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Contestants Tribe Swapped Tribe Voted Out Status Votes

Keith Famie

(Australian Outback)


1st Voted Out

Day 3


Lilian Morris

(Pearl Islands)


2nd Voted Out

Day 5


Ken Hoang



3rd Voted Out

Day 8

Lea "Sarge" Masters Crear

4th Voted Out

Day 8


Terry Deitz


Crear Experiencia

Gary Hogeboom


Experiencia Experiencia 1

Edna Ma

(South Pacific)

Crear Crear

Corinne Kaplan


Experiencia Experiencia

Gervase Peterson


Experiencia Crear 3

Penny Ramsey


Crear Crear

Heidi Strobel


Experiencia Experiencia

Mookie Lee


Crear Experiencia

Todd Herzog


Experiencia Crear 2

Kim Spradlin

(One World)

Crear Crear

Natalie Bolton


Experiencia Experiencia

Gregg Carey


Crear Experiencia

Andrea Boehlke

(Redemption Island)

Crear Experiencia

Kim Powers


Experiencia Crear 1

Yul Kwon

(Cook Islands)

Crear Crear 3

Tammy Leitner


Crear Crear

Episode 1 - "Whats Got To Do With That?"Edit

The castaways were welcome to a shelter near the Andes, and were split into 2 tribes of 10.

At Crear, Yul wanted to be allies with Sarge and Terry but declined so Yul did not have an alliance right now. Kim made a alliance with Edna, Andrea, Yul, and Gregg. At Experiencia, Natalie and Corinne made a alliance with Kenny, Todd, and Heidi. As for the rest of the Crear, Mookie made an alliance with Terry and Sarge. For Experiencia, Kim and Keith had a conflict. At the immunity challenge , 3 contestants were tied in a rope, 3 were to untangle them while getting there puzzle pieces from them, and solving the puzzle. 1st tribe wins immunity. Keith, Natalie, and Lilian were in the rope for Experiencia, while Sarge, Andrea, and Penny for Crear. At the end it was a dead mark challenge but Crear won.

At Experiencia, The 5 Alliance were targeting Kim for the tribal council. But at the tribal something hurtful was said to Kim by Keith. But The 5 alliance changed their target to Keith so he was voted out.

Keith, tribe has spoken,


Corinne - Keith

Natalie - Keith

Kim - Keith

Kenny - Keith

Todd - Keith

Heidi - Keith

Lilian - Kenny

Gervase - Kenny

Gary - Todd

Keith - Kim P.

Episode 2 "What's Going On"Edit

At the Crear camp, Kim S. found an idol and gave it to her trusted ally, Andrea. At the Experiencia camp, things were miserable. They competed in a reward challenge and at the end the Crear won a fishing set. Crear thought their tribe has good and had numbers. At immunity, A tie was formed but a tiebreaker, Crear won again. The Experiencia 5 were getting rid of Lilian. At the tribal council, their plan worked getting rid of Lilian.


Corinne - Lilian

Natalie - Lilian

Kenny - Lilian

Todd - Lilian

Heidi - Lilian

Kim - Gervase

Gary - Gervase

Lilian - Gervase

Gervase - Todd

Episode 3 "Escape The Vote"Edit

Experiencia 5 had the numbers by 3 and Corinne, Natalie, Todd and Heidi wanted to get rid of Kenny. At the luxurious Crear, Gregg was mad at Sarge of stealing chips from him. At the reward, Experiencia finally pulled a win for their tribe getting an fish set. At the Crear, The 5 target was to get rid of Sarge. At the 3 they were getting rid of Yul. At the immunity challenge it was a head on head at the end, Kim S. and Gervase won immunity. At the Crear tribal council, Of Sarge's meanness, he was voted out, at the Experiencia, Their plan worked getting rid of Kenny.


Natalie - Kenny

Todd - Kenny

Heidi - Kenny

Corinne - Kenny

Gervase - Kenny

Gary - Kenny

Kim P - Kenny

Kenny - Gary

Kim S - Sarge

Andrea - Sarge

Gregg - Sarge

Edna - Sarge

Yul - Sarge

Tammy - Sarge

Penny - Sarge

Mookie - Yul

Terry - Yul

Sarge - Yul