Survivor: Samoa
Season run
No. of episodes 14
No. of days 39
No. of survivors 20
Tribes Foa Foa
The Outcasts
Season chronology
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Survivor: Samoa is a fanfic based on the the nineteenth season of the CBS reality television series Survivor. The premier aired in Winter 2009. It marks the third time that Survivor was shot in high definition, with Sony XDCAMs.


Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
John Fincher
25, Los Angeles, CA
Galu 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Russell Hantz
Returns in Episode 8
Foa Foa 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Monica Padilla
Returns in Episode 8
Galu 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
Mike Borassi
62, Marina del Rey, CA
Foa Foa 4th Voted Out
Day 8
Ben Browning
28, Kirksville, MO
Foa Foa Foa Foa 5th Voted Out
Day 11
Laura Morett
39, Salem, OR
Galu Galu 6th Voted Out
Day 13
4 (4)
Shannon "Shambo" Waters
45, Renton, WA
Galu Foa Foa 7th Voted Out
Day 15
Mick Trimming
33, Boise, ID
Foa Foa Galu 8th Voted Out
Day 15
Kelly Sharbaugh
25, Wilmington, DE
Galu Foa Foa 9th Voted Out
Day 16
Dave Ball
38, Los Angeles, CA
Galu Galu 10th Voted Out
Day 16
Jaison Robinson
28, Chicago, IL
Foa Foa Galu Fogalua Eliminated
Day 19
1st Jury Member
Russell Swan
42, Glenside, PA
Galu Foa Foa 11th Voted Out
Day 22
2nd Jury Member
Betsy Bolan
48, Campton, NH
Foa Foa Galu 4 (2)
Marisa Calihan
26, Cincinnati, OH
Foa Foa Foa Foa 1
Erik Cardona
28, Ontario, CA
Galu Galu 0
Brett Clouser
23, Los Angeles, CA
Galu Galu 6
Yasmin Giles
33, Detroit, MI
Galu Foa Foa 1
Elizabeth "Liz" Kim
33, New York City, NY
Foa Foa Foa Foa
Ashley Trainer
22, Maple Grove, MN
Foa Foa Galu 4
Natalie White
26, Van Buren, AR
Foa Foa Foa Foa 1
Russell Hantz
36, Dayton, TX
Foa Foa Galu 6
Monica Padilla
25, San Diego, CA
Galu Foa Foa 8
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

The gameEdit

Episode Titles Air Date Challenges Exiled Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
"So You're a Rocket Scientist?" December 31, 2009 Foa Foa None John 9-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
"That Guy is Like a Snake" January 7, 2010 Foa Foa Galu Shambo Russell H. 6-4 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
"Double Boot" January 14, 2010 Foa Foa Erik Monica 7-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
Mike 8-1 4th Voted Out
Day 8
"What Do You Think You're Doing?" January 21, 2010 Galu Galu Ben Ben 7-1 5th Voted Out
Day 11
"Alliance Roulette" January 28, 2010 Foa Foa Foa Foa Erik Laura 4-4/4-2 6th Voted Out
Day 13
"No Mercy for the Threat" February 4, 2010 Galu Erik None Shambo 6-1 7th Voted Out
Day 15
Natalie Mick 5-2 8th Voted Out
Day 15
"The Outcasts" February 11, 2010 The Outcasts None Kelly 5-1 9th Voted Out
Day 16
Dave 5-1 10th Voted Out
Day 16
"Renewed Life" February 18, 2010 Monica,
Russell. H.
Erik None Jaison No vote Eliminated
Day 19
"My Time's Not Over" February 25, 2010 Russell H.
Liz Ashley Russell S. 5-0 11th Voted Out
Day 22
In the case of multiple tribes or castaways who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one castaway won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.

Episode 1: "So You're a Rocket Scientist?"Edit

Twenty contestants were abandoned on the island of Upolu in Samoa to begin the adventure of a lifetime. As soon as the contestants arrived, Jeff asked each contestant to pull a numbered rock out of a bag. After each contestant drew their rocks, Jeff asked the contestants to reveal their rocks. Those with even numbers would become the Galu tribe and those with odd numbers would become the Foa Foa tribe. Jeff then handed purple buffs to Galu and yellow buffs to Foa Foa. Then they immediately started the combined reward and immunity challenge. At the challenge, Monica from Galu had trouble carrying the crate across the ramp, causing Foa Foa to take the lead. In the end, Foa Foa won flint and immunity. After the challenge, John brought up voting out Monica for losing the challenge for them. Meanwhile, at Foa Foa, Russell H. made "final two" deals with the women on his tribe. At Galu, John revealed to Kelly, Laura, and Yasmin that he was a rocket scientist. The women brought up voting out John due to being a possible strategic threat. John was too overconfident that he wasn't going home. John's cocky attitude annoyed his tribe. In the end, Galu decided to blindside the potential strategic threat. John was voted out 9-1.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Six members from each tribe would race across a series of three wooden A-frames carrying three coils of rope. At the end of the course, the six would use the rope to pull a heavy wooden crate across a ramp and up to the finish platform. The four remaining tribe members would disassemble the crate to use as puzzle pieces. The first tribe to solve the puzzle would win.
    • Reward: Flint plus immunity.

Episode 2: "That Guy is Like a Snake" Edit

After John was eliminated, Monica knew she had dodged a bullet and that she had to do well in the next challenge. Before the Reward Challenge started, Jeff told the contestants that he had a note for the winning tribe. Galu had an early lead, however Monica had trouble lifting the crates to build a staircase, causing Galu to fall behind. Eventually, Foa Foa won their second challenge in a row. Jeff handed the note to Foa Foa. Marisa read the note aloud:

Congratulations, you have just won the Reward Challenge. Now you must choose one member of the other tribe to go to Exile Island.

Foa Foa chose to send Shambo to Exile Island, as they saw her as Galu's leader. After Galu lost the challenge, Monica knew that if they didn't win the immunity challenge, she would be on the chopping block. Foa Foa used their tarp to improve their shelter. Liz talked to Natalie about Russell H.'s "final two" deal. Natalie told Liz that Russell H. had made the same deal with her. Natalie and Liz agreed that they would try to eliminated Russell H. as soon as they lost an immunity challenge. Over at Exile Island, Shambo was given a choice of either getting a clue to a hidden immunity idol, or having comfort. She chose the clue, however she did not succeed in finding the idol. At the Immunity Challenge, Foa Foa had a huge lead at the beginning, however they fell behind while they were solving the puzzle. Galu finally won their first challenge. After Foa Foa immunity, Russell H., Mick, Jaison and Ben wanted to vote out Mike for being the weakest link. They talked to the women about voting out Mike. The women agreed to vote for Mike. Natalie and Liz talked to the other women, Betsy, Marisa and Ashley about Russell H.'s "final two" deal with them. The three other women revealed that Russell H. had made the exact same deal with them. They decided that they couldn't trust Russell H., so they aligned with Mike to vote out Russell H. In the end, the women were successful in voting out Russell H., who was blindsided by a 6-4 vote.

  • Reward Challenge: In pairs, the castaways would race across a field to retrieve six large crates painted in their tribe's colors. Once all six crates were retrieved, the tribes would have to stack the crates into a staircase with the name of their tribe properly aligned along the sides. The first tribe to complete the staircase and get all of their members up the staircase to the top of a platform would win.
    • Reward: A tarp, plus the right to send one member of the opposing tribe to Exile Island.
  • Immunity Challenge: Five members from each tribe would race to assemble a boat from seven pieces and seven planks and then paddle the boat out into the ocean to light their torch from the raft. Once the five members return with the fire and the seven planks, the remaining four tribe members would assemble a puzzle. The seven planks from the boat would then be used to assemble a ladder to the top of a platform. The first tribe to have their whole tribe at the top of the platform and light their fire barrel would win.

Episode 3: "Double Boot" Edit

After the women and Mike eliminated Russell H., the men of Foa Foa were upset and shocked. Betsy explained why they eliminated Russell H., and the men chose to forgive them this time. When the contestants arrived for the Reward Challenge, Jeff shocked them by telling them that both tribes will be going to Tribal Council. Foa Foa strapped Natalie in the cage, and had Marisa, Mick, Jaison, and Betsy rolling it. Galu had Monica in the cage, and had Russell S., Laura, Kelly, and Erik rolling it. Galu fell behind early when the rollers accidentally rolled the cage off course, giving Foa Foa a huge lead. Eventually, Foa Foa won the challenge. Jeff told Foa Foa that they must send one member of Galu to Exile Island, but the person they send would not attend Tribal Council, and would therefore be immune. Foa Foa sent Erik to Exile Island. Erik chose the clue instead of comfort, and he ended up finding the hidden immunity idol. At Galu, Monica knew she was on the chopping. She tried to convince her tribe to vote for Yasmin, as Monica felt that she wasn't pulling her weight around camp. In the end, Galu decided to keep their tribe strong and voted out Monica 7-1. At Foa Foa, Mike tried to convince his tribe that Ashley was the weakest link. However, the rest of his tribe thought that Mike was weaker. In the end, Foa Foa decided vote out their weakest link Mike 8-1.

  • Reward Challenge: One castaway would be strapped into a wooden spherical cage and would have to guide four blindfolded castaways in rolling the cage through a maze through the forest. At the end of the maze would be a labyrinth-like table maze. The castaway inside the cage would then have to guide the other four contestants, also blindfolded castaways into solving the table maze. The first tribe to finish the table maze would win.
    • Reward: Pizza to be enjoyed while watching the other tribe attend Tribal Council.

Episode 4: "What Do You Think You're Doing?" Edit

As both tribes arrived for their reward challenge, Jeff shocked the contestants when he said that they were going be switching tribes. After each contestant completed the maze, the new Galu tribe was Dave, Betsy, Erik, Brett, Laura, Jaison, Ashley, and Mick. The new Foa Foa tribe was Ben, Marisa, Yasmin, Liz, Kelly, Russell S., Shambo, and Natalie. The tribes then moved on to their reward challenge. At the reward challenge, Ben dragged Russell S. through the course, leading him to be kicked out of the challenge. In the end, Galu had three points over Foa Foa's two, giving the new Galu tribe their first victory. Galu chose to send Ben to Exile Island, a decision which angered Ben. While at Exile Island, Ben chose the clue instead of comfort. However as Erik already found the hidden immunity idol, Ben did not succeed, angering him even more. Over at the new Galu tribe, Betsy and Erik formed an alliance. Erik showed Betsy the hidden immunity idol. Betsy and Erik decided to align with Brett and Jaison so their alliance would consist of half the Galu tribe At the immunity challenge, Ben, still angry, couldn't pull it together to solve the puzzle, leading Galu to their second victory in a row. After Foa Foa lost, they decided that Ben couldn't handle being under a lot of pressure, so they considered voting Ben out. Ben talked about eliminating Russell S. In the end, the tribe decided to vote out Ben 7-1.

  • Tribal Swap Challenge: Each contestant will navigate through a giant maze. There are sixteen exits from the maze. At each exit there will be a box containing a buff. There are eight yellow buffs and eight purple buffs. Once all sixteen remaining contestants complete the maze, they must open their box. Those with a yellow buff in their box will become the new Foa Foa tribe; those with a purple buff in their box will become the new Galu tribe.
  • Reward Challenge: The tribes would divide into pairs that are harnessed together. Taking turns in rounds, one pair from one tribe would chase a pair from the other tribe through an obstacle course in the forest and attempt to grab a flag attached to the backs of the pair being chased. There would be a time limit of one minute to chase down the pair. If the chasing pair succeeded in grabbing the flag, their tribe would receive one point. If the chasing pair did not succeed, the other tribe would receive one point. The first tribe to score three points would win the challenge.
    • Reward: Steak, sausage, vegetables, spices, and wine
  • Immunity Challenge: Four members from each tribe would alternate at throwing rocks at hanging tiles. When the tile is broken, it would drop a bundle of puzzle pieces. Three tribe members and a direction caller would assemble a color-coded puzzle from the pieces.

Episode 5: "Alliance Roulette" Edit

After they eliminated Ben, Foa Foa knew that it was likely a good decision. Meanwhile, at Galu, the alliance of Betsy, Brett, Erik and Jaison bonded more, and another alliance of Dave, Mick, and Laura formed. Galu fell behind early in the Reward Challenge, and they never got back on track. The new Foa Foa tribe had their first victory. After Foa Foa won, they were excited to have their new pillows and blankets. Meanwhile, over at Galu, Betsy, Brett, Erik and Jaison talked about throwing the next immunity challenge to vote out Laura, who they thought was the biggest threat of the other alliance. At the immunity challenge, Betsy, Brett, Erik and Jaison purposely performed poorly to throw the challenge, leading Foa Foa to their second victory in a row. Ashley, Dave, Mick and Laura were upset at the other four. The alliance of Dave, Mick and Laura decided to vote for Betsy as they felt she caused them to fall behind the most, while the alliance of Betsy, Brett, Erik and Jaison decided to vote for Laura as the biggest threat of the other alliance. Ashley was the swing vote. At a heated Tribal Council, Ashley voted for Betsy, causing a tie. During the revote, Ashley switched her vote to Laura, blindsiding her 4-2.

  • Reward Challenge: Six castaways from each tribe would be blindfolded and tethered together in pairs. The remaining castaway would work as a caller to direct the paired tribemates through a maze. Each set of tribemates would have to locate a bucket in the maze, navigate the rest of the maze to a tower, fill the bucket with water from the tower, return to the beginning of the maze, and empty the bucket into a container which would raise a flag. Once the water container was filled enough to raise a flag, the process would have to be repeated again, this time filling the buckets with corn from a different tower. The first tribe to raise both flags would win.
    • Reward: Pillows and blankets
  • Immunity Challenge: In a series of 3-on-3 matches (separated by gender) taking place on a floating platform, each team must attempt to wrestle each member of the other team into the water; the first team to do so wins that match. The game is played best 3 out of 5 matches.

Episode 6: "No Mercy for the Threat" Edit

After Laura was eliminated, Mick and Dave were upset at Ashley for switching her vote. Ashley told them that she was still on their side, however she admitted to actually being aligned with Erik, Betsy, Brett and Jaison in a camera interview. When the tribes arrived for their reward challenge, Jeff shocked them by telling them that both tribes will be going to Tribal Council once again, and that the tribes would compete separately for individual immunity. Erik won immunity for Galu; Natalie won immunity for Foa Foa. Erik then beat Natalie in the final round, winning reward for Galu. At Foa Foa, Liz brought up voting out Shambo. She saw her as a big threat to win the game, and she knew that the merge should be coming up fairly soon. Liz convinced Natalie to vote out Shambo. The two later convinced the rest of the tribe to vote out Shambo. In the end, Liz's plan came into fruition as Shambo was voted out 6-1. At Galu, Mick and Dave knew that they couldn't trust Ashley. The main alliance of Erik, Betsy, Brett and Jaison considered voting out Mick as they saw him as a bigger threat than Dave. Erik and Betsy decided to create a fake immunity idol using items from their camp and from their clothing. They told Ashley to give it to Mick to regain their trust. Mick thought the idol was real, however he still wanted Ashley out. At Tribal Council, Mick was shocked when Jeff told him that the immunity idol was fake. With only two votes cast for Ashley from Mick and Dave, Mick was voted out 5-2.

  • Reward/Individual Immunity Challenge: The tribes would compete separately for individual immunity. The castaways would be attached to a rope, thread through obstacles, which they would have to climb under, over, or around. The first Hero and the first Villain to win would move on to the final round. The final round's challenge would be the same, but with a single obstacle three levels high. The first castaway to complete the obstacle would win reward for their tribe.
    • Reward: Hot dogs and soft drinks to be enjoyed at the opposing tribe's Tribal Council.

Episode 7: "The Outcasts" Edit

After Mick was blindsided by the fake idol, Dave was furious at Erik, Betsy and Ashley. When the two tribes arrived for their reward challenge, Jeff shocked them by introducing them to the eight departed contestants as an "Outcast" tribe: John, Russell H, Monica, Mike, Ben, Laura, Shambo and Mick. Jeff explained that all three tribes would be taking part in the challenge. Should The Outcasts win, both Galu and Foa Foa would go to Tribal Council to vote someone off, and The Outcasts would vote two players back into the game. Should either Galu or Foa Foa win, the winning tribe would be immune, with the losing tribe going to Tribal Council. Galu fell behind early in the challenge, with Foa Foa in the lead and The Outcasts not far behind. In the end, The Outcasts crossed their finish line first and won the challenge. After the challenge, some Foa Foas were talking about voting out Natalie as the weakest link. Liz didn't agree, so she talked to Natalie about who to vote out. Liz and Natalie agreed that Kelly could be a physical and strategic threat after the merge. In the end, the two women managed to convince the rest of Foa Foa to vote out Kelly 5-1. At Galu's Tribal Council, Dave was going on about the fake idol. In the end, Dave was voted out 5-1 for being on the outside of his tribe and for causing drame.

  • Challenge: Each castaway except for one designated "rescuer" from each tribe will be prisoners in a set of cages. The rescuer must free all of their tribemates. First tribe to free all of their prisoners and cross the finish line with their flag wins. Should The Outcasts win, both Galu and Foa Foa would go to Tribal Council to vote someone off, and The Outcasts would vote two players back into the game. Should either Galu or Foa Foa win, the winning tribe would be immune, with the losing tribe going to Tribal Council.

Episode 8: "Renewed Life" Edit

This episode began with The Outcasts Tribal Council. After a close vote, Monica and Russell H. got the honors of being voted back into the game. A random draw was done to determine who would return to which tribe. Russell H. went to Galu; Monica went to Foa Foa. At Galu, Russell H. regained the trust of the original Foa Foa tribe members and aligned with Ashley, Betsy, Brett, Erik, and Jaison. Monica felt that she didn't fit in with the Foa Foa tribe. The two tribes received tree mail asking them to go to Exile Island. When the two tribes arrived at Exile Island, they were confused. Jeff wasn't there to give them instructions. Then they saw a box containing new blue buffs. The box contained a note instructing the contestants to go back to the Galu camp. When they arrived, they saw a picnic table with the merge feast. The contestants named the new tribe "Fogalua", a name created by mixing "Galu" and "Foa Foa". After they finished their feast, Monica aligned herself with the former Galu tribe. Ashley, who felt that she was at the bottom of her alliance realigned with the former Foa Foa tribe. The Foa Foa tribe accepted her, as they needed her to keep the balance in numbers. At the immunity challenge, Erik was the last one standing on his perch, winning immunity for himself. The ex-Galu alliance targeted Russell S. as they saw him as the leader of Foa Foa. The ex-Foa Foa alliance targeted Brett as they saw him as a physical threat. At Tribal Council, the ex-Galu alliance was shocked when Ashley voted with Foa Foa, leading to a tie. The revote didn't break the tie, so the contestants drew rocks from a bag. Jaison drew the colored rock and became the first member of the jury.

  • Immunity Challenge: The Survivors must stand on a perch under the changing weather conditions for as long as they can. Meanwhile, Jeff will occasionally tempt players with food. The last person standing will win Individual Immunity.

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Swapped Tribes The Outcasts Merged tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Eliminated: John
9/10 votes
Russell H.
6/10 votes
7/8 votes
8/9 votes
7/8 votes
Tie Laura
4/6 votes
6/7 votes
5/7 votes
5/6 votes
5/6 votes
No vote
Russell S.
5/5 votes
Monica John Yasmin Russell S. Russell S.
Russell H. Mike Russell S. Russell S.
Ashley Russell H. Mike Betsy Laura Mick Dave Brett Erik
Betsy Russell H. Mike Laura None Mick Dave Russell S. Russell S.
Brett John Monica Laura Laura Mick Dave Russell S. Russell S.
Liz Russell H. Mike Ben Shambo Kelly Brett Erik
Erik John Exiled Laura Laura Mick Dave Russell S. Russell S.
Marisa Russell H. Mike Ben Shambo Kelly Brett Erik
Natalie Russell H. Mike Ben Shambo Kelly Brett Erik
Yasmin John Monica Ben Shambo Kelly Brett Erik
Russell S. John Monica Ben Shambo Kelly Brett Erik
Jaison Mike Mike Laura Laura Mick Dave Russell S.
Dave John Monica Betsy Betsy Ashley Ashley
Kelly John Monica Ben Shambo Natalie
Mick Mike Mike Betsy Betsy Ashley
Shambo John Monica Ben Marisa
Laura John Monica Betsy None
Ben Mike Mike Russell S.
Mike Russell H. Ashley
John Monica