• Lawrencekun

    | previous_season = None | next_season = TBA }}Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains is a fanfic based on the twentieth season of the CBS reality television series Survivor. This season was a celebration of the ten year anniversary of the show and opted to have returning players who were known for their honor and integrity (Heroes) or their deception and duplicity (Villains).

    Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
    Cirie Fields
    39, Jersey City, NJ Panama & Micronesia
    1st Voted Out
    Day 3 3
    Parvati Shallow
    26, Los Angeles, CA Cook Islands & Micronesia
    2nd Voted Out
    Day 6 8

    Episode Titles Air Date Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
    Reward Immunity
    Hey winners it's our
    turn so back off!
    Decmeber 16,

    3-2-2-1 1st Voted Out
    Day 3
    "That Gi…

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  • Mad Russell

    Hello i'm new here and i'm making a new fanfic Called Survivor: India. It will feature 14 new castaways and 2 former castaways. This Post is for the Returnees.I have chosed 2 men and 2 women you can chose 1 male and 1 Female.


    Shamboo Waters (Samoa)

    Susie Smith (Gabon)


    David Murphy (RI)

    Leif Manson(One World)

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