This is My First fanfic Survivor: India.   I hope to entertain you readers with this and enjoy the Fanfic.


Returning Players : Three Returning players who have failed to make it to the merge on their second season. 

Exile island : Is back but they will be two, and the exiled able to choose which island they can go to. One is luxorius, another is less sheltered. 

Decreased cast:  15 people of 3 tribes

Seven numbered jury and final three: Similar to Gabon they will be a jury of seven and a final three.


Name Original tribe Mereged tribe Finish Votes
Rob Cestrinio Gupta
Yau-Man Chan Maurya 
Troy Darcy Asoka 
Alana House Maurya
Jennifer Brockman Gupta
Erik Asterik Asoka
Adam Quiz Gupta
Rachel Martin Maurya
Ellen McValley Asoka
Henry Gold Maurya
Joseph "Zeph" Maullberry Gupta
Joyce Cycel Asoka
Russell Adams Gupta
Serena Black Maurya
Sugar Keeper Asoka

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