This is the third of Runnindownadream's seasons of "The Challenge." Various Survivor pairs, half of which have become friends and half of which have become foes, will play to win the game as a pair.


Hosts: Colby Donaldson & Rob Cesternino

Male Contestants
PlayerOriginal SeasonFinish
Ace Gordon Gabon
Alex Bell Amazon
Albert Destrade South Pacific
Benjamin "Coach" Wade Tocantins
Chris Daugherty Vanuatu
Earl Cole Fiji
James Clement China
Jim Rice South Pacific
Jon Dalton Pearl Islands
Jonathan Penner Cook Islands
Jud "Fabio" Birza Nicaragua
Marty Piombo Fiji
Rob Mariano Marquesas
Robb Zbacnik Thailand
Shane Powers Panama
Terry Deitz Panama
Troy "Troyzan" Robertson One World
Todd Herzog China Episode 3
Russell Hantz Samoa Episode 2
Greg Buis Borneo Episode 1
Female Contestants
PlayerOriginal SeasonFinish
Amber Brkich-Mariano The Australian Outback
Courtney Marit Panama
Crystal Cox Gabon
Dawn Meehan South Pacific
Erinn Lobdell Tocantins
Jill Behm Nicaragua
Julie Berry Vanuatu
Kat Edorsson One World
Kim Powers Africa
Michelle Yi Fiji
NaOnka Mixon Nicaragua
Natalie Bolton Micronesia
Parvati Shallow Cook Islands
Sandra Diaz-Twine Pearl Islands
Shii Ann Huang Thailand
Sophie Clarke South Pacific
Stephenie LaGrossa Palau
Courtney Yates China Episode 3
Danielle DiLorenzo Panama Episode 2
Colleen Haskell Borneo Episode 1


Female Partner Male Partner Team Eliminated
Michelle Yi Earl Cole      Michelle & Earl
Julie Berry Chris Daugherty      Julie & Chris
Dawn Meehan Jim Rice      Dawn & Jim
Amber Brkich-Mariano Rob Mariano      Amber & Rob
Sophie Clarke Albert Destrade      Sophie & Albert
Jill Behm Marty Piombo      Jill & Marty
Kat Edorsson Troy "Troyzan" Robertson      Kat & Troy
Kim Powers Alex Bell      Kim & Alex
Stephenie LaGrossa James Clement      Stephenie & James
Parvati Shallow Jonathan Penner      Parvati & Jonathan
Shii Ann Huang Robb Zbacnik      Shii Ann & Robb
Natalie Bolton Terry Deitz      Natalie & Terry
NaOnka Mixon Jud "Fabio" Birza      NaOnka & Fabio
Erinn Lobdell Benjamin "Coach" Wade      Erinn & Coach
Sandra Diaz-Twine Jon "Fairplay" Dalton      Sandra & Fairplay
Courtney Marit Shane Powers      Courtney M. & Shane
Crystal Cox Ace Gordon      Crystal & Ace
Courtney Yates Todd Herzog      Courtney Y. & Todd Episode 3
Danielle DiLorenzo Russell Hantz      Danielle & Russell Episode 2
Colleen Haskell Greg Buis      Colleen & Greg Episode 1


  • Michelle & Earl: The two became close allies from the get-go on the Ravu tribe on Fiji. Earl was devastated when, in a merge twist, Michelle attended Tribal Council in a group of five and was voted out, though she eventually voted for Earl to win. The two also competed as a pair on Battle of the Seasons.
  • Colleen & Greg: The two youngest on the Pagong tribe in Borneo, they formed a quick friendship, and what some theorize was a secret romance.
  • Julie & Chris: Despite being separated by two gender-based alliances, they had a very strong bond in Vanuatu. Their friendship was tested when Chris voted Julie out at the Final 5. But after a teary confession at the final Tribal Council, she ultimately voted for her friend to win.
  • Courtney Y. & Todd: They started out on the same Fei Long tribe in China, and their shared snarky attitudes gave them an instant friendship, which then turned into an alliance. They stayed close throughout the entire game, eventually reaching the final Tribal Council and becoming winner and first runner-up, respectively. Courtney Y. previously appeared as a runner-up and frequent queen on Battle of the Sexes.
  • Dawn & Jim: The two started on the Savaii tribe together in South Pacific. Jim was initially in an alliance with the younger tribe members, while Dawn was on the outside looking in. But Jim soon approached Dawn to get rid of one of his alliance members, and their bond became strategic as well. Jim returns after being one of the most notorious characters (and winners) on Battle of the Sexes.
  • Amber & Rob: Perhaps one of Survivor's biggest stories, the two met on the Chapera tribe in All-Stars, and had an almost instantaneous trust in each other, forming an alliance on the first day. The alliance got strengthened when they developed romantic feelings for each other. Despite the odds, they managed to get to the Final Two together, and Rob gave an extra prize to winner Amber by proposing to her. Since then, they have married, had a child, and Rob himself has won the game on Redemption Island. The two appeared as a pair on Battle of the Seasons, and Rob most recently won Battle of the Sexes.
  • Sophie & Albert: They were brought together under an alliance on Night 1 by Coach in South Pacific. They continued to work together until the very end, showing their closeness as a tight pair in lieu of a five-person alliance. They got to the Final Three together along with Coach, and while Albert finished in third, Sophie won the game. Sophie also finished as a runner-up on Battle of the Sexes.
  • Jill & Marty': They formed a trust from the beginning on Nicaragua on the older Espada tribe, which strengthened when Marty found the hidden Immunity Idol. They were both swapped to the La Flor tribe, where they were unfortunately outnumbered. Marty used the Idol as a bargaining chip to save himself, but unfortunately it was at the cost of losing Jill. However, Marty left soon behind in 11th place. Marty just recently won Battle of the Sexes.
  • Kat & Troy: Initially turned enemies by tribe from some bad blood between tribes, they found a friendship and a small alliance when they were put together on the Salani tribe on One World. At the merge, Kat flipped back to her female alliance, leaving Troyzan in a vulnerable spot. Despite his best efforts to appeal to Kat, Troyzan left soon, but not before passing along a message to Kat.
  • Kim & Alex: Though from separate seasons, the two bonded at various Survivor alumni events, and soon a romance began between the two. They were soon married, and are living happily as husband and wife.


  • Stephenie & James: The two started together on the Heroes tribe on Heroes vs. Villains, but became part of two different alliances. Attending their second Tribal Council, James launched into a rant against Stephenie, saying that she's bad luck for the tribe because of her previous losing streak in Palau. Despite Stephenie's arguing back, the tribe voted her out. Stephenie was part of the runner-up pair on Battle of the Seasons.
  • Parvati & Jonathan: They started on the same tribe on Cook Islands, then were separated in a switch, but were quickly reunited when Jonathan chose to mutiny over to the other tribe. But at the merge, Jonathan chose to flip back to his old alliance, leaving Parvati and her allies livid and furious. They launched into a constant tirade at Jonathan until he was voted out in 7th, though Parvati left quickly after in 6th. The two then returned in Micronesia on the Favorites tribe, and found themselves again in two separate alliances. They were switched over together to the other tribe, but before one could make a move against the other, Jonathan was medically removed from the game. The two also appeared in Battle of the Sexes, though both of them were eliminated before the finale.
  • Shii Ann & Robb: They argued from the very beginning on Sook Jai in Thailand, and were constantly locking horns about everything from division of labor to plain personality conflicts. Shii Ann got her way when Robb was voted out right before the merge, but she was served her own piece of humble pie when her tribe voted her out right after. They appeared as a pair on Battle of the Seasons.
  • Danielle & Russell: The two formed an alliance with Parvati on the Villains tribe in Heroes vs. Villains, and the alliance carried them far into the merge. But when Russell was getting wary of the bond between Danielle and Parvati, he started spreading rumors to break up the pair. It culminated in a big "he said, she said" conversation at Tribal Council, with Danielle reduced to tears before being voted out. Russell previously finished in fourth on Battle of the Seasons.
  • Natalie & Terry: Both very outspoken people, the two constantly talked trash to each other on Battle of the Seasons, to the point of getting in each other's faces. But Terry got the last laugh when Natalie finished in 8th, though Terry ultimately came in 3rd. Both returned in Battle of the Sexes and continued to butt heads. Their rivalry came to a climax when they faced off in the Temple, and Terry was able to send Natalie home, eventually winning the game.
  • NaOnka & Fabio: They started on the younger La Flor tribe in Nicaragua, and from the get go NaOnka was not excited about Fabio's happy-go-lucky personality. She proceeded to then take Fabio's socks, and argue with him when he accused her of stealing them. Throughout the rest of the game, she continued to lash out against Fabio, until the elements got the best of her and she quit the game. Despite her animosity towards him, she actually voted for him to win the game. NaOnka appears again after a brief stint in Battle of the Sexes.
  • Erinn & Coach: Erinn was one of the people vocally unhappy with the antics of Coach on the Timbira tribe in Tocantins. That caused Coach to quickly target Erinn, though surprisingly both were able to make the merge. Erinn was then able to join up with new allies to vote out Coach, though Erinn left soon after in third place.
  • Sandra & Fairplay: Two extremely vocal people, they were never afraid to go at each other with words on Pearl Islands. Their conflict started in the beginning, when they criticized each other about their work ethic. They continued to take shots at each other throughout the game; simultaneously, Jon took out Sandra's allies Rupert and Christa, and Sandra took out Jon's ally Burton. Surprisingly, Jon voted for Sandra to win the game. Sandra returns after being eliminated early on Battle of the Seasons.
  • Courtney M. & Shane: After a few days, the two were placed on the Casaya tribe together in Panama and formed an alliance, despite constant bickering due to Shane's nicotine-addled personality and Courtney's loopy behavior. The two came to a head after being left alone at camp, with Shane even threatening to kill Courtney if she betrayed their alliance. They still stuck through to their alliance, though they were both blindsided in 5th and 6th, respectively. Shane returns after winning Battle of the Sexes.
  • 'Crystal & Ace: Though they started on separate tribes, a switch brought them together in Gabon, but their previous tribal alliances kept them from working together. When Crystal knocked over the rice, Ace got angry with her, and plotted to vote her out. But Crystal got the last laugh when she organized a blindside against Ace. Crystal was previously eliminated first on Battle of the Seasons.

Game Summary/Eliminations ChartEdit

Episode Challenge
Life Shield
Czars Innercircle Eliminator selections Eliminator outcome
# Challenge Sacrifice Lottery Game Winner Loser
1 Chariots of Fire Foes Jill & Marty N/A Jill & Marty Julie & Chris Kim & Alex Colleen & Greg Jill & Marty The Riddle Jill & Marty Colleen & Greg
2 Grab Bag Friends Sophie & Albert Sophie & Albert Courtney M. & Shane Courtney M. & Shane Shii Ann & Robb Erinn & Coach Danielle & Russell NaOnka & Fabio The Wall NaOnka & Fabio Danielle & Russell
3 Ball Brawl Foes Jill & Marty Sophie & Albert Courtney M. & Shane Sophie & Albert Jill & Marty Kim & Alex Courtney Y. & Todd Julie & Chris The Riddle Julie & Chris Courtney Y. & Todd

Scoreboard by EpisodeEdit

Teams Episodes
Sophie & Albert 15 35 CZAR
Jill & Marty 20 30 50
Kim & Alex 18 34 47
Kat & Troy 12 29 37
Julie & Chris 19 19 33
Amber & Rob 16 21 30
Michelle & Earl 5 12 28
Dawn & Jim 9 17 22
Courtney M. & Shane 17 36 CZAR
Shii Ann & Robb 13 31 46
Natalie & Terry 10 21 40
Crystal & Ace 4 19 36
NaOnka & Fabio 6 18 30
Erinn & Coach 8 22 28
Stephenie & James 3 16 27
Parvati & Jonathan 11 20 27
Sandra & Fairplay 2 8 26
Courtney Y. & Todd 0 4 14
Danielle & Russell 14 17
Colleen & Greg 7

Bold indicates the pair were part of the Innercircle.

     The pair won the final challenge.
     The pair did not win the final challenge.
     The pair were the Czars and did not participate in the challenge (Episode 3 onwards).
     The pair won the Lifeshield.
     The pair was part of the Innercircle, but was selected for the Eliminator by the lottery.
     The pair was selected for the Eliminator, either by Sacrifice or Lottery, and survived.
     The pair was selected for the Eliminator, but was elimianted.