Survivor: Nicaragua Fanfic
Filming location San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Winner Alina Wilson (5-4-0)
Season run August 1, 2011
– August 30, 2011
No. of episodes 14
No. of days 39
No. of survivors 20
Tribes      Espada
     La Flor
South Pacific Brenda Lowe
Caramoan Ben "Benry" Henry
Jill Behm
Season chronology
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Survivor: Nicaragua is a fanfic of the twenty-first season of Survivor. It featured the 20 castaways being divided by age; the Espada tribe featured contestants over the age of 40, while the La Flor tribe included contestants aged 30 years and younger. It marked the fifth time that Survivor was shot in high definition, with Sony XDCAMs.

Notable contestants this season include Kelly Bruno, a triathlete whose leg was amputated at six months old due to a birth defect, and former miami dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson. Bruno is the second Survivor contestant to be an amputee, the first being Chad Crittenden of Survivor: Vanuatu, who lost his right leg to cancer.

In the end Alina Wilson the 23-year old art student from Downey, California defeated Brenda Lowe, the 27-year old Paddleboard Co. Owner and ex Miami Dolphins Cheerleader from Miami, Florida and Jane Bright the 56-year old dog trainer from Jackson Springs, North Carolina in 5-4-0 vote. Jane was the first finalist ever to receive zero votes.

Brenda Lowe returned to compete in Survivor: South Pacific, where she finished 9th.


Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Redemption Island Finish Total Votes
Kelly Shinn
20, Mesa, AZ
La Flor 1st
Day 1
1st Duel Loser
Day 2
Day 2
Holly Hoffman
44, Eureka, SD
Espada 3rd
Day 3
2nd Duel Loser
Day 4
Day 4
Jimmy Johnson
67, Islamorada, FL
Espada 2nd
Day 1
3rd Duel Loser
Day 7
Day 7
Yve Rojas
41, Kansas City, MO
Espada 4th
Day 5
4th Duel Loser
Day 10
Day 10
Dan Lembo
63, Water Mill, NY
Espada 6th
Day 11
5th Duel Loser
Day 12
Day 12
Chase Rice
24, Fairview, NC
La Flor 7th
Day 13
6th Duel Loser
Day 14
Day 14
Matthew "Sash" Lenahan
30, New York, NY
La Flor 8th
Day 15
7th Duel Loser
Day 17
Day 17
Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff
48, Fromberg, MT
Espada 9th
Day 15
7th Duel Loser
Day 17
Day 17
Tyrone Davis
42, Inglewood, CA
Espada 10th
Day 18
8th Duel Loser
Day 20
1st Jury Member
Day 20
Shannon Elkins
30, Lafayette, LA
La Flor 11th
Day 21
9th Duel Loser
Day 22
2nd Jury Member
Day 22
Ben "Benry" Henry
Returned to Game
La Flor 5th
Day 8
Day 22
NaOnka Mixon
27, Los Angeles, CA
La Flor Conquista 12th
Day 24
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
Marty Piombo
48, Mill Valley, CA
Espada Conquista 13th
Day 27
4th Jury Member
Day 27
Jill Behm
43, Erie, PA
Espada Conquista 14th
Day 30
5th Jury Member
Day 30
James "Jimmy T." Tarantino
48, Gloucester, MA
Espada Conquista 15th
Day 33
6th Jury Member
Day 33
Ben "Benry" Henry
24, Los Angeles, CA
La Flor Conquista 16th
Day 36
7th Jury Member
Day 36
Jud "Fabio" Birza
21, Venice, CA
La Flor Conquista 17th
Day 37
8th Jury Member
Day 37
Kelly Bruno
26, Durham, NC
La Flor Conquista 18th
Day 38
9th Jury Member
Day 38
Jane Bright
56, Jackson Springs, NC
Espada Conquista 2nd Runner-Up 4
Brenda Lowe
27, Miami, FL
La Flor Conquista Runner-Up 0
Alina Wilson
23, Downey, CA
La Flor Conquista Sole Survivor 44
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

Note 1: Each tribe was told to vote for one person to send to Redemption Island purely by first impression. La Flor chose Kelly B. and Espada chose Jimmy J. They then faced off in the first Redemption Island duel.

Note 2: Benry received six total votes before he was sent to Redemption Island. He then received seven more votes before being voted out the second time.

Note 3: Six additional votes were cast against Chase in the tiebreaker in Episode 5.

Note 4: Because Alina played the Hidden Immunity Idol, six votes against her did not count.

Note 5: Because Jimmy T. played the Hidden Immunity Idol, three votes against him did not count.

The gameEdit

Episode title First air date Redemption Island Challenges Voted out Vote Finish
Inhabitant(s) Challenger(s) Eliminated Reward Immunity
The Young Guns
vs. the Antiques
August 1,
None Kelly S. No Vote Eliminated1
Day 1
Jimmy J.
Kelly S. & Jimmy J. Kelly S. La Flor6 Holly 5-4 1st Voted Out
Day 3
"Runnin' My Name
Through the Mud"
August 3,
Jimmy J. Holly Holly La Flor6 Yve 6-2 2nd Voted Out
Day 5
Circle of Trust August 5,
Jimmy J. Yve Jimmy J. Espada6 Benry 6-3 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
Out For Blood August 7,
Yve Benry Yve La Flor6 Dan 5-2 4th Voted Out
Day 11
Digging My
Own Grave
August 10,
Benry Dan Dan Espada6 Chase 3-3-2
5th Voted Out
Day 13
The Little Girl
Who Cried Wolf
August 12,
Benry Chase Chase La Flor Fabio Sash 1-04 6th Voted Out
Day 15
Jill Wendy 5-1 7th Voted Out
Day 15
Wake-up Call August 15,
Benry Sash Sash La Flor6 Tyrone 3-2 8th Voted Out
Day 18
Wendy Wendy
Sitting in the
Hot Seat
August 18,
Benry Tyrone Tyrone Espada6 Shannon 4-2 9th Voted Out
Day 21
Faker Than Faux Fur August 21,
Benry Shannon Shannon None8 Benry NaOnka 6-4 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
"Never Trust a Kid
With Two
First Names"
August 23,
Brenda, Fabio,
Jane, Marty
Brenda Marty 6-3 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 27
"I'm Not Saying
I'm Like Einstein"
August 25,
Jane Jill 3-25 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 30
The Traitor August 28,
[Alina, Brenda]
Fabio Jimmy T. 6-1 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
"She's Like Freddy
August 29,
[Benry, Jane]
Fabio Benry 4-2 14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36
"I Got My Guns Loaded" August 30,
None Kelly B. Fabio 3-2 15th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37
Jane Kelly B. 3-1 16th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
Reunion August 30,
Jury Vote Jane 5-4 2nd Runner-Up
Brenda Runner-Up
Alina Sole Survivor

Note 6: Combined Reward and Immunity Challenge.

Note 7: The vote was initially tied 3-3-2 between Alina, Chase, and Sash, respectively. In the re-vote, Brenda, Kelly B., and NaOnka all changed their votes to Chase, making the vote 6-0.

Note 8: There was no Reward Challenge due to the tribal merge.

Episode 1: The Young Guns vs. the AntiquesEdit

In the mysterious, rugged and stunning country of Nicaragua, twenty Americans began their Survivor adventure. They were already been divided into two tribes based on age: castaways forty and older made up the Espada tribe, and castaways thirty and under made up the La Flor tribe, wearing yellow. The two tribes arrived on a tropical beach, where Jeff Probst revealed a shocking twist to them. Each tribe would have a vote based only on first impressions; one member of each tribe would not even make it back to camp. Instead, they go to Redemption Island, where they duel to see who stays on Redemption Island and who goes home. The first person officially voted out of the game would then join the surviving castaway after the first Tribal Council. At a certain point in the game, the remaining person on Redemption Island would be able to rejoin the game for another chance at the million-dollar prize. The majority of La Flor voted for Kelly S. because of her perceived weakness, while Espada voted for Jimmy Johnson based on his celebrity status and wealth. The youngest and oldest people in the game were then cast out to Redemption Island, while everyone else went to their respective camps. On Redemption Island, though cast out by his tribe, Jimmy J. was prepared to show everyone that he has studied the game of Survivor. At Espada, the tribe quickly got to work (despite some arguing from the men), and a tight bond formed between Holly, Jill, and Yve. Jimmy T. assumed a leadership position, but Jill was turned off by his barking orders. At La Flor, Kelly B. revealed she had a prosthetic leg to her tribe; though they were supportive to her face, some of her tribe members were concerned about the threat of a sympathy vote down the line. Unfortunately, the tribe took so much time taking in Nicaragua and establishing unity that they failed to finish their shelter, and had to spend the first night on the beach, which angered NaOnka. On Day 2, Holly was having trouble getting her head in the game, and Jill and Yve prompted her to suck it up to stay loyal to their alliance. Kelly S. and Jimmy J. faced off in the first Redemption Island duel, and Jimmy won, officially eliminating Kelly S. from the game. At the challenge, the younger La Flor defeated Espada, winning flint and Immunity. Back at Espada's camp, Jimmy T. had an outburst about their challenge performance, and it only made Jill push harder to get rid of him. She brought the five women together to vote off Jimmy T., and everyone seemed on board except for Jane, who believed he was the hardest worker. Jane then told Jimmy T. about the women's alliance against him, and he went to the rest of the guys to warn them about the alliance. They initially talked about voting for Jill, but then thought about Holly for her general weakness, though no final decisions were made. At Tribal Council, Jill, Holly, Yve, and Wendy confidently voted for Jimmy T., but they were stunned when Jane sided with the men in voting Holly out and sending her to Redemption Island.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would use rope to tie together sticks in order to make a pole to retrieve three keys. The first castaway to retrieve all three keys and unlock three locks would win.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: One castaway would stand at the top of a tower and pour water down five gutters held by five castaways. The water would fill a barrel, which would release a net of puzzle pieces when full. The four remaining castaways would assemble the puzzle. The first tribe to assemble their puzzle would win.
    • Reward: Flint

Episode 2: Runnin' My Name Through the MudEdit

On Redemption Island, Holly introduced herself to Jimmy Johnson, and felt the sting of betrayal from Jane. At Espada, Jill realized she was now at the bottom of her tribe, and her and Yve lamented their situation and decided it was Jane who switched her vote. But Jane actually ended suspicion when she admitted to the tribe that she voted for Holly. The next day, Jimmy T. realized he came on a bit too strong as a leader, and while he went off on a fishing excursion, Yve now had Jane on her radar and decided to show it by giving her significantly less rice, which obviously annoyed Jane. Both tribes were asked to randomly select representatives to Redemption Island to witness the duel; Espada picked Tyrone and Wendy, while La Flor picked Benry and Fabio. At the duel, Jimmy J. once again bested his opponent, eliminating Holly from the game. As Jill and Yve decided they needed to get rid of Jane next, Tyrone and Wendy discussed what to tell the tribe about the duel. When Wendy tried to suggest a sort of strategy, Tyrone immediately shot her down and said he would be telling them everything. After Tyrone recapped the duel to the rest of Espada, Jill was disheartened about the loss of her ally, but was still determined to get Jane out. Over on La Flor, a close relationship developed between Benry and Chase, and the rest of the tribe took notice at the "bromance." In private, the two pledged their trust and loyalty to each other, and they brought Alina in to form a tight three-person alliance. At the challenge, both tribes put on a strong performance, but La Flor bested Espada once again, winning fishing gear and Immunity. While La Flor reveled in their new fishing gear, Chase found a rolled-up note, and revealed to the tribe that it was a clue to the whereabouts of a hidden Immunity Idol at their camp. Brenda demanded that he show the rest of the tribe the clue, and he did, much to the chagrin of his ally Benry. But the clue turned out to be a series of pictures rather than words, and it seemed to be indecipherable. At Espada, the alliance of the four men and Jane almost unanimously decided to vote for Jill, but Tyrone brought up Wendy's uselessness to the tribe. Jill and Yve attempted a smear campaign against Jane to Marty and Jimmy T., but neither seemed to really take the break. Later that day, though, Marty began to think that Jill is too strong of a competitor to get rid of, and posed getting rid of her sidekick Yve to his alliance. Jane then went to Wendy and filled her in that the majority would either be voting for Jill or Yve, and Wendy contemplated betraying her allies. At Tribal Council, Jane openly admitted she was either voting for Jill or Yve. alina was surprised when she heard her name came up, and it became the writing on the wall when the men, Jane, and Wendy all voted her out and sent her to Redemption Island.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would stack wooden blocks like a line of domino tiles while avoiding ropes that would topple the tiles that were already stacked. Once all of the blocks were properly stacked, the castaway would start a chain reaction which would release a ball that would smash a tile. The first castaway to break their tile would win.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: One at a time, four tribe members would crawl in the mud under a net and then retrieve a ball from a stack of hay. Once all four balls were retrieved, three tribe members would use small shields to bounce one ball at a time into a barrel. The first tribe to have all four balls in the barrel would win.
    • Reward: Fishing gear

Episode 3: Circle of TrustEdit

Arriving on Redemption Island, Yve told Jimmy Johnson about the events of the past couple of days, claiming Jane manipulated the men of the tribe and praising Jill. Meanwhile, Jane reveled in Yve's boot and looked forward to getting rid of Jill next. Later that night, a violent storm rocked Nicaragua, forcing Jimmy J. and Yve to bond as they huddled together for warmth. The next day, Sash, Brenda, and NaOnka held a strategy meeting; the three had formed an alliance on Day One, and since then Brenda brought Shannon into the fold. The self-proclaimed "Circle of Trust" affirmed their trust, though Shannon was wary about aligning with the other three. At Espada, Jill knew she had obviously fallen from power, and volunteered to watch the Redemption Island duel to support Yve, while Jane also volunteered to go for fear that Jill or Yve would spill information about the tribe. At the duel, Yve was able to put her puzzle together first, sending former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson home. While Shannon and Alina were away at the duel, Sash complained to the rest of La Flor about the conditions, and he seemed clearly out of his element and unable to contribute to camp. At the challenge, La Flor had a lead for most of the challenge, but Benry faltered under pressure at the last stage, allowing Espada to win their first challenge. Espada celebrated their newly-won tarp and Immunity, and Jimmy T. found a piece of paper with a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol at their camp. He chose to share the clue with Jane and the rest of the men to keep the Idol away from Jill. Sash made a plan to take out Benry for being a physical, strategic, and social threat. When Benry left the tribe, Sash immediately threw him on the chopping block and brought up how he cost the tribe the challenge. Fabio immediately agreed, happy he could vote without plotting or scheming, while Chase said he wasn't going to vote for Benry. He met with Alina and Benry and told him what Sash had just did, and the alliance decided to vote for Sash for seeming untrustworthy. Assuming there was an alliance between Sash, Brenda, NaOnka, and Shannon, Alina and Benry went to one of the swing votes, Kelly B., making a strong case to get rid of Sash. Kelly then went to Fabio about possibly switching up the game, though Fabio seemed happy siding with less-threatening players, making her question switching her vote. At Tribal Council, Sash once again threw out Benry's name, and NaOnka went on a tirade after she believed Benry made a racist remark. Right before voting, Chase pleaded to keep strength, but when the votes came in, Fabio and Kelly B. joined with the Circle of Trust to get rid of Benry, sending him to Redemption Island.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would race to retrieve puzzle pieces and then assemble them into a cube. The first castaway to assemble the cube would win.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The tribes would race out into a field to retrieve ten barrels. Once all ten barrels were retrieved, the tribe would stack them on individual platforms arranged in a triangle formation. One tribe member would then attempt to toss a sandbag onto the top of each barrel. The first tribe to have a sandbag on all ten barrels would win.
    • Reward: A tarp and other comfort items.

Episode 4: Out for BloodEdit

On Redemption Island, Benry talked about his tribe's dynamics to Yve, calling Sash, Brenda, and NaOnka the "Evil Three" and expressing his disappointment with Fabio and Kelly B. Returning from Tribal Council, Chase was extremely upset at the vote, while Sash and NaOnka celebrated a victory in getting rid of Benry and declared Chase and Alina would be the next two to go. By Day 9, the physical and mental difficulty of the game took a toll on Dan, Espada's oldest member. While the tribe commented on his lack of camp contributions and his physical weakness, Jill realized she could use these remarks to her advantage. Later that morning, Chase talked to Kelly B. about the previous night; Kelly told him Fabio somewhat forced her vote and she would be up for voting with Chase and Alina if Fabio was as well. Chase had a more confrontational attitude with Fabio, who he accused of having an alliance with a weak group of people and purposely getting rid of the strong. Fabio got offended by Chase's comments about his strategy, and it appeared that he had lost his vote. The next day, Brenda, Sash, Marty, and Jimmy T. watched the Redemption Island duel, where Benry defeated Yve, keeping him in the game. Marty and Jimmy T. broke the news to Espada, which disappointed Jill and caused Jane to laugh and mock her for the rest of the day. When Brenda and Sash told the rest of La Flor that Benry had won, Chase was excited, while the pessimistic NaOnka already predicted he would come back to the game and screw them over. Chase told Alina about how he alienated Fabio, and she said that their only saving grace at this point was finding the hidden Immunity Idol. At the challenge, Brenda was able to lead her La Flor tribe to victory once more. Checking out their Sears reward items, Alina spotted a clue for the Idol, and contemplated searching for it on her own or with Chase. The men and Jane almost immediately decided to vote for Jill, but Jill decided to go to Jimmy T., Marty, and Tyrone with a case to get rid of Dan. Though the three men were originally not eager to listen, they thought about what they might need for the tribe in the future to win challenges. She brought the same case to Wendy Jo, who thought about keeping Jill in the game as a distraction. At Tribal Council, Dan's weakness at camp and in the challenges was brought up, and Dan affirmed his loyalty for the tribe. But when the votes came in, everyone except Jane decided to keep strength above loyalty, and voted Dan out, sending him to Redemption Island.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags that hold a ball. The castaways would then use one of the balls to work a labyrinth. The first castaway to finish the labyrinth would win.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: One tribe member would act as a caller to guide three blindfolded pairs of tribemates to collect ten items scattered in a field and bring them to the tribe mat. Once all ten items were collected, one pair would have to be guided to collect a set of keys and then to a locked chest. The first tribe to unlock the chest and bring it to their tribe mat would win.
    • Reward: A choice of three items from the Sears catalogue.

Episode 5: Digging My Own GraveEdit

Dan was extremely angry at the men on his tribe for turning on him, and he was still seething when he met Benry on Redemption Island. Back at Espada, despite being on the losing side of the vote, Jane was still confident in her alliance and affirmed that Jill would be going next. On Day 12, Alina and Chase woke up early to search for the hidden Immunity Idol at their camp, though Alina still did not reveal the second clue to her ally. While they were gone, Brenda used the opportunity to bring Fabio and Kelly B. into a strong alliance of six. They accepted the offer and it seemed Alina and Chase were officially goners, until Alina found the Idol at treemail. At Redemption Island, Jimmy T., Marty, Kelly B., and NaOnka watched Benry and Dan duel. Though Dan was grateful the challenge was not physical, Benry was able to come out on top once again in a game of Concentration. Officially out of the game, Dan called Jimmy T. and Marty "backstabbers" and warned Kelly B. and NaOnka that they would be trouble at the merge. Marty and Jimmy T. only chose to reveal Dan's remakrs to the rest of the tribe after Jill had left camp, and they realized they had to be careful about how they voted someone off, for fear that they could give away important information. NaOnka and Kelly B. also recapped what had happened to their tribe, and they wondered whether Dan told Benry everything. Alina and Chase had a meeting on the beach, and she chose not to tell him she had the Idol, leading him on to get numbers against Sash. At the challenge, some of the La Flor women had trouble with the first part, allowing Espada to take the lead and eventually win chickens and Immunity. Reveling in their victory, Jill was happy that her immense aid in the challenge made her stock rise, and Wendy volunteered to care for the chickens. Facing the vote, the alliance of six decided to target Chase, a physical threat who would have to face off against Benry. Sash, wary of either one having the Idol, convinced everyone to split the votes. Later that day, Chase and Alina approached Fabio and Kelly B. about creating a tie at Tribal Council. Chase in particular tried to make a case for him over Sash, and the two seemed indecisive. Going for broke, Chase even talked to Shannon and stated his case, and Shannon went on to tell his alliance about Chase's scrambling; meanwhile, Alina was unsure about giving the Idol to Chase to guarantee his safety. At Tribal Council, Chase once again tried to talk the tribe into getting rid of Sash, and even went so far as to call out Sash, NaOnka, Brenda, and Shannon as the main alliance. When the votes came in, Alina chose to hold onto her Idol, and the alliance of six stuck to their plan and split their votes, causing a tie between Alina and Chase. In the re-vote, everyone voted for Chase, sending him to Redemption Island and putting Alina even more on the outs.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would compete in a game of concentration. One at a time, the castaways would turn over two tiles from a field of twenty. Should they undercover a pair of matching symbols, they would score one point. The first castaway to score five points would win.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Three members from each tribe would be strapped to a large wheel. Three other tribe members would spin the wheel, which would cause one strapped in castaway at a time to be dunked head first into water. While under water, the castaway would take water in the mouth, which they would then spit into a tube. Once the tube was filled, a ball would be released. The ball would be used by two other tribe members to break five tiles. The first tribe to break all five tiles would win.
    • Reward: One rooster and two egg-laying chickens.

Episode 6: The Little Girl Who Cried WolfEdit

Returning from Tribal Council, NaOnka was furious at Chase calling out her alliance in front of Kelly B. and Fabio, but she was extremely confident that Alina was the next to go. Alina was very happy for holding onto her hidden Immunity Idol, since she would have left had she given it to Chase. Benry was saddened to see Chase on Redemption Island, and angered that Sash and NaOnka were still in the game. While the two friends were grateful for each other's company, they knew they would have to face off in a duel. The next morning, Wendy used her farm experience to connect to the chickens, while the rest of the tribe observed that she was the most distant tribe member. She managed to find an egg among the chickens, though, making Espada happy. On Redemption Island, Chase thought about his deceased father to get himself prepared for the duel. Him and Benry then faced off, and Alina, Sash, Tyrone, and Jill watched as the two men raced to build a huge house of cards the fastest. Though they were both working at the same pace, Chase's stumbles at the end caused his entire tower to fall, giving Benry his third duel victory. Before he officially left the game, Chase told Jill and Tyrone about Sash and his alliance of six, encouraging them to align with Alina at the merge; Alina added fuel to the fire by telling them she had no one. Sash handled everything with a poker face, happy that Benry's ally was eliminated and still feeling secure. As Espada thought about pulling Alina over at the merge, Alina got harshly criticized by Brenda and NaOnka for sealing her own fate, though Alina secretly admitted she did this to get the rest of the tribe mad at her. At the challenge, Jeff Probst surprised the castaways when he said both tribes would go to Tribal Council that night. Each tribe would actually be competing for individual Immunity, and then the winners would face off for Reward. Fabio managed to pull out a win over Alina and Shannon for La Flor, while Jill just edged out Jane to win safety for Espada. In the final round, Fabio and Jill then competed in a ring toss, and Fabio won a feast of chicken and beef kabobs (plus the privilege of listening in on the other tribe's Tribal Council) for La Flor. Facing the vote, Jane was angry Jill escaped the vote yet again, and Wendy seemed to be left as the only option. Meanwhile, Wendy planned to vote for Tyrone, saying she connected with him the least. Knowing she'll play the Idol, Alina continued to play up her vulnerability by acting sad and admitting her time was up. Brenda and NaOnka planned to pile all six votes onto Alina, but Sash was less certain about her not having an Idol and talked about splitting the votes onto Kelly B. just in case. He was quickly shot down by NaOnka, who claimed that if Alina had an Idol she would have given it to Chase. At La Flor's Tribal Council, Alina raised some argument from Shannon when she claimed that he was following Sash and NaOnka. When the votes came in, she shocked her tribe by playing the Idol; the alliance of six had their votes nullified, and Alina's sole vote for Sash sent the mastermind to Redemption Island. The tribe then ate their feast and sat in on Espada's Tribal Council, where Tyrone was surprised when Wendy said she felt the least connected to him, and she raised even more eyebrows when she claimed that she could coax eggs out of chicken by talking to them. Unfortunately, her supposed chicken talking skills did not help her, as she was sent to Redemption Island unanimously.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would use 150 wooden tiles to build a house of cards. The first castaway to build a tower to a height of 8 feet would remain in the game.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would use paddles to dig up three rope rings one at a time, tossed into a basket strapped to their lower backs, and returned to the start line. The first tribe member to return all three rings to the start line would win.
  • Reward Challenge: The winners of the Immunity Challenge would compete against each other to toss three rope rings onto hooks on a board set a few feet away.
    • Reward: A feast of chicken and beef kebabs to be eaten while listening to the other tribe's Tribal Council.

Episode 7: Wake-up CallEdit

Benry was initially elated to see that his enemy Sash was out of the game, though he realized he would now have to live with him. Sash, meanwhile, refused to tell Benry what had happened, deciding not to provide Benry any more possible information. He didn't even tell Benry that there was a double Tribal Council, so Benry was completely surprised when Wendy also showed up on Redemption Island. As the tribes returned from Tribal Council, NaOnka was furious that Alina blindsided the rest of the tribe, but confidently declared that they still had the numbers and Alina basically sealed her fate; Tyrone meanwhile complained about the one vote he got, paranoid that another tribe member had encouraged Wendy to vote for him, much to the chagrin of Marty and Jimmy T. The next day, Alina reveled in her victory, hoping the cracks in her tribe would now show, while NaOnka had a huge meltdown in the shelter. While she lamented not listening to Sash and splitting the votes and talked incessantly about how much Sash deserved to still be in the game, the rest of the tribe grew thin of our routine. At Redemption Island Arena, Marty, Jane, Shannon, and Brenda watched the game's first three-way duel. In a test of endurance, Sash was eliminated relatively quickly, and Benry was surprised that Wendy hung in for such a long time; but she eventually dropped out, giving Benry his fourth duel victory. Back at Espada, Tyrone, Jill, and Jimmy T. were unable to get eggs from the chickens, and while Jill went looking for food, Jimmy T. dug a latrine near treemail and accidentally stumbled on a hidden Immunity Idol. Astonished at this discovery, he decided he would use it for the benefit of the tribe. When Shannon and Brenda told the rest of La Flor that Sash lost the duel, NaOnka got emotional again, and Alina and Shannon left camp to get away from her. While away, Alina pushed to vote for NaOnka, and Shannon decided he respected Alina and probably wouldn't vote for her. At the challenge, it was another close battle between the tribes, but La Flor won a Nicaraguan farm trip and Immunity, sending Espada to Tribal Council once again. La Flor greatly enjoyed their horseback ride and complementary feast, except NaOnka, who still had a bad attitude. Marty, Jill, Jane, and Jimmy T. decided it was time to kill and eat one of the chickens; when Tyrone found out, he objected and said they should wait until after Tribal Council. The rest of the tribe took this to mean that Tyrone wanted a bigger share of chicken with one less person around and was going against the tribe. Jimmy T. and Marty thought about voting out Tyrone for his behavior the past few days, and approached Jill about being loyal to them after the merge. Though the alliance of Jimmy T., Jane, Marty, and Tyrone agreed to vote out Jill, Marty and Jimmy T. were still wavering about who to vote for. At Tribal Council, Jill and Tyrone continued to disagree about the chicken incident, and the tribe talked about sending extremely physical Tyrone to Redemption Island to face off against Benry. When the votes came in, Jane and Tyrone stuck with their plan and voted for Jill, but Marty and Jimmy T. decided to trust Jill and voted with her against Tyrone, sending him to Redemption Island.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The three castaways would brace themselves with their arms between two walls while standing barefoot on two foot pegs. Every 15 minutes, the castaways would move down to smaller foot pegs. When the castaways reached the third set of foot pegs, they would try to remain on them as long as they could. The last castaway to remain on their pegs would win.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: One member from each tribe would act as a defender and stand on a small platform above a pool of water. The opposing tribe members would leap off a platform on one end of the pool into the water and try to throw a ball into a net on the far end. The defender would attempt to knock the ball away from the net. A point would be scored for each ball successfully thrown into the net. The first tribe to score five points would win.
    • Reward: A trip to a Nicaraguan farm for a horseback ride and breakfast.

Episode 8: Sitting in the Hot SeatEdit

Tyrone met Benry on Redemption Island, hurt by Marty and Jimmy T. blindsiding him, and Benry sized up probably his toughest duel competition yet. Back from Tribal Council, Espada fulfilled Tyrone's wishes and ate the chicken, but Jane was angry that her two supposed allies had left her in the dark yet again, and refused the idea of being in an alliance with Jill. The next day, she questioned Jimmy T. and Marty, and they were surprised by her strong reaction; as a result, Jane decided she would have to change her strategy at the merge. Over at La Flor, Brenda felt like she didn't really have an alliance anymore after the loss of her ally Sash, and re-evaluated her strategy so she could regain control of the tribe. On Day 20, Jill, Jimmy T., Fabio, and Kelly B. watched the Redemption Island Duel between Benry and Tyrone. Tyrone initially led a little at the table maze, but he fell behind on the puzzle, allowing Benry to pass him and win his fifth consecutive duel (though Tyrone's loss was softened by the new fast that he was the first member of the jury). Fabio and Kelly B. recounted the events of the duel to La Flor, and Brenda reasoned that the next duel would probably be the final one, and thought about voting for Shannon, the best physical chance of beating Benry. At the challenge, La Flor got off to an early lead, but struggled on the last couple of tiles, allowing Espada to come from behind and score a much-needed victory. Espada reveled in their reward, a zip line canopy trip and a barbeque feast, and Jimmy T. revealed he had a hidden Immunity Idol to the rest of his tribe. The tribe talked about pulling over Alina at the merge, and Jane decided to stick with her tribe for now. Facing Tribal Council, Alina publicly declared she was voting for NaOnka, not knowing how else to fight. Brenda asked Shannon about his thoughts, and Shannon told her he was probably going to vote NaOnka because he was irked by her, which made Brenda decide to start formally campaigning against him. She told NaOnka what Shannon said and got her on board with the plan, and then went to Fabio and Kelly B., talking about how voting off Shannon would reduce Benry's chances of getting back in the game. Kelly B. and Fabio were left alone to ponder whether it was smart to keep Alina around, and they decided to make a formal alliance as the two swing votes. At Tribal Council, the tribe discussed Alina's place in the game, and Shannon declared that he felt completely safe. But he clearly overestimated his safety, as Brenda got her way and Fabio and Kelly B. joined her and NaOnka in sending Shannon to Redemption Island.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would navigate a handle across a table maze. Once clear of the maze, the handle would be used to smash open a box that contained a bag of puzzle pieces. The first to solve the word puzzle would remain in the game.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: One member from each tribe would stand on top of a tower and roll cannonballs down a chute. Three other members of the tribe would use ropes to guide the chute so that cannonball would break five tiles arranged in a field. The first tribe to break all five tiles would win.
    • Reward: A tour of the jungle canopy with zip-lining and a barbecue feast.

Episode 9: Faker Than Faux FurEdit

Shannon arrived on Redemption Island to an awaiting Benry, having just been blindsided by his alliance. He deduced that Brenda was the one who turned the vote against him, but his thinking was cut short when a torrential storm hit. At La Flor, Brenda felt in control of the tribe once again, and Alina felt on the outs again, prompting NaOnka to gloat to her about the blindside. The next day, Alina still felt she was the loner facing the bully NaOnka, and treemail instructed the entire tribe to go to Redemption Island Arena. As the tribes packed to face a hopeful merge, Jill reflected on the mistakes she made early on in the game, and tried to bury the hatchet with Jane and enforce tribe solidarity. Jane remained stubborn though, refusing to be in an alliance with her enemy. Both tribes assembled at Redemption Island Arena, and the two men faced off in the final duel, a test of concentration and endurance. After nearly an hour, Shannon lost his concentration and let his vase fall, eliminating him and giving Benry the right to re-enter the game. As Shannon left the game as the second jury member and Benry joined the tribe again, Jeff officially declared the tribes were merged. The newly merged tribe chose to live at the old Espada camp, and Jeff surprised the castaways when he said that Redemption Island was done. When the tribe got back to camp, they were treated to a huge feast, and Benry suggested the tribe name "Conquista," which was then adopted (much to the chagrin of NaOnka, who was disgusted to see him back). At the rest of the tribe finished, Brenda, NaOnka, Fabio, and Kelly B. met, and they contemplated using Benry and Alina to take out the older tribe members, or joining up with Espada to take out outsiders Alina and Benry. They later met with the two (after some awkward small talk between Benry and Fabio), and Brenda and NaOnka tried to win them over. Benry said everything was water under the bridge and it seemed that the six former La Flors would vote together. But NaOnka wanted to get rid of Benry immediately and that night, with the rest of the tribe sleeping, she approached Marty, Jill, and Jane and offered for everyone to join together to vote off Benry and Alina. The next day, Marty told the two about what NaOnka had done the previous night, and offered working with them in lieu of her attempted move. At the Immunity Challenge, Benry powered through and won the first individual Immunity Challenge. With Benry now safe, NaOnka and her alliance had to rethink plans, and the La Flors planned to join together and vote for Marty, the supposed leader of Espada. Marty remained confident that Benry and Alina would vote with them, but Jane was worried about their loyalty. As the vote became closer, it was obvious that they were the two swing votes, and they weighed their options. At Tribal Council, Marty, Jill, and Jane brought up NaOnka's attempted deal, which NaOnka fiercely denied. When the votes came in, the main La Flor alliance voted for Marty, but Benry and Alina decided to side with the former Espadas and voted out NaOnka.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would put one foot on one end of a seesaw with the other end having a ceramic vase balanced on it. The castaways would attempt to keep the vase balanced on the end with their foot still on the seesaw. The last castaway to have their vase balanced on the end of the seesaw would win.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would use two metal handles to hold a metal bar in tension above a tile. The last man and woman to keep tension on the bar and keep it from breaking the tile would win.

Episode 10: "Never Trust the Kid With Two First Names"Edit

Benry was ecstatic that both Sash and NaOnka were out of the game now, and Brenda, Fabio, and Kelly B. were shocked at the outcome of the vote, disappointed that they didn't sense Benry and Alina would flip beforehand. As Fabio lamented that NaOnka's move (which they were unaware of) may have sealed their fates, Benry felt on top of the world. The next day, Alina was happy to finally be in the majority, and Brenda sat down with the two of them to talk about the vote. She attempted to do a lot of damage control, saying that what NaOnka did was totally on her own and Sash was the one to bring up Benry's name to vote him out the first time. When they told her they never made a formal alliance with the former Espada members, she promised them Final Five, even Final Three, if they stuck with La Flor. Meanwhile, Kelly B. and Fabio hoped Brenda was dangerous enough to get voted off before them. At the Reward Challenge, the castaways had a random draw for a team challenge. Jimmy T. was left out, but got to go on the reward if he was able to correctly pick who would win the challenge. He chose the team of Alina, Benry, Jill, and Kelly B., and in the challenge that team had a significant lead; but Kelly B. fell and sent them back to the start, allowing the team of Brenda, Fabio, Jane, and Marty to catch up and win a trip to the Cerro Negro volcano and a picnic. As the four winners enjoyed sledding down the volcano, Kelly B. felt very disappointed that she was responsible for the loss. Jill tried to comfort her, feeling an immediate bond with her as an athlete. Meanwhile, the people at the reward feasted on pizza, soda, and brownies, and Marty brought up the game once again when he asked Fabio and Brenda why they voted for him last Tribal Council. He then declared a little too openly that it would be stupid to bring Benry to the endgame, making Brenda think that she could have a chance of staying. On Day 26, Jimmy T., Marty, and Jill met, and Marty planned for them to take out the remaining La Flors, then Jane (because her story left her as a threat for a jury vote), leaving them as the Final Three. But Jane noticed the three of them talking and saw she was left out once again, and she decided to start making moves. In a memory-oriented Immunity Challenge, Brenda won Immunity, guaranteeing her safety. Facing the vote, the former Espada members met with Benry and Alina and decided to vote for Fabio for being a physical threat, while the former La Flor members (including Benry and Alina) decided to vote for Marty again to try to break up the alliance. Jane decided to take the game into her own hands by approaching Alina and Benry and telling them about what the other three Espada members had planned, and in particular Marty's comment on the reward. She said she was jumping ship and offered a Final Three deal to the two of them, and once again they found themselves facing a big decision. At Tribal Council, the topics were Fabio being a physical threat and Marty's inability to play a social game. Before the vote, Marty was confident he would have the votes to get rid of Fabio. But he faced a huge surprise when Benry and Alina jumped ship once again with Jane and voted him out with the rest of the La Flors.

  • Reward Challenge: The tribe would be split into two teams by random draw. The teams would be given four barrels, two wood planks, and 10 feet (3.0 m) of rope that they would use to cross the beach without stepping on the sand. If any team member steps onto the sand, the entire team would have to restart from the beginning. The first team to reach the finish line would win.
    • Reward: A helicopter trip to the Cerro Negro volcano with volcano surfing and pizza, brownies, and soft drinks.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would test their memory by having to memorize a series of symbols shown by Jeff. The castaways would have to show back the symbols in order. If they showed the wrong symbol, they would be out of the challenge. The last castaway to show all of the correct symbols would win.

Episode 11: "I'm Not Saying I'm Like Einstein"Edit

The former La Flor members celebrated Marty's blindside, while Jill and Jimmy T. were confused about why only three people apparently voted for Fabio, questioning if Jane actually voted with them. Jimmy T. approached her for an answer, and Jane lied that she stuck with the former Espadas. The next day, he proposed a plan to convince the La Flors that Jill already used the hidden Immunity Idol to get rid of Tyrone; then they would figure out who was next to go and use the Idol. He got Jill on board, but both of them were hesitant to include Jane. Despite their reservations, he came to her with the plan, and she feigned some interest in the idea. Instead of a Reward Challenge, the castaways participated in the Survivor Auction. While nearly everyone on the tribe got to relish in some much-needed food, Jimmy T. won a significant advantage in the next Immunity Challenge, after only him and Jill bid on it. With an advantage and an Idol, Jimmy T. and Jill talked about possibly having to vote for Jane to keep themselves in the game. The next day, the former La Flor members met, and Benry and Alina affirmed Jane would vote with them. The younger members planned to target Jimmy T. for his recent scrambling, though they also kept Jill in mind. To cover all their bases, Benry asked Jimmy T. if he had an Idol, and Jimmy put his plan into motion by telling his fabricated story, which Benry took with a grain of salt. Benry then met with Alina and Jane and recounted his story to both of them, and Jane ruined the plan by telling them that Jimmy T. made it up to not show that he had an Idol. The Immunity Challenge tested the tribe's endurance, and surprisingly the three former Espadas were the last hanging on. Despite Jimmy T.'s advantage, he was the next to drop out, and Jill happened to notice that the rest of the tribe was rooting for Jane. To combat this, Jimmy T. loudly cheered for Jill, which irked everyone else; but his cheers were for naught when Jane won Immunity, though he tried to rain on her parade by bringing up the cheering. He continued to call her out back at camp, and Jane continued to deny that she was with the former La Flors, using her daughter as an excuse. Lamenting their situation, Jill and Jimmy T. knew they could try to have someone play the Idol, but they would be toast if they split the votes. They went to Jane to try to get her to vote for Benry, and Jane went to the rest of the tribe right after to tell them their plan. As the La Flors planned to split the vote, Jimmy T. and Jill had some regret telling Jane about the plan. At Tribal Council, Jimmy T. confidently played the Idol, but his fears came true when Jane voted with the La Flors again and helped split the vote, eliminating Jill and making Jane satisfied that her enemy was finally gone.

  • Survivor Auction: There was no Reward Challenge. Instead, a Survivor Auction was held. Here is what was purchased:
Contestants Item(s)
Alina Slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream
Benry Live hermit crabs
Brenda Pasta, meatballs, and garlic bread
Fabio Cheeseburger and fries, beer
Jane Nothing
Jill Additional rations of rice, corn, and beans
Jimmy T. Advantage in the next Immunity Challenge
Kelly B. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would stand on small platforms and hang on to a rope while leaning backwards over a pool of water. The rope would have knots tied along its length. In five minute intervals, the castaways would have to move further down the rope to the next knot, increasing the angle at which they were hanging over the water. The last castaway to hang on to the rope would win.

Episode 12: The TraitorEdit

Jane excitedly did a dance for the tribe after her enemy Jill was voted off, and Jimmy T. called her out for turning on him and Jill, which she affirmed and reasoned that it was just a game. The next day, she reflected on her actions, feeling a little bad for lying so much, while Jimmy T. was still angry and thought about possibly being a swing vote. The Reward Challenge gave the castaways a second chance to tackle challenges from the past, and in the final round Benry came through and won an overnight stay at a private resort. When asked to bring two people with him, he picked Alina and Brenda, which greatly surprised Brenda. At the resort, the three checked out how much they changed physically in the mirror, and showered for the first time in 31 days. Benry was confident that "followers" Fabio and Kelly B. wouldn't try to make any moves back at camp, but Benry's choices were definitely the main conversation with the castaways left behind. Jimmy T. tried to play off Benry's physical prowess to Kelly B. and Fabio, and he attempted to get the three of them to vote together. The two contemplated finally making a big move, and Fabio in particular was flip-flopping. Benry, Alina, and Brenda returned to camp, and Benry gave some smuggled food to the rest of the tribe to try to curry favor. The next day, Jane told Benry that he saw Jimmy T., Kelly B., and Fabio talking a lot while they were away. In the Immunity Challenge, Jimmy T. came close to winning but fell for one of the bogus pieces, allowing Fabio to pull out the win and get Immunity. Back at camp, Jimmy T. asked Fabio to give him Immunity to guarantee Benry goes home; Fabio denied him of that request, and seemed wishy-washy when asked about voting for Benry. Later, the two met with Brenda and Kelly B. and outlined the idea; when Jimmy T. stepped away, Brenda told them that it was the wrong time to make a move, and the three awkwardly faced Jimmy T. when he rejoined them. Still needing one more vote, Jimmy T. made a last-ditch effort and approached Jane, basically pleading with her to vote with him. At Tribal Council, Benry's status as a physical and social threat came up once again, and Brenda brought up that she actually felt closer to Alina and Benry from the Reward. In the end, despite his pleas, Jimmy T. was voted out unanimously, leaving only the new alliance of six in the game.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways would be given a second chance against previous challenges. The castaways would crawl in the mud under a net and then retrieve a ball from a stack of hay. The ball would then have to be bounced off a shield on the ground and into a barrel. The first four castaways to get their ball into the barrel would advance to the next round. In the second round, the four castaways would use a stick to retrieve a key suspended above on a metal spring. The key would unlock a chest that contains four sandbags. The first two castaways to toss all four of their sandbags on top of a barrel would advance to the final round. In the final round, the two castaways would use a paddle to dig up three rope rings. The first castaway to toss all three rope rings onto hooks on a board set a few feet away would win.
    • Reward: An overnight trip to a private resort.
  • Immunity Challenge: Blindfolded and connected to a rope, the castaways would go over and under three hitching posts to a station where there would be a shield with various symbols on it. Using only their sense of touch, the castaways would memorize the symbols and take the bags of the symbols back to the start line. There, the castaways would have to replicate the symbols from the shield on to a second shield. The first castaway to have all the correct symbols would win.

Episode 13: "She's Like Freddy Krueger"Edit

Jane gloated that she got rid of her Espada alliance before they could get rid of her, but Fabio and Benry talked about voting out Jane next, though they were afraid of incurring her wrath. On Day 34, the tribe received a Sprint EVO 4G phone in treemail that had videos of loved ones; they showed a range of emotions, from a very emotional Fabio watching his mom to an almost stoic Brenda. At the Reward Challenge, the castaways reunited with their loved ones, and the challenge involved the two working together. Alina's sister was the first to solve the phrase, winning a cruise for her and Alina; Alina decided to bring Benry and his dad and Jane and her daughter, shocking the rest of her tribe, as Jane was set as next to go. Back at camp, Fabio was clearly emotional on being left out of another reward, and Brenda tried to make him feel better by calling the reward a "distraction", which angered him even more. Though he was angry about her apparent lack of emotion, Brenda broke down a little on a walk alone, thinking about home. Kelly B. went to find her, eager to support her after the rest of the tribe supported her when she lost a Reward Challenge, and she opened up to Brenda about her father's death. While she helped cheer Brenda up, she also strengthened their connection, happy to see some emotion from Brenda. Meanwhile, Alina, Benry, and Jane affirmed their Final Three alliance, and Benry brought up getting rid of Kelly B., as her prosthetic leg could earn sympathy votes. The previous tension settled between Brenda and Fabio, and they decided to vote for Jane. The three on the reward said goodbye to their loved ones and returned to camp, when the former La Flor members congregated to compare notes. Benry and Alina denied that Jane tried to talk to them, and they once again confirmed the plan to vote off Jane. At the Immunity Challenge, Fabio surprisingly solved the moneybox puzzle before Benry and Jane, winning his second Immunity. Back at camp, Benry confirmed with Alina and Jane that they were voting Kelly B. for being a possible jury threat. At the same time, Fabio brought up the idea of voting out Benry to Kelly B. and Brenda to completely eliminate the threat of him winning the final two challenges. Brenda contemplated the idea, but quickly realized they had to bring in a fourth vote. Jane decided to take the game into her hands once again, when she decided she didn't want to face a tie and approached Brenda, Fabio, and Kelly B. about voting out Benry. It almost seemed too good to be true to the other three as Jane proposed a Final Four alliance to them. Before leaving for Tribal Council, Benry quickly approached Brenda about voting out Kelly B., and he was confident that Brenda would vote with them, even at a re-vote. At Tribal Council, everyone said they believed they were safe, even Jane, the supposed target on the surface. Benry and Alina went along with their plan and voted for Kelly B., but they were blindsided when Jane joined with the other three and voted Benry, eliminating him from the game for a second time.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways would run up a ramp and into a pool to retrieve two bags of letter puzzle pieces. Their loved ones would then use the pieces to solve a word puzzle. The first loved one to solve the puzzle would win.
    • Reward: A trip on a sailboat along the Nicaraguan coast with food and drinks with the winning castaway's loved one.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would be attached to a rope on a hitching rail and would have to maneuver over and under the rail to unspool the rope from the rail. When the castaway thinks that there is enough rope unspooled, they would race across a field to retrieve a bag of gold coins. If they had not unspooled enough rope to reach the bag, they would have to return to the hitching rail and unspool more rope. The first three castaways to retrieve the bag would advance to the final round. In the final round, the gold coins would have to be assembled in a puzzle in the shape of a chest. The first castaway to complete the puzzle would win.

Episode 14: "I Got My Guns Loaded"Edit

After blindsiding Benry, Fabio was confident that Alina would be the next to go, but Brenda was hesitant to get rid of her, thinking she would be an easy goat in the finals. With only three days left in the game, Alina found herself on the outside for the first time since before the merge. She asked Jane about what happened and Jane explained that Benry was too much of a jury and physical threat, and Alina observed how Jane has continued to burn bridges. Meanwhile, Fabio and Kelly B. thought about voting for Jane, since she's more likely to win the Final Immunity Challenge than Alina. The Immunity Challenge was a close race between Brenda and Kelly B., and Kelly B. ended up solving her puzzle first and guaranteeing a spot in the Final Four. Back at camp, the new alliance of four agreed to vote off Alina, but as soon as Jane left, Kelly B. brought up voting out Jane to Brenda. Meanwhile, Alina decided to try to split up Fabio and Kelly B., and was surprised when Brenda told her everyone was targeting Jane. Alina reasoned to her that Jane would never win in the Final Three, and talked to her and Jane about preventing a solid pair on getting to the Final Four. The three then decided to make an alliance to get rid of the pair, who could be seen as jury threats for not angering anyone. Alina sealed the deal by playing to Brenda's ego, but Brenda seemed secretly hesitant about betraying another ally. At Tribal Council, Jane was called out as a threat, and she in turn brought up the tight pair of Kelly B. and Fabio. When the votes came in, the new alliance of three held strong, and Fabio was voted out, leaving Kelly B. alone.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would race out to a station where a question about Nicaragua is posted. The castaway would have to select from one of two possible answers where a bag would be tied underneath. They would then return to the start line with the bag. If the castaway chooses the correct answer, the bag would contain puzzle pieces. If not, the puzzle pieces would be blank and they would have to return to the station and pick up the correct bag. This would be repeated for two additional questions until the castaway has three bags of puzzle pieces at which time they would assemble the puzzle. The first castaway to solve the puzzle would win.

For the first time in Survivor history, four women made the Final Four; but Kelly B. didn't want to celebrate, still burning from Brenda's betrayal. The three younger women talked about getting rid of Jane, though Alina and Brenda wanted to stick to their Final Three deal. The Final Four acknowledged their fallen comrades, then faced their Final Immunity Challenge; in a true test of concentration and willpower, it came down to Kelly B. and Jane. When Kelly B. slipped up and let her stack fall, Jane won Immunity and a guaranteed spot at the final Tribal Council. The three younger women were somber at camp, though the alliance of Jane, Alina, and Brenda knew Kelly B. had to go next for a possible sympathy vote. Seeing the other three were talking about her, Kelly B. tried to turn Brenda and Alina against each other, telling Brenda that Alina would be a much bigger jury threat. At Tribal Council, Kelly B. was very dissapointed to hear that she was mainly being targeted for her prosthetic leg, saying she never used it for sympathy. Despite her last-minute plea, she was voted out unanimously, becoming the final member of the jury.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would balance a sword with one hand by its tip on a shield on the ground. The castaways would then stack coins on top of the sword handle. Should any of the coins fall off of the sword, the castaway would be out of the challenge. The last castaway standing would win.

The sun rose on Day 39, and the Final Three were treated to a complementary breakfast feast. It was obvious that Brenda was cocky about her chances, though Alina promised to not give up without a fight. The three then faced their final Tribal Council. In their opening statements, Jane tried to explain that she didn't make any villainous moves and actually claimed that she was responsible for Alina and Brenda getting to the finals; Alina talked about having a strategic game, despite coming off like an underdog; Brenda said she had the best game and surprised NaOnka by saying that she used her and Sash as puppets on La Flor. In the jury statements Shannon blatantly said that he was voting for Alina, while Brenda used Tyrone's question to apologize to Shannon for blindsiding him. Jill completely ignored Jane, and had Brenda and Alina rate each other; while Alina's ratings were more moderate, Brenda gave herself a 9 and Alina a 3, criticizing Alina's strategy. Marty insulted Jane to the point of bringing up her late husband, and Jane responded harshly, and he went on to bash Alina's game. Benry compared Jane's game to Mary's from Survivor All-Stars: Samoa Fanfic with her burning bridges, and called Brenda out on her cockiness. Brenda and Alina explained to Kelly B. why they voted her out, and Jimmy T. criticized Brenda for not voting with him at the Final 7 and prompted an argument with Jane when he called her a hypocrite. In Fabio's statement, Alina talked about her personal journey, and Jane tried to convince the La Flor members that she did play the game with honesty and integrity. Finishing it off, NaOnka compared the Final Six to "The Wizard of Oz" (Fabio as the Scarecrow, Kelly B. as the Cowardly Lion, Benry as Toto, Jane as the Wicked Witch, Brenda as the Tin Man, and Alina as Dorothy); she admitted that, despite targeting her so much, she really admired Alina's fight, and prided it over Brenda's apparent emotionless take on the game. In the final vote, Jane's betrayals came back to bite her and she got no votes to win, Brenda's clean strategic game got the votes of Tyrone, Marty, Fabio, and Kelly B. But the rest of the jury admired Alina's fight and loyalty, and she became the Sole Survivor.

Voting HistoryEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Voted Out: Kelly S.
No Vote1
Jimmy J.
No Vote1
5/9 Votes
6/8 Votes
6/9 Votes
5/7 Votes
Tie7 Chase
6/6 Votes7
1 Vote4
5/6 Votes
3/5 Votes
4/6 Votes
6/10 Votes
6/9 Votes
3/5 Votes5
Jimmy T.
6/7 Votes
4/6 Votes
3/5 Votes
Kelly B.
3/4 Votes
Voter Vote
Alina Sash Sash None7 Sash NaOnka NaOnka Marty Jill Jimmy T. Kelly B. Fabio Kelly B.
Brenda Benry Alina Chase Alina Shannon Marty Marty Jill Jimmy T. Benry Fabio Kelly B.
Jane Holly Yve Jill Wendy Jill NaOnka Marty Jill Jimmy T. Benry Fabio Kelly B.
Kelly B. Benry Alina Chase Alina Shannon Marty Marty Jimmy T. Jimmy T. Benry Jane Alina
Fabio Benry Chase Chase Alina Shannon Marty Marty Jimmy T. Jimmy T. Benry Jane
Benry Sash NaOnka Marty Jimmy T. Jimmy T. Kelly B.
Jimmy T. Holly Yve Dan Wendy Tyrone NaOnka Fabio Benry Benry
Jill Jimmy T. Jane Dan Wendy Tyrone NaOnka Fabio Benry
Marty Holly Yve Dan Wendy Tyrone NaOnka Fabio
NaOnka Benry Alina Chase Alina Shannon Marty
Shannon Benry Alina Chase Alina NaOnka
Tyrone Holly Yve Dan Wendy Jill
Wendy Jimmy T. Yve Dan Tyrone
Sash Benry Chase Chase Alina
Chase Sash Sash None7
Dan Holly Yve Jill
Yve Jimmy T. Jane
Holly Jimmy T.
Jimmy J.
Kelly S.
Jury Vote
Finalist: Jane
0/9 Votes
4/9 Votes
5/9 Votes
Juror Vote
Kelly B. Brenda
Fabio Brenda
Benry Alina
Jimmy T. Alina
Jill Alina
Marty Brenda
NaOnka Alina
Shannon Alina
Tyrone Brenda