not just keeping people in the game that they could beat in the end but also people that would take them there. Kim argued that as the sole Koror member remaining, Miriam had a great underdog story and would be nearly impossible to beat in the end. Lauren revealed that she had no final two deals left in the game, however Jai argued that that was impossible to believe at this stage in the game and that she likely had alliances with almost everyone left. He proceeded to call her out for betraying the trust of nearly everyone in the game and giving false hope unnecessarily. Jai then outed her for admitting that she was planning on voting out Lauren, to which Kim responded that it shouldn't be a surprise considering Miriam's game-play. Jeff then initiated the vote, which came down to Miriam and Lauren, the latter's surprise. In the third consecutive shock result, Gerald decided to honour his promise with Miriam, thinking of his own game, casting the third vote for Lauren, making her the fifth member of the jury.

  • Reward Challenge: All five players race to find twelve Palauan words in a word scramble puzzle. Each player has their own board. If a player finds a word, they must circle it on their board and cross it off on their list. Each word intersects with at least one other word. Once a player finds and circles all twelve Swahili words, they must take the intersecting letters and unscramble them to make one English word. An envelope containing a clue to that English word is pinned to the bottom of the board. The first player to unscramble the final English word wins
    • Reward: A new pick-up truck loaded with a year's worth of medical supplies including medical kits to be taken to village and orphanage.
  • Immunity Challenge: The players compete in an obstacle course consisting of elements from five previous challenges. Players start by assembling a puzzle ladder which, when completed, must be climbed up to a net. Once they are on the net, they must make their way up one side of the net and down the other side. Once off the net, they will find a cart loaded with pieces to a mask puzzle. Players must drag the cart to a mask-shaped platform where the mask puzzle must be assembled. Once the mask puzzle is completed, they must go under a ladder crawl leading to a World War II Rifle. The first player to shoot their target wins.

Voting TableEdit

Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Eliminated: OliverOliver ArtArt MatthewMatthew JuanaJuana Tied Tied JerriJerri SofiaSofia Tied Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 22.36.44Amelie Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 11.12.07Steve BrianBrian AnnabelleAnnabelle Tied Tied RobRob LaurenLauren KimKim GeraldGerald JaiJai MiriamMiriam
Vote 7-1 6-1-1 4-3 4-3 2-2-1-1 2-2 Rocks 3-2-1 5-5 7-1 5-4 5-3 4-3 3-3 2-2 Rocks 3-2 3-1 1-0 7-0
Miriam Oliver Matthew Rob Rob White Rock Jai Amelie Kim Kim Annabelle Kim Kim Immune Lauren Kim Gerald Jury Vote
Jai Art Lauren Steve Steve White Rock Amelie Tied Steve Brian Annabelle Kim Tied Immune Lauren Kim None
Gerald Art Juana Sofia Amelie Amelie Steve Brian Jai Jai Jai White Rock Lauren Kim None Miriam
Kim Art Juana Steve Steve White Rock Amelie Amelie Steve Brian Jai Jai Tied Immune Miriam Miriam Miriam
Lauren Art Juana Sofia Amelie Amelie Steve Brian Annabelle Jai Kim White Rock Miriam Miriam
Rob Kim Lauren Jai Tied Immune Jai Amelie Kim Kim Annabelle Kim Jai Black Rock Miriam
Annabelle Art Juana Sofia Amelie Amelie Steve Brian Jai Miriam
Brian Oliver Sofia Lauren Jai Amelie Kim Kim Miriam
Steve Oliver Matthew Jerri Tied Immune Jai Jai Kim Miriam
Amelie Oliver Matthew Lauren Jai Tied
Sofia Oliver Matthew Amelie
Jerri Oliver Sofia Rob Rob Black Rock
Juana Art Lauren
Matthew Oliver Sofia
Art Annabelle
Oliver Amelie
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