Survivor: China
S15 Official Logo
Filming location Zhelin Reservoir, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, People's Republic of China
Winner Dave Cruser (4-3)
Season run 12-01-07
– 02-29-08
No. of episodes 13
No. of days 39
No. of survivors 16
Tribes      Fei Long
     Zhan Hu
     Jiang Xi
Fans vs. Favorites Dave Cruser (20th)
Sherea Lloyd (8th)
All-Stars: Samoa Leslie Nease (13th)
James Clement (4th)
Todd Herzog (1st)
Season chronology
Previous Survivor All-Stars: Belize Fanfic
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Survivor: China is a fanfic based on the fifteenth season of the reality television series Survivor. The premiere aired December 1, 2007. Host Jeff Probst claimed the show was the first full American TV series to be filmed entirely within China. The winner of Survivor: China was Dave Cruser.

Among the many aspects of Chinese culture and history included this season were a Buddhist ceremony and a 100 foot-tall replica of a historic temple used for Tribal Council. Each tribe received a copy of The Art of War by Sun Tzu]. As stated by Probst: "Survivor is a war. The book deals with leadership and how you defeat the other tribe. It's interesting how much it plays into the game all the way through." The show had "unprecedented access" to several historical Chinese monuments.

The "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" slogan used in previous season's logos has been replaced by Chinese characters. The characters translate to "compete in intelligence," "compete in skill," and "compete in endurance."

The contestants were divided into two tribes, Fei Long and Zhan Hu, meaning Flying Dragon and Fighting Tiger respectively. The merged tribe was Jiang Xi, the name of the province that the season was filmed in.

Exile Island from the previous three seasons was discarded for this season, but the Hidden Immunity Idol was still part of the game. In lieu of Exile Island, the tribes had the ability to kidnap a player from the opposing tribe as part of winning a Reward Challenge. The kidnapped player remained with that tribe through the next Immunity Challenge and received a clue to the location of an Immunity Idol at that camp. However, this clue must be given, unread, to a member of the other tribe prior to the next Immunity Challenge. The idol from Fei Long came into play during Episode 5 when the Fei Long Tribe all voted for James. James played the idol, and sent home Jean-Robert Bellande with only one sole vote. Zhan Hu's idol was found by Frosti and played an important role in the end game when Frosti revealed to his tribemates that he found it. After offering to give it to Erik at the Final Four to ensure Dave's elimination, Erik revealed this information to Dave and Leslie, who both agreed to vote Frosti out. Frosti secretly gave the idol to Erik and Erik played it at the final four Tribal Council.

In the end, Dave Cruser defeated Erik Huffman by a vote of 4-3. During the reunion, Leslie Nease was awarded a $100,000 prize as the most popular player in Survivor: China, beating fellow favorites Sherea Lloyd and Ashley Massaro.

Jeff Probst has claimed numerous times that he thinks Survivor: China is the best season of the show since the original, Survivor: Borneo.

Dave Cruser and Sherea Lloyd were selected from this season to compete in Survivor: Micronesia with the Favorites tribe. They finished 20th and 8th respectively. Leslie Nease, James Clement and Todd Herzog were selected from this season to compete in Survivor All Stars: Samoa. Herzog ended to win the season while Nease placed 13th and Clement 4th.


Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Aaron Reisberger
31, Jacobsburg, OH
Fei Long 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Jaime Dugan
22, Columbia, SC
Zhan Hu 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Courtney Yates
26, Boston, MA
Fei Long 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Peih-Gee Law
29, Westchester, CA
Zhan Hu 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Jean-Robert Bellande
36, Las Vegas, NV
Fei Long 5th Voted Out
Day 15
Ashley Massaro
28, East Northport, NY
Zhan Hu 6th Voted Out
Day 18
Steve "Chicken" Morris
48, Marion, VA
Zhan Hu Jiang Xi 7th Voted Out
Day 21
Todd Herzog
22, Pleasant Grove, UT
Fei Long 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
Amanda Kimmel
23, Kalispell, MT
Fei Long 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
James Clement
30, Lafayette, LA
Fei Long 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
Denise Martin
40, Douglas, MA
Fei Long Eliminated
4th Jury Member
Day 33
Sherea Lloyd
26, Stone Mountain, GA
Zhan Hu 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
Michael "Frosti" Zernow
20, Traverse City, MI
Zhan Hu 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
Leslie Nease
38, Tega Cay, SC
Fei Long 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Erik Huffman
26, Travelers Rest, SC
Zhan Hu Runner-Up 42
Dave Cruser
37, Simi Valley, CA
Zhan Hu Sole Survivor 1
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaways has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

Note 1: Because James played the Hidden Immunity Idol, five votes against him were not counted.

Note 2: Because Erik played the Hidden Immunity Idol, one vote against him was not counted.

The gameEdit

Episode Titles Air Date Challenges Kidnapped Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
Religion, Romance,
and Rumors
1, 2007
None3 Zhan Hu None3 Aaron 6-2 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Fighting Tigers
and Flying Dragons
8, 2007
Zhan Hu Fei Long James Jaime 4-3-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
"I Might Have Some
'Splaining To Do"
15, 2007
Fei Long Zhan Hu Dave Courtney 6-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Playing The
Fame Game
21, 2007
Fei Long Fei Long Peih-Gee Peih-Gee 4-2-1 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Raiders of the
Lost Camp
27, 2007
Zhan Hu Zhan Hu James Jean-Robert 1-01 5th Voted Out
Day 15
The James Problem January
1, 2008
Zhan Hu Fei Long Todd Ashley 4-1-1 6th Voted Out
Day 18
You Vote My Way,
I'll Vote Yours
7, 2008
None4 James None5 Chicken 6-4 7th Voted Out
Day 21
The Golden Road January
14, 2008
James Todd 5-4 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 24
A View To
24, 2008
Dave, Denise James Amanda 5-3 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 27
Pain Feels Good January
30, 2008
Denise James 4-3 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
"Wow. We're Smart!" February
5, 2008
Erik Denise 3-3 Eliminated
4th Jury Member
Day 33
Oil And Water February
19, 2008
Frosti Sherea 3-2 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
For The Love
of God and the
Greed of Man
29, 2008
None Leslie Frosti 2-12 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
Dave Leslie 1-0 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Reunion February 29, 2008 Jury Vote Erik 4-3 Runner-Up
Dave Sole Survivor
In the case of multiple tribes or people who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one player won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.

Note 3: There was no Reward Challenge and the kidnapping rule was not yet known to the castaways.

Note 4: There was no Reward Challenge due to the tribal merge.

Note 5: The kidnapping rule was no longer applicable after the tribal merge, as there was only one tribe.

Episode 1: Religion, Romance, and RumorsEdit

At a 16th century Buddhist monastery in the heart of China, 16 Americans began the adventure of a lifetime. The castaways arrived at the monastery and faced a harrowing climb, where Courtney quickly fell behind. They then attended a traditional Buddhist ceremony, and while Peih-Gee felt a new closeness to her culture, Christian Leslie had a tough time enduring the prayer. After the ceremony, Jeff divided the tribes into Zhan Hu and Fei Long, and took everyone's worldly possessions, leaving only the clothes on their backs. He also gave them a copy of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" to study, and a map to their new camps. When Fei Long got to their camp, Aaron almost immediately stepped up as a leader in building a shelter, while Courtney made a negative image for herself with her constant complaining. At Zhan Hu, Chicken's experience with building shelters thrust him into the leadership position, which ticked off construction worker Dave. Chicken's bossy attitude in building the shelter also rubbed off on school teacher Sherea. Fei Long found their water source, but it was rendered useless without fire to boil it. That night, Jaime and Erik bonded, and it seemed like a romantic relationship was on the horizon. They ended up sleeping away from the shelter, which raised some eyebrows among the rest of the tribe. The next day, Zhan Hu realized their shelter needed some modifications; when nobody wanted to listen to Chicken's ideas about the shelter, Dave stepped up and decided to start working on the floor. At the first Immunity Challenge, both tribes were slowed down from a lack of sleep and food. Fei Long had a sizable lead initially, but Todd and Amanda's struggles on the puzzle and Courtney getting bogged down in the mud allowed Zhan Hu to win Immunity and flint. Aaron targeted Courtney for being the weakest link on the tribe, but he drew suspicion to himself when Denise had apparently caught him drinking an extra swig of water from the limited supply. Denise harped on this water drama, and started to campaign to vote Aaron out, and the tribe seemed up in the air about keeping strength or getting rid of a threat. At Tribal Council, Jean-Robert voted with Aaron to get rid of Courtney, but everyone else joined Courtney and Denise and voted off Aaron.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each team is to maneuver a chinese dragon puppet, held on poles individually by each team member, through a maze, with the lead runner for each team having to open some obstacles along the way. At the end of the course, the team members are to match their poles with correct spots in the ground. The winning team is the first to complete this task. The winning tribe also won flint.

Episode 2: Fighting Tigers and Flying DragonsEdit

Denise succeeded in her plan of voting out Aaron to get rid of a strong threat early in the game, while Courtney lamented about Todd and Leslie's overly positive attitudes. On Zhan Hu, under Chicken's somewhat bossy leadership, the tribe got fire from the flint they won at the previous challenge. Meanwhile, Fei Long was suffering from a food problem; when the boys couldn't catch any fish, Amanda, Leslie, and Denise found a bounty of fresh limes. Jaime tried to work past her dumb southern blonde stereotype, but found her and Sherea struggling with the survival aspect of the game. In the Reward Challenge, the tribes competed to get their clothes from their suitcases back. When put in the caller role, Jean-Robert floundered, allowing Zhan Hu to win their second challenge in a row. In a twist, Zhan Hu got to pick one member of Fei Long to kidnap as a prisoner of war until the next Immunity Challenge; they chose James and he received a mysterious tube to open in private. Upon reaching his enemy's camp, James opened the mysterious tube, which contained a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol at Zhan Hu's camp, which he had to give to a member of the opposite tribe. Meanwhile, Erik and Jaime began to get closer, and the rest of the tribe started to believe she was "putting on" her ditziness for him. Back at Fei Long, Jean-Robert annoyed the tribe immensely with his talk of Hollywood and celebrities, while Todd, Amanda, Denise, and Leslie formed a new alliance. They decided to pull in Courtney as a fifth member because of her lack of ties to anyone else. James decided to give the clue to Sherea, figuring that giving the clue to a weak member would increase the chances of the Idol not being found on Zhan Hu. Sherea read the clue and learned that the Idol was apparently in plain sight in camp. The Immunity Challenge tested the castaways' eating skills, and Courtney became the hero of the tribe when Ashley being a vegetarian could not let her stomach an indigenous bug, giving Fei Long their first challenge win. Back at Zhan Hu's camp, Ashley was fearful she would be on the chopping block for losing the challenge, but Dave and Chicken targeted the weaker members: Jaime and Sherea. Meanwhile, the couple of Erik and Jaime decided to vote Chicken for his abrasive attitude. At Tribal Council, Sherea and Dave went at it over work ethic. While Chicken voted for Sherea for her laziness, and Erik, Jaime, and Sherea voted for Chicken, the rest of the tribe joined together to vote out Jaime, breaking up the power couple of her and Erik.

  • Reward Challenge: One person is the tribe's caller. The rest of the tribe will be blindfolded. Using only verbal commands, the caller will lead those tribe members out onto the course where there are twelve puzzle pieces for each tribe. Those pieces go together to form an image that contains all twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. Once they’ve collected all ten puzzle pieces, they’ll take your blindfolds off and put together the puzzle as a tribe. First tribe to correctly solve it wins Reward.
    • Reward: Clothes from the Survivors' suitcases
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribe ate insects that are eaten everyday here in China. One at a time, members from each tribe will step up and square off. First tribe member to get their food down scores a point for their tribe. First tribe to five wins Immunity.

Episode 3: "I Might Have Some 'Splaining to Do"Edit

Erik internalized the loss of his close ally Jaime, while everyone was confused about who cast the mystery vote for Sherea. When Chicken told the tribe that he thought Sherea was the "plan," he received a stern talking to from Dave. On Day 7, Fei Long finally made fire with the flint they won from the Immunity Challenge, and Courtney's weakness from a lack of water segregated her from the rest of the tribe. At Zhan Hu, the tribe passed the time by telling personal stories. Frosti lied about his age to avoid being targeted as the youngest and weakest, while Dave told a story about his mom having cancer, which forged an unexpected bond between him and Sherea. But Dave revealed that he had told one of the biggest lies in Survivor history in order to gain sympathy from his other tribe members. At the Reward Challenge, Fei Long's accuracy skills (particularly from Denise) helped them easily win fishing gear; as a privilege for winning the challenge, they decided to kidnap Dave. Arriving at Fei Long's camp, Dave tried to smooth talk with the ladies, and formed a bond with Leslie over his fabricated kids. At the wishes of Leslie, he gave a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol to Denise, under the condition that she would share the clue with him to help find his own Idol at Zhan Hu's camp. Ever since receiving a vote at Tribal Council, Sherea worked less and less, and she got even more on Chicken's bad side. Jean-Robert annoyed his tribemates once again when he openly criticized and refused Denise's rice. In an extremely physical Immunity Challenge, Zhan Hu's brawn gave them an advantage and they won Immunity for the second time. Returning to camp, Jean-Robert caught the first fish for the tribe, and knew he had to make himself valuable since he wasn't a member of the alliance of Todd and the women. But when Leslie hinted that Courtney's hermit attitude and weakness in the challenge may lead to her going home, he found the crack in the alliance he needed. Leslie tried to convince her alliance to get rid of Courtney and her bad attitude, though everyone else was unsure of whether to cannibalize on their own alliance this early. At Tribal Council, Jean-Robert and Courtney argued once again over her attitude around camp, and in the end, Todd and the rest of the women decided to turn on their alliance and joined the unanimous vote against Courtney.

  • Reward Challenge: One at a time, Survivors throw ninja stars at a series of targets, each worth different points. Hitting any part of the target was one point, two, or three points. Hitting the heart itself is worth five points. First tribe to score a total of twenty points wins Reward.
    • Reward: Fishing gear.
  • Immunity Challenge: Survivors participate in randomly selected groups of five for each tribe. Their goal, to capture the flag from the opposing tribe’s boat. One tribe member is designated the role of guarding the flag. The other four tribe members is acting either offensively or defensively. There are two ways to score points in this game: getting the opposing tribe’s flag back to their boat, or throwing all five of the opposing tribe’s members into the water. First tribe to score two points wins Immunity.

Episode 4: Playing the Fame GameEdit

Though they turned on their alliance in voting out Courtney, Todd, Denise, Leslie, and Amanda decided to stick together and vote out Jean-Robert at the next Tribal Council. But the poker player proved his worth on the tribe when he caught even more fish after returning from Tribal Council, improving his reputation around camp. Both tribes were hit by a heavy storm on Night 9, and Fei Long felt the repercussions of the storm when they found their rice supply became moldy. At Zhan Hu, Peih-Gee began to get annoyed with Ashley's constant talk about her wrestling career, and questioned whether she was using her fame to try to win over the "dumb people" on her tribe. At the Reward Challenge, James's strength helped push Fei Long to a win, and they chose to kidnap Peih-Gee. Seeing Fei Long's camp, Peih-Gee discovered how much better the other tribe had it, and gave her an example of how to organize her camp and tribe. That night, the red tribe tried to enjoy their new reward of pillows and blankets, but Leslie and Amanda found themselves out in the cold when Jean-Robert and James hogged the blankets. Over at Zhan Hu, while Dave tried to search for the hidden Immunity Idol, Sherea pulled Erik aside to tell him the clue James gave her for the Idol. In exchange, Erik told her to pitch in more at camp to avoid Chicken and Dave's bad feelings. But their secret exchange was quietly observed by Frosti the entire time. Peih-Gee decided to give her Idol clue to James to avoid more people getting their hands on clues, and James saw this as an opportunity to dethrone the powerful foursome. At the Immunity Challenge, Fei Long worked well together, and Todd and Leslie's memorization skills led them to another victory. With Zhan Hu facing Tribal Council, Peih-Gee told Frosti about the Idol, and decided to take initiative in improving her tribe's camp life. When Ashley became bothered with Peih-Gee's new bossiness, Peih-Gee decided to try to get the votes against Ashley, claiming that she didn't need the money. But Dave and Chicken were still stuck in voting Sherea like they had determined some time ago. In addition, Frosti, Erik, and Sherea began to see the positives from keeping Ashley around. At Tribal Council, Peih-Gee, Dave, and Chicken went along with their respective plans when they voted for Ashley and Sherea, respectively. But Erik, Sherea, and Frosti stunned the rest of the tribe when they joined Ashley in voting out Peih-Gee.

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe will carry two foo dog statues from one end of the course to the other. Along the way, they’ll pass a series of obstacles. When they get to the end, they’ll place one foo dog on each side of the final gate. Three tribe members will carry each foo dog, and only one group of three can be on the course at a time. Once the first group of three places their foo dog in front of the gate, the second group can go. First tribe to carry both foo dogs to their gate and place them on opposite sides wins Reward.
    • Reward: Lanterns, kerosene, rope, pillows, blankets, and a tarp.
  • Immunity Challenge: Four members of each tribe will paddle out in boats to a series of three buoys. At each buoy, one tribe member will dive down and retrieve a set of three discs, representing Chinese emperors of the Qing Dynasty, which is the last imperial dynasty in China. The two remaining tribe members will then match each disc to the corresponding Chinese symbols on the board. At the same time, one of the four rowers from each tribe will race into the jungle to a throne, where they will receive a golden idol that represents the final emperor of China. First tribe to correctly place all nine discs and the golden idol into their corresponding spots on the board wins Immunity.

Episode 5: Raiders of the Lost CampEdit

At Fei Long, Jean-Robert and James were in competition to be the better provider and spare the target of the powerful alliance of Todd, Amanda, Leslie, and Denise. But the poker player was losing favor with the rest of the tribe with his lazy attitude and constant talking. Knowing that she got votes from Dave and Chicken at the last Tribal Council, Sherea continued to step up her work ethic to avoid getting targeted once again. Her and Erik also continued to look for the hidden Immunity Idol, while Frosti continued to observe them secretly. The tribes faced the most important Reward Challenge to date, and in a test of teamwork, James floundered on the balance beam, allowing Zhan Hu to win the right to keep their camp and loot Fei Long's camp. They chose to kidnap James again, and the rest of Fei Long was sent to their new camp. James could only watch as Zhan Hu raided his tribe's old camp, and Dave took things to a new level when he suggested burning down their shelter. Having to start over from scratch, Fei Long began to build from the ground up, while Jean-Robert tried to put ideas in everyone's heads by talking about James as a weak link during the Reward Challenge. Jean-Robert then ruffled feathers with Leslie when he criticized her constantly bringing up her religion around camp, which really hurt her. Zhan Hu looked over the bounty they had raided, and James felt like a member of the tribe when he continued to work around camp. Seeing no other choice, James gave his Idol clue to Sherea once again, and told her he only needed one more clue to find Fei Long's Idol. Sherea and James made a pact to stick together, and Sherea read the clue to him. In an Immunity Challenge that tested endurance, the strength of James and Jean-Robert could not match up to the quickness of Erik, Dave, and Ashley, and Zhan Hu won Immunity for the third time. James brought down tribe morale when he told Fei Long that Zhan Hu raided their stuff, and while the rest of the tribe was complaining about the twist in the reward, he started his search for the Idol, and eventually was successful. Meanwhile, Jean-Robert went to Todd, who he believed was the most powerful in the tribe, and the two of them talked about voting off James for being a threat and his possible ties with the other tribe. But Todd faced some conflict when Amanda, Leslie, and Denise wanted to get rid of Jean-Robert, fearful that he would jump at the merge. At Tribal Council, James and Jean-Robert openly campaigned against each other. Before the vote, James shocked the tribe when he played the hidden Immunity Idol to guarantee his safety. With James's vote as the only one that counted, everyone was sweating. And his lone vote against Jean-Robert was enough to finally send the poker player home.

  • Reward Challenge: One person will begin seated on a chair which is attached to a pole. Another person will be situated directly above them on a platform, where an empty water drum hangs. The other four remaining tribe members will be tied together in pairs. They’ll race across a multi-level balance beam carrying buckets. Once you reach the water, dip their bucket in, get water, and race back. They’ll then empty your water into a larger pail. The person on the platform will pull that pail up, empty the water in the drum. As the drum takes on water, it will lower. The person in the chair will rise until they’re high enough to pull a pin, releasing the tribe flag. First tribe to release their flag wins Reward.
    • Reward: The right to keep their camp and also loot the other tribe's camp.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe member will be carrying a section of a Chinese ceremonial mascot from the first Immunity Challenge. They will start on opposite sides of the swamp. They will race through knee-deep water attempting to catch the other tribe. When they get tired, it’s okay to opt out of the challenge, but keep in mind, it’s going to be harder for the rest of their tribe to hold up that mascot. First tribe to catch up to the other tribe and touch the back of their ceremonial mascot wins Immunity.

Episode 6: The James ProblemEdit

Still in shock over the events of the previous Tribal Council, Todd spoke about how close he was to being voted out, which prompted James to blow up at him and the rest of the tribe for trying to vote him out. Leslie and Denise admitted to Todd and Amanda that Dave had given them a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol, and their choice to hide that knowledge from their allies hurt Amanda and Todd. The next day, Todd realized there was probably an Idol at Zhan Hu's camp, and came up with a plan to lose the next Reward Challenge on purpose so one member of his alliance will get kidnapped and get a chance to look for the other Idol. Amanda, Leslie, and Denise contemplated the riskiness of the plan, as they could be losing out on some food to help them with Immunity, and there was a 20% chance Zhan Hu would kidnap James. Over at Zhan Hu, Erik and Sherea continued to look for the Idol hidden in their camp. They grabbed three out of the four emblems above the archway at their camp as possible Idols, but discovered that one was conveniently missing. They soon discovered that the three emblems they had were not the Idol, but kept them just in case. While the rest of the tribe noticed the recently disappearances of the tribal emblems, nobody knew that Frosti had Zhan Hu's Idol after overhearing Erik and Sherea. Todd apologized to James for voting for him the night before, and James took his apology at face value, but started to contemplate his options in the future. At the Reward Challenge, Todd promoted an image of Fei Long unity. Though Ashley hurt her ankle during the challenge, Todd purposely struggled with the lock and sabotaged his tribe, allowing Zhan Hu to win once again. His plan came together even further when Zhan Hu decided to kidnap him. Though he was happy to get a clue about the Idol, he was concerned that his enemies may figure out his true strategy. Zhan Hu slaughtered one of the their-newly won chickens, much to vegetarian Ashley's dislike. But Dave furthered tensions when he didn't allow Todd to share in the new bounty of meat. Back at Fei Long, James was aggravated with the rest of his tribe when they denies his allegations of throwing the challenge, and decided he would jump over to Sherea and the Zhan Hu's at the merge. The next day, Ashley nursed her sprained ankle, and Todd noticed the absence of the emblems and figured that somebody already found Zhan Hu's Idol. He chose to give his clue to Ashley, figuring she would be too weak to look for the Idol anyway, which gave Ashley a dash of hope. At the Immunity Challenge, despite sitting out Ashley, Fei Long won a crucial Immunity Challenge when Chicken slowed Zhan Hu down. Facing Tribal Council, Chicken told Ashley she was going to vote Sherea once again, as he had promised her some time ago. But Dave was contemplating going back on his Final Three alliance with Chicken and Ashley to get rid of a weak link, gaining some mistrust from Chicken. Ashley and Chicken attempted to gain votes against Sherea, but found no support, so she tried to target Frosti. At Tribal Council, Ashley tried to convince the tribe to vote out Frosti for being a threat at the merge. But when the votes came in, though Chicken voted Sherea as promised and Ashley voted Frosti, the rest of the tribe decided to keep strength around and voted out Ashley.

  • Reward Challenge: One tribe member from each tribe will be strapped into a chair inside a giant metal ball. The other four tribe members will navigate the ball through a series of obstacles. At each obstacle, there’s a key attached to a rope that they’ll need to undo one of the locks on the metal ball. Once they have all four locks undone, they’ll release the tribe member who is inside the ball and race to the finish gate. First tribe to get all five tribe members past the finish gate wins Reward.
    • Reward: Spices, three chickens, and one rooster.
  • Immunity Challenge: One person from each tribe will raise through this abandoned Chinese village to find a tribe-colored Chinese terracotta warrior. They’ll bring it back to their mat, then the next person goes. Once they’ve collected all eight warriors, they’ll place them onto a puzzle board that is a replica of ancient Chinese tomb. Each terracotta warrior has a uniquely shaped peg on the bottom of it that will only fit into one spot. First tribe to get all eight warriors on their puzzle board correctly wins Immunity.

Episode 7: You Vote My Way, I'll Vote YoursEdit

The tribes were instructed to choose an ambassador who would make some important decisions. Fei Long chose Leslie, but at Zhan Hu, the decision wasn’t as easy, eventually deciding on Frosti. Leslie and Frosti traveled to a tea house, <Frosti is shown waving to Leslie> where they enjoyed a traditional Chinese feast. After sharing some valuable information, they named their new tribe Jiang Xi and decided to live at Zhan Hu. Before Fei Long arrived at their new home, the members of Zhan Hu made a pact to stick together, but Sherea felt uneasy about her place in the tribe. Both tribes were even with five members, and Immunity was more important than ever. In a tense showdown between Todd and James, James was the first to win individual Immunity. The former Zhan Hu members targeted Todd, while the former members of Fei Long targeted Dave. But before Tribal Council, Sherea shifted their attention to Chicken. In the end, it came down to James and Sherea. At Tribal Council, Todd received four votes, but Sherea betrayed her tribe when she joined Fei Long and voted out Chicken, 6-4.

  • Immunity Challenge: This challenge is based off of a traditional Chinese puzzle called a tangram, which consists of 7 pieces, called tans. Jeff shows them an image, then they have to recreate it. Each round will be a different image and they’ll have two minutes to duplicate that image as a tangram. Get it right, they stay in; wrong, they’re out. Last person left standing wins Immunity.

Episode 8: The Golden RoadEdit

After the two tribes merged, Sherea flipped over to the Fei Long tribe and voted out Chicken, and the members of the former Zhan Hu were on the chopping block. On Day 22, Todd felt confident in his Fei Long alliance. At the first individual Reward Challenge, Amanda obliterated the competition, and Amanda chose Todd to join her for a day of pampering at a spa resort. At their Reward, Todd couldn’t hide his paranoia, so they came up with a plan to take out James out of the game at the first opportunity. At the Immunity Challenge, James pulled through again, securing himself another three days in the game. Before Tribal Council, James’ allegiance to the Fei Long alliance was wavering, but he continued to tell Todd that he was on board. But, sensing James’ uncertainty, Dave jumped at the opportunity to lure James over to Zhan Hu, but Todd remained certain that Erik would be going home. At Tribal Council, the vote was close between Todd and Erik. But, in the end, a stunned Todd became the first member of the jury in a 5-4 vote.

  • Reward Challenge: Each castaway answers a series of questions in private. After tallying the results, Jeff asks the questions to all the castaways; they have to guess what they think the group answered. Each time they get it right, they get to take a torch and burn a rope that belongs to one of their tribe members. That rope will release a heavy log, which will smash a section of that tribe member’s “Great Wall.” When their three walls are gone, they’re out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins Reward.
  • Reward: A trip to a luxury spa.
  • Immunity Challenge: For the first round, all nine casatways will be attached to a rope which snakes through a series of obstacles. At each obstacle, they must untangle your rope by either moving over, under, or around each post in order to continue. They’ll also untangle two wooden planks as they go. Only the first four tribe members to cross the finish line with their two planks move on to the final round. For the final round, they will use those two wooden planks to help move across a knotted rope bridge. If they fall in the water, they go back to the start. The first person to reach the finish platform wins Immunity.

Episode 9: A View to RememberEdit

After James and the former members of Zhan Hu blindsided Todd, Leslie, Denise, and Amanda knew that the three of them were next on the chopping block. But a secret agreement between Leslie, Denise, and Dave gave Leslie and Denise added security. At the Reward Challenge, the tribe competed as four randomly split pairs to carry fireballs with giant chopsticks. Sherea and Frosti couldn’t get the hang of it, while Dave and Denise came out on top, winning an unforgettable trip to the Great Wall of China. Back at camp, Sherea made her frustrations about the challenge known. Later that day, James revealed to Sherea and Erik that their Immunity Idols were fake, and Sherea, James, and Erik locked in their alliance to the Final Three. At the Immunity Challenge, despite the tribe’s best efforts to eliminate James, he won individual Immunity for the third straight time. Before Tribal Council, Amanda made a last-ditch attempt to stay by trying to convince Sherea and James to vote out Frosti. Sherea was onboard, but James wanted to stick to his alliance with the original Zhan Hu members. At Tribal Council, James’ convincing paid off. Sherea stuck with her Zhan Hu tribe and voted Amanda out, 5-3.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways compete as randomly determined pairs. Working together with their partner, they will use two giant chopsticks to carry a fireball across the course, drop it down a chute, and into a wok, igniting the firecrackers. They’ll then race back to the start and take a new set of chopsticks. Each set of chopsticks will get increasingly longer and more difficult to handle. First pair to get three fireballs into all three woks wins Reward.
  • Reward: A trip to the Great Wall of China.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway will each secretly select their own block of 3 squares on a 5x5 grid. They must line up either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. They will then attempt to knock out their opponents by selecting coordinates in the battle field and firing on squares one by one. The object of the game is to knock out all of the squares occupied by their opponents. Last person left to still have a square remaining on the grid wins Immunity.

Episode 10: Pain Feels GoodEdit

At the Reward Challenge, the castaways received an unexpected visit from their loved ones, and Dave’s lies continued, when his friend Nicole falsely reported that his mother’s condition was worsening. The Survivors and their loved ones competed in the Reward Challenge as pairs. Erik and his friend Alex won and chose Leslie and her husband Rod to join them for a fireworks show and a night at the Survivor Movie Theatre. The next morning, back at Jiang Xi, Sherea once again vented her frustrations over losing the Reward Challenge. With James in an alliance with the former Zhan Hu members, Leslie and Denise knew they were next on the chopping block. But Denise and Leslie weren’t about to go down without a fight. First, Denise won Immunity. Then, they pulled out all the stops and swayed Dave and Frosti to vote out their biggest physical threat, James, instead of Leslie. At Tribal Council, James felt confident, not even bringing his bag. But James was about to get a big surprise. Although Leslie received three votes, her plan worked and James was blindsided in a 4-3 vote. Suddenly, the biggest physical threat was eliminated from the game.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways compete with their loved ones. The Survivors will scoop water out of the lake. They will toss it to their loved ones, who will have to catch the water and empty it into a larger bucket. That is going to be made more difficult because the Survivors will be blindfolded, their loved ones will be their guide. When they get enough water in the larger bucket, the weight of the water will lower the bucket, raising a flag. First pair to raise their flag wins Reward!
  • Reward: A trip to the Survivor: China movie theater and a showing of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with their loved one.
  • Immunity Challenge: Castaways will each step up onto a log and raise their hand over their head. That hand will be tethered to a bucket, which is full of water. When they move their hand, the bucket tips, they get wet; they’re out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins Immunity.

Episode 11: "Wow. We're Smart!"Edit

The Jiang Xi tribe endured a terrible storm. Sherea questioned Frosti about the hidden Immunity Idol and he admitted to the entire tribe that he found it. At the Reward Auction, Erik won an Immunity advantage, and he put it to good use at the Immunity Challenge, winning Immunity. Before Tribal Council, Dave had a change of heart and he easily convinced the tribe to vote out Sherea instead of Leslie. But Denise and Leslie saw an opportunity to take control of the game by blindsiding Frosti and taking out the hidden Immunity Idol, so they let Sherea in on their plan. Fearing the ramifications of a tie vote, Sherea tried to convince Erik to join them and vote out Frosti. At Tribal Council, Erik remained true to his alliance with Frosti and Dave, by voting Sherea out of the tribe. But when the votes were read, it was a three-three tie. Then, paranoia took over, causing all four castaways to unexpectedly switch their votes to avoid the purple rock tiebreaker. When their worst fears materialized, it was Denise who drew the unlucky purple rock, leaving Leslie as the last original Fei Long member standing, with heavy odds to overcome.

  • Reward Challenge: There was no Reward Challenge. Instead, a Survivor auction was held.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways will each throw meteor hammers (traditional Chinese weapons) in an attempt to knock down and smash porcelain vases that have their opponents’ names on them. There are 19 vases in total: 3 for every castaway, except for Erik, who got an extra vase through an advantage he won in the auction. They’ll throw one meteor hammer per round, and each round, they will rotate one spot down. Last person left standing with a vase intact wins Immunity.

Episode 12: Oil And WaterEdit

The Final 5 came back to camp after a particularly chaotic Tribal Council. Leslie felt extremely vulnerable being the last Fei Long in the game, while Frosti was extremely appreciative for having the hidden Immunity Idol. On Day 34, Sherea once again caused conflict with Dave when she spoke out against him eating extra food. Frosti won the next Reward Challenge and a new car and chose Sherea to go on a trip to a local Chinese village with him. While Shere and Frosti had a great cultural experience, Dave was leading the charge back at camp to take Frosti out of the game because of the Iodl. And Erik and Leslie were both onboard with Dave’s plan. But at the Immunity Challenge, Frosti pulled through when he needed it most. Leslie knew that she would once again be vulnerable, so she planted seeds in Dave’s head to vote out Sherea and offered him a Final 2 deal. They then echoed this plan onto Erik and Frosti, though Frosti was not so adamant. Before Tribal Council, Frosti was once again in a position of power and contemplated giving the Idol to Shera. In the end, Frosti kept the idol for himself, and Dave and Leslie’s plan to vote out Sherea worked, making her the fifth member of the jury in a 3-2 vote.

  • Reward Challenge: The challenge consists of four rounds. For the first round, each castaway will throw three ninja stars at a target. The four highest scores move on to the next round, where they must eat a giant water bug. The first three to get the water bug down move on to the next round, where they will use two wooden planks to make their way across an unstable rope bridge. The first two to finish move on to the final round. For the final round, they will complete a traditional Chinese knife puzzle. First one to finish wins Reward
  • Reward: A trip to an ancient Chinese village, along with a 2008 Chevy Equinox.
  • Immunity Challenge: Jeff tells the castaways a story about Zao Jun, the Chinese God of the Kitchen. They’re then gonna race to a series of seven stations, where they’ll find a puzzle. Put the puzzle together to reveal a question about the story. Read it and choose between one of two answers. If they’re right, they’ll find a colored firework. Grab their firework; bring it back to their starting platform. If they’re wrong, they’ll find colored sticks. They must grab your stick and throw it in the fire before they can go back to that station or any other station. First person to have all seven fireworks hanging from their starting platform and ignite them wins Immunity.

Episode 13: For The Love Of God and The Greed of ManEdit

After voting out Sherea, Dave came back to camp to realize she stole his clothes. The Final 4 faced an Immunity Challenge about the members of the jury, which Leslie won. The vote soon fell between Dave and Erik, since everyone assumed Frosti would use the Immunity Idol. However, Frosti secretly offered the Idol for Erik to play in order to ensure Dave's exit. Erik took it, but told Dave and Leslie of Frosti's plan. At Tribal Council, though Dave still voted for Erik to provide a 1-1 tie as a worst cast scenario, Erik played the Idol, while Erik and Leslie followed the plan and blindsides Frosti, 2-1.

  • Immunity Challenge: Jeff asks the castaways a series of questions based on a questionnaire given to the members of the jury. Jeff will draw questions randomly from this bin. For each question, there are only two possible answers: A or B. Each time they get one right, they score a point. First person to five wins Immunity.

The Final 3 went through a rite of passage, honoring the 13 castaways voted off. They then faced their final Immunity Challenge, a test of endurance where Dave emerged victorious. At camp, Erik got into Dave's head, trying to convince him that Erik was the easier opponent in the Final 2 than Leslie. Leslie did not state her case to Dave, instead reminding him of their Final 2 promise. At Tribal Council, Dave followed Erik's advice and voted out Leslie, making her the last member of the jury and leaving the Zhan Hu Final 2 of Erik and Dave.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway must put six coins between their fingers (three in the left, three in the right) and keep them there. They will then go into a traditional Chinese stance, and they will stand in this position with the coins between their fingers for as long as they can. When all six of their coins have fallen through their fingers into the wok below, they’re out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins Immunity.

After enjoying their final day in China, Dave and Erik faced their Final Tribal Council. In their opening statements, Erik emphasized how he was true to himself, and still played the game to the best of his ability, while Dave talked about his strategizing from Day 1. Todd and Frosti hammered into Erik for a supposed lack of strategy and betrayal, respectively, while Sherea's jury statement erupted into a heated screaming match with Dave. Leslie, believing Dave's lie, also emphasized his "need" for the money with his mom and kids. In the end, though the vote was close, Dave beat Erik and won Survivor: China in a 4-3 vote.

Elimination notesEdit

  • Aaron - Excluded from an early alliance that consisted of arguably the Fei Long tribe's weakest members, it was revealed at the Reunion that Aaron was eliminated first mostly because he was seen as the tribe's leader. On the show, it looked like he was voted out because he took an extra drink of the tribe's limited water, but this was only a small part of the reason.
  • Jaime - An alliance of the hardest workers on Zhan Hu consisted of Dave, Chicken, and Ashley, and included Peih-Gee and Frosti on the periphery. Erik, one of the tribe's strongest members, was not included because of his close friendship with Sherea and especially Jaime, who were both perceived as lazy and weak. Jaime was targeted before Sherea because the tribe feared a potential romance with Erik could impact the game.
  • Courtney - Courtney was becoming weaker as the days went on and by day seven, she was eating and drinking very well, which caused Leslie to be concerned about her. Although Courtney was included in the majority alliance on Fei Long and targeted Jean-Robert numerous times, the tribe felt that Jean-Robert's strength was more valuable and voted Courtney out.
  • Peih-Gee - Peih-Gee was kidnapped by Fei Long and returned to Zhan Hu in a panic about how disorganized her tribe was compared to their opponents. She took on a leadership role, insisting that the tribe clean up around camp, and then targeted Ashley for being a professional wrestler. Ashley became annoyed with Peih-Gee and targeted her. With Frosti's help, she rallied votes from Erik and Sherea, and Peih-Gee was voted out of the tribe.
  • Jean-Robert - Jean-Robert and James both knew they were on the chopping block, so Jean-Robert made a pitch to Todd that James was a bigger threat and had made bonds on Zhan Hu after being kidnapped twice. Todd agreed, and convinced the rest of his allies to vote out the more threatening James. But James surprised them all when he played the hidden Immunity Idol. James' lone vote sent his former ally Jean-Robert home.
  • Ashley - After Ashley injured her ankle at the Reward Challenge, she fought to stay in the game but Frosti and Dave believed it would be in her best interest to get her ankle checked out due to previous wrestling injuries. Chicken remained loyal to Ashley and they originally targeted Sherea, but at Tribal Council, Ashley made a final attempt to stay by targeting Frosti, who she believed would be a physical threat after the merge. In a 4-1-1 decision, it was Ashley who was sent home.
  • Chicken - With the tribes merging at 5-5, James and Sherea both felt like they were on the outside and wanted to vote with the opposing tribe. Sherea felt that Chicken would never vote for her to win on the jury, so she swayed the former Fei Long's to vote off Chicken instead of the bigger threat Dave and then joined forces with them.
  • Todd - Feeling guilty about betraying her friend and ally, Erik, Sherea vowed to remain loyal to Zhan Hu, but because they were now outnumbered, she pulled in James to upset the balance of power. In a 5-4 vote, the former Zhan Hu members and James voted out the leader of the Fei Long alliance, Todd. He became the first member of the jury.
  • Amanda - With Fei Long outnumbered, Amanda made an attempt to cause a 4-4 tie by pitting the women against the men. Sherea almost went along with the plan, but James talked her out of it before Tribal Council and Amanda, who was seen as the next leader after Todd, was voted out.
  • James - A three-way alliance was formed between Sherea, James, and Erik. Leslie and Denise both felt vulnerable, so they approached Dave (who promised to look out for them) about voting off the biggest threat, James. Needing a fourth vote, Dave went to Frosti, who was reluctant but went along with the plan to blindside James.
  • Denise - After giving a valiant effort in the Immunity Challenge, Dave felt that Leslie deserved to be in the game more than Sherea. He convinced Frosti and Erik to spare Leslie and vote Sherea out. Dave told Leslie that she would be safe, but Leslie and Denise decided to make a power play by telling Sherea she was going to be voted out. The three women decided to vote for Frosti to flush out the second hidden Immunity Idol. The afternoon was chaotic, and Sherea approached Erik right before Tribal Council and told him of the new plan to blindside Frosti. Unsure what to do, Erik still voted for Sherea, causing a 3-3 tie. Then, in the re-vote, all four castaways switched their votes to the opposite person because they feared being eliminated by the purple rock. This caused a deadlock and it was Denise who picked the purple rock.
  • Sherea - Frosti and Sherea joined forces and tried to take out Leslie, who they knew would win the game if she made it to the Final Two. Meanwhile, Dave saved Leslie from the chopping block once again when he told Erik and Frosti it was Sherea's time to go. Frosti tried to convince Erik to go with the plan to vote Leslie, but in the end, Erik sided with Leslie and Dave and voted out his old ally, Sherea.
  • Frosti - Thinking the vote would be a 2-2 tie between Erik and Dave, Frosti offered Erik the hidden Immunity Idol to ensure Dave's ouster. But Erik told Dave and Leslie about the offer and the three agreed to vote Frosti out. When Frosti followed through and gave Erik the idol, he got a big surprise when he was voted out of the tribe in a 2-1-1 vote. Dave voted for Erik in order to force a tie incase Frosti used the idol on himself.
  • Leslie - When Dave won Immunity, he voted out Leslie who would have won the game due to the four Fei Long members on the jury. She didn't campaign for herself due to a pre-existing deal with Dave, whereas Erik tried to convince Dave he was an easier Final Two opponent.
  • Erik - Erik primarily received votes from the people that he had the strongest friendships and alliances with after the merge: James and Sherea. Amanda also voted for Erik because she liked him better than Dave, but Erik lost the votes of Todd and Frosti because they felt that he was not strategic and didn't stand up to his decisions. Sherea's vote was also largely against Dave.
  • Dave - Dave got votes from Todd and Frosti, who both respected his highly cutthroat and strategic game, and from Denise and Leslie, who he had a close bond with. Leslie's vote was the swing vote and was awarded to Dave not because of obligation to their betrayed alliance but because she felt he needed the money more. With four votes, Dave became the winner of Survivor: China.

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Eliminated: Aaron
6/8 Votes
4/8 Votes
6/7 Votes
4/7 Votes
1/6 Votes1
4/6 Votes
6/10 Votes
5/9 Votes
5/8 Votes
4/7 Votes
No Vote6
3/5 Votes
2/4 Votes2
1 Vote
Voter Vote
Dave Jaime Sherea Ashley Todd Todd Amanda James Sherea Sherea Erik Leslie
Erik Chicken Peih-Gee Ashley Todd Todd Amanda Leslie Sherea Sherea Frosti
Leslie Aaron Courtney James Chicken Erik Frosti James Frosti Sherea Frosti
Frosti Jaime Peih-Gee Ashley Todd Todd Amanda James Sherea Leslie Dave
Sherea Chicken Peih-Gee Ashley Chicken Todd Amanda Leslie Frosti Leslie
Denise Aaron Courtney James Chicken Erik Frosti James Frosti
James Aaron Courtney Jean-Robert Chicken Todd Amanda Leslie
Amanda Aaron Courtney James Chicken Erik Frosti
Todd Aaron Courtney James Chicken Erik
Chicken Sherea Sherea Sherea Todd
Ashley Jaime Peih-Gee Frosti
Jean-Robert Courtney Courtney James
Peih-Gee Jaime Ashley
Courtney Aaron Jean-Robert
Jaime Chicken
Aaron Courtney
Jury Vote
Finalist: Erik
3/7 Votes
4/7 Votes
Juror Vote
Leslie Dave
Frosti Dave
Sherea Erik
Denise Dave
James Erik
Amanda Erik
Todd Dave

Note 6: Because the vote was deadlocked 3-3, the Survivors had to draw rocks in order to determine who would be eliminated. Denise selected the purple rock, and therefore became the eleventh castaway to leave the game. She is the fourth member of the jury.