This is my Survivor page of this second season

The GameEdit

Episode Inhabitant Challenger Loser Immunity Voted Out Votes
"They Came With Us At Spears!" Lopevi Dolly 5-2-1-1
"Strong Trust, Strong Win, Everything Strong" Yasur LeAnn 5-2-1-1
"Stay Away From Elimination" Scout Chris 3-2-2-1
John P. Chad 6-1
"Ready For The Swap??? Lopevi John P. 7-0 (6-1)
"This Is Going For 12 Days Right Now?" Yasur Lisa 5-2
"We're Merged?" Scout Sarge No vote
"The Puzzle Swapping, Ladder Climbing, Winning, And alliance making" Travis John K. 6-1-1-1-1-1
"Partner's Choice" Eliza Travis 6-2-1-1
"Double Elimination Duel" Rory Mia 5-2-1-1
"We're Here?" Mia Brady Mia Scout Eliza 5-1-1
"Who Dat Girl" Brady Eliza Eliza Brook Rory 3-2
Ami Scout
The Final 2 Are Twila and Ami Winner