Survivor: Redemption island
Survivor Redemption Island Logo
Filming location San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Winner Grant Mattos (4-3)
Season run July 18, 2011
– April 29, 2012
No. of episodes 14
No. of days 39
No. of survivors 16
Tribes      Ometepe
Season chronology
Previous None
Next Survivor: South Pacific

Survivor: Redemption Island is a fanfic based on the twenty second season of the American CBS reality television series Survivor, which premiered on July 18, 2011.

Season introduced a new concept, "Redemption Island", to the United States series based in part on concepts already used in foreign versions of the show, as The Island of the Dead in the Israeli version, Isla Purgatoryo (Purgatory Island) in the Philippine version's second season, Ghost Island in the Serbian version's second season, and the duels in the 2002 Swedish edition. When a contestant was voted off the tribe, instead of leaving the game, he or she was taken to the area known as Redemption Island. Once there, they had to sustain themselves in the same manner as when living with the tribe; living on limited food, water supplies and shelter. When the next contestant was voted off, that person was also sent to Redemption Island. Those two people faced off in a duel challenge in an Arena constructed to resemble an old ruined temple. The winner remained in the game, and continued living at Redemption Island. The loser was removed from the game and, upon exiting removed his or her buff and threw it in a small fire pit. At a pre-determined point in the game, the person remaining at Redemption Island had a chance to return to the game and be reunited with the remaining players.

Host Jeff Probst compared Redemption Island to the Pearl Islands' Outcast tribe, stating that the latter concept did not seem to work well with the audience because the Outcast twist was not revealed to the players ahead of time, and was considered unfair to the remaining players in the game. However, the Outcast tribe survived on the same meager rations as everybody else in the game. With Redemption Island, the players were told at the start of the game of the existence and rules of Redemption Island, and Probst expected that this would have an impact on how the tribes would vote out members.

In the end, Grant Mattos, the 29-year old ex-NFL player defeated his long-time ally Andrea Boehlke in 4-3 vote.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Redemption Island Finish Total Votes
Sarita White
36, Santa Monica, CA
Ometepe 2nd
Day 5
1st Duel Loser
Day 6
Day 6
Natalie Tenerelli
19, Acton, CA
Ometepe 3rd
Day 8
2nd Duel Loser
Day 10
Day 10
Steve Wright
51, Huntington Beach, CA
Zapatera 1st
Day 3
3rd Duel Loser
Day 12
Day 12
Francesca Hogi
36, Washington, D.C.
Ometepe Ometepe 4th
Day 11
4th Duel Loser
Day 14
Day 14
Matt Elrod
22, Nashville, TN
Zapatera Ometepe 6th
Day 16
5th Duel Loser
Day 17
Day 17
David Murphy
31, West Hollywood, CA
Ometepe Zapatera 7th
Day 18
6th Duel Loser
Day 19
Day 19
Ashley Underwood
Returned to game
Ometepe Ometepe 5th
Day 13
1st Returnee
Day 19
Krista Klumpp
25, Columbia, SC
Zapatera Ometepe Rivas 9th
Day 24
7th Duel Loser
Day 25
Day 25
Kristina Kell
46, Malibu, CA
Zapatera Zapatera 8th
Day 21
8th Duel Loser
Day 28
1st Jury Member
Day 28
Julie Wolfe
50, Oceanside, CA
Zapatera Zapatera 10th
Day 27
9th Duel Loser
Day 28
2nd Jury Member
Day 28
Phillip Sheppard
52, Santa Monica, CA
Ometepe Zapatera 11th
Day 27
10th Duel Loser
Day 30
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
Stephanie Valencia
26, Long Beach, CA
Ometepe Zapatera 12th
Day 29
11th Duel Loser
Day 33
4th Jury Member
Day 33
Ashley Underwood
25, Benton, ME
Ometepe Ometepe 13th
Day 32
12th Duel Loser
Day 36
5th Jury Member
Day 36
Mike Chiesl
Returned to Game
Ometepe Zapatera 14th
Day 35
2nd Returnee
Day 36
Ralph Kiser
45, Lebanon, VA
Zapatera Zapatera 15th
Day 37
6th Jury Member
Day 37
Mike Chiesl
31, Del Mar, CA
Ometepe Zapatera 16th
Day 38
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Andrea Boehlke
21, Random Lake, WC
Zapatera Ometepe Runner-Up 65
Grant Mattos
29, West Hollywood, CA
Zapatera Ometepe Sole-Survivor 2

The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

Note 1: Because Francesca played the Hidden Immunity Idol, four votes casted against her were not counted

Note 2: Ashley received five total votes before she was first sent to Redemption Island. Then she received three more before getting send again

Note 5: Because Andrea played the Hidden Immunity Idol, two votes casted against her were not counted

Note 6: Mike received four total votes before he was first sent to Redemption Island. Then he received one more before getting voted out again.

The GameEdit

Episode title First air date Redemption Island Challenges Voted out Vote Finish
Inhabitant(s) Challenger(s) Eliminated Reward Immunity
"A Chance at Redemption" July 18,
Ometepe3 Steve 5-3 1st Voted Out
Day 3
"Answering to Me Now" July 25,
Steve Zapatera3 Sarita 4-01 2nd Voted Out
Day 5
"Wearing the Pants in
This Alliance"
August 4,
Steve Sarita Sarita Zapatera3 Natalie 4-3 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
"Tooth and Nail" August 9,
Steve Natalie Natalie Zapatera3 Francesca 5-1 4th Voted Out
Day 11
Change in Plans August 13,
Steve Francesca Steve Zapatera3 Ashley 4-1 5th Voted Out
Day 13
"Man Down" September 1,
Francesca Ashley Francesca Zapatera3 Matt 3-1 6th Voted Out
Day 16
"Who's the Boss Now?" September 30,
Ashley Matt Matt Ometepe3 David 3-2-2 7th Voted Out
Day 18
"Sleep with One Eye Open" October 26,
Ashley David David None Stephanie Kristina 6-4 8th Voted Out
Day 21
"The Wicked Witch of
November 14,
Kristina Survivor
Mike Krista 4-3-2 9th Voted Out
Day 24
"Some Houdini Magic" December 28,
Kristina Krista Krista Stephanie
[Andrea, Mike]3
Julie 5-3 10th Voted Out
Day 27
None Stephanie Phillip 3-2-2 11th Voted Out
Day 27
"Ready to Strike" February 12,
Kristina Julie &
Kristina &
Stephanie 5-1 12th Voted Out
Day 29
"I Got Nine Lives" March 16,
Phillip Stephanie Phillip Stephanie
[Andrea, Mike] 4
Grant Ashley 3-2 13th Voted Out
Day 32
"Hoping for a Miracle" April 7,
Stephanie Ashley Stephanie Grant3 Mike 2-0 14th Voted Out
Day 35
This is
April 29, 2012 Ashley Mike Ashley None Mike Ralph 3-1 15th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
Andrea Mike 1-0 16th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Reunion April 29, 2012 None Andrea 4-3 Runner-Up
Grant Sole Survivor

Note 3: Combined Reward and Immunity challenge.

Note 4: Because Stephanie won the Redemption Island duel she got to choose the family visit members.

Episode 1: A Chance at RedemptionEdit

Sixteen castaways arrived on a Mil Mi-17 helicopter in a remote section of Nicaragua, ready to play the game of Survivor and hopefully win $1,000,000. Jeff Probst welcomed them to the game and showed them to their bags, where they would find out their tribe. The orange Ometepe tribe consisted of Ashley, David, Francesca, Mike, Natalie, Phillip, Sarita, and Stephanie; the purple Zapatera tribe had Andrea, Grant, Julie, Krista, Kristina, Matt, Ralph, and Steve. Jeff then revealed the newest twist: Redemption Island. In addition, he told them that the people still in the game will have no idea what is going on at Redemption Island, and sent everyone off to their camps. As the Ometepe tribe began getting to work on their shelter, Mike emerged as a natural leader. Assuming he would be the alpha dog, Phillip began to go around camp and lecture people, annoying everyone else. There was less conflict at Zapatera, as the men on the tribe (along with firefighter Julie and surprisingly farm girl Andrea) quickly got to work. David offered Francesca with an alliance, and though she was initially concerned about how early it was, she took it. That night, as the Zapatera tribe prepared to sleep in its new shelter, Steve got extremely sick, vomiting and dry-heaving all night. The next morning, he apologized to his tribe and let them know he's back at 100%, but he suspected that he had become the biggest target. Ometepe tried to create fire, and Stephanie became greatly annoyed with Sarita being more of a cheerleader than an actual worker. Kristina observed the rest of her tribe for an alliance partner, but she found that some people were not here to play the game; she eventually decided on Matt. At the challenge, Zapatera's strength put them out to an early lead, but Kristina dropped the ball on the puzzle, allowing Ometepe to catch up and David and Francesca to clinch the tribe a win and flint. While Ometepe celebrated, Ralph talked to Grant and Steve about voting off Kristina for screwing up the puzzle. Meanwhile, Kristina talked to the rest of the girls about voting for Steve, only for Steve to show up and talk about how much of a strategic threat Kristina is. A group of people met to discuss the vote, and it became apparent that Grant had a bond with Steve. At Tribal Council, Ralph and Kristina got in an argument about Kristina's work ethic; but in the end, Matt joined with the girls in voting sick Steve to Redemption Island.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The entire tribe will work to push four giant staircases one at a time across a wooden track and to the edge of a temple. They will then race up the stairs, where one tribe member will use a machete to chop through a series of ropes, which will release another staircase. On the top level, all tribe members will help to assemble a giant block puzzle, completing the top of their temple. The first tribe to finish wins.
    • Reward: Flint

Episode 2: Answering to Me NowEdit

Steve arrived at Redemption Island, angry at the majority of his tribe for getting rid of him. After a rather tense first Tribal Council, Grant and Ralph realized they put themselves in a precarious position by voting against the majority. The next morning, Ralph got up early to go crab hunting, and Julie decided to join him, feeling like a bit of an outsider with the rest of her tribe. While they brought in a bunch of crabs for the tribe, they affirmed a friendship and bond. At Ometepe, Phillip held a meeting to declare his leadership. But his plan quickly soured when the rest of the tribe decided to go with Mike as a leader. Hurt and embarrassed, Phillip left camp and began to get emotional, angry that his tribe didn't even give him a chance. Matt and Andrea began to find out more about each other, and Matt revealed his complete trust in her. Though Matt seemed to show some romantic interest in Andrea, she was definitely wary of keeping her head in the game. Ashley began to notice David and Francesca's alliance, and went to Mike with Natalie to offer him an alliance and take control of the tribe. Mike was very receptive to the idea, and the three decided to go with Sarita as a fourth member, dubbing themselves "Mike's Angels." When Sarita accepted a place in the alliance, Mike was truly elated as his stock in the tribe increased substantially. Meanwhile, scared that nobody had approached her with an alliance, Stephanie searched nearby for a hidden Immunity Idol. She managed to find one without any clues, and foresaw new control over the tribe. At the challenge, Zapatera got off to a strong lead again, but Sarita's slow speed made it hard to catch up, and the purple tribe won their first challenge, Immunity, and fishing gear. While Zapatera celebrated their first victory, Kristina leafed through the reward basket and found a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol. She tried to keep the clue secret, though Andrea saw everything; Kristina's efforts also fell short when she found the clue too vague. Facing their first Tribal Council, David saw how much the girls were dismissing Phillip, and decided to use this as an opportunity to offer him a position in his alliance, which Phillip gratefully accepted. At the same time, Stephanie decided to show Francesca (the one person she trusted) her hidden Immunity Idol, shocking Francesca. The Mike's Angels alliance discussed the vote, and ultimately decided for Francesca, as Phillip is more needed for the tribe. Mike needed to get Stephanie as a swing vote, and approached her with a Final 4 deal and let her know that her best friend was the target. Francesca told David about Stephanie's Idol, and he decided this would be the only opportunity to get out someone from the opposing alliance. They both approached Stephanie to give her Idol to Francesca and let the votes bounce back on Sarita, the weak link. Stephanie was stuck in a tough place, not wanting to vote against her friend, but not adamant about playing her Idol so early. At Tribal Council, Phillip made another plea for leadership, but was turned down once again. Stephanie decided to honor her friendship and played her Idol on Francesca. Mike, Ashley, Natalie, and Sarita could only watch as their votes against Francesca were nullified and the other four votes for Sarita sent her to Redemption Island.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: One at a time, five tribe-members will swim out to a platform, where they will use a club to smash a tile, releasing a key. Once the tribe has all five keys, another tribe-member will use the keys to open three locks on a box. Once the box is unlocked, unveiling a ball, the last tribe-member will use that ball to smash five more tiles. The first tribe to smash all their tiles wins.
    • Reward: A basket of fishing gear including slings, snorkels, and nets.

Episode 3: Wearing the Pants in This AllianceEdit

Both Steve and Sarita were surprised to see her arrive at Redemption Island. At Ometepe, David, Francesca, and Stephanie boasted about their victory over Mike, Ashley, and Natalie, but Phillip was angered when he saw they were doing it in close proximity to the three new outcasts. The next day, Steve and Sarita faced off in the first Redemption Island duel, and Steve came from behind to win the duel and stay alive in the game. Meanwhile, a storm hit Nicaragua, and the Ometepe tribe found themselves crowded together under awkward circumstances. Zapatera also were forced into their shelter, and Matt and Krista began to talk and bond over their shared religious beliefs. Their talk not only annoyed Andrea, it also made her a bit wary about her bond with Matt in comparison. The next morning, Grant, Ralph, and Julie all woke up early to do some work and reaffirmed their loyalty to each other against the lazier younger tribe members. At the challenge, Ometepe had a bad rhythm with the first part, and despite an admirable performance, Zapatera won their second challenge and various comfort items. Knowing there was another clue to the hidden Immunity Idol with the reward, Kristina began to search through all of the comfort items back at camp. Seeing what she was up to, Ralph began to search as well, but Kristina was able to find the second clue. Facing their second Tribal Council, David, Francesca, and Stephanie decided to vote for Natalie, the weakest member of the tribe and another member of Mike's "harem". Meanwhile, Mike and Ashley tried to approach Phillip about switching sides, but he immediately reproached them about keeping his word to David. David thought about possibly voting out Ashley instead of Natalie because of her status as a threat for the endgame, but had difficulty selling the idea to Francesca. Phillip then approached the two of them and told them about his talk with Mike and Ashley, suggesting they vote off Mike. When Francesca turned his idea down, Phillip blew up about not being heard and stormed off to let off some steam. While Ashley reveled in the recent drama of the majority alliance, David tried to talk some sense into Phillip, to no avail. At Tribal Council, tempers flared over the events of the past few days, and it seemed that everyone but Phillip had their vote locked in. When the votes came in, Phillip stuck with his original allegiance and Natalie was sent to Redemption Island.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two competitors will use only sticks and rope to construct a long pole. They will use that pole to retrieve three keys while reaching through a gate. The three keys correspond to three locks, and the first to unlock all three and make their way through the gate stays on Redemption Island.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: : Three members of each tribe will be attached to a waterwheel, then spun by three more tribe-members, they will be submerged underwater every few seconds and then spitting the water the take in into a bowl. Once there is enough water for their tube to tip over, the last tribe-member will solve a slide puzzle to navigate the ball through. The first person to get their ball to the finish wins.
    • Reward: Comfort items: two lounge chairs, pillows, a tarp, three blankets, and a lantern.

Episode 4: Tooth and NailEdit

Steve was a bit surprised to see that Natalie had been voted out, and was ready to beat the girl that was 32 years his younger. Kristina, anxious to read the second Idol clue, signaled to Matt to meet her on the beach, causing Ralph to call them both "idiots" and telling the entire tribe that Kristina had the clue. This shocked her allies Julie, Krista, and Andrea, knowing that there were multiple clues that Kristina failed to let them know about. Meanwhile, Kristina showed Matt the Idol clue, but they decided to go back to camp to throw off suspicion, knowing that Ralph and Grant had seen Kristina grab the clue. At Ometepe, Ashley knew she was the next to go, as the tribe would never get rid of Mike over her. She decided to take it out on them by not contributing at camp, which angered Stephanie in particular. Steve was confident that his previous athletic experience would carry him to victory. At the Duel, Steve pulled out to an early lead several times, but his speed triggered his dominos to fall several times, making it pretty even; but at the very end, Steve was able to take all his dominos to the end, winning his second Duel and sending Natalie home. Getting impatient once more, Kristina went searching for the Idol, deciding to include Andrea as well as Matt to get her on her side. Ralph decided to follow the three, and saw Kristina find the Idol under the treemail basket. As Kristina reaffirmed that the Idol would be only for her, Andrea felt strangely uncomfortable letting her have it. Sensing a storm coming in, Phillip asked everyone to bring in some firewood, which everyone did but Ashley. This prompted an argument between the two about Ashley's work ethic and the fact that she'll be voted out next anyway. David and Francesca reveled at how much they were in control on their tribe, seeing the Final 2 in their sights. But their plans were shaken up when Jeff Probst revealed at the challenge that the tribes would be switched up. In a random draw, the new Zapatera was made up of David, Julie, Kristina, Mike, Phillip, Ralph, and Stephanie while Andrea, Ashley, Francesca, Grant, Krista, and Matt made up the new Ometepe. The new tribes then participated in their first challenge, and Mike and Ralph were able to easily physically outmaneuver the other tribe, winning Immunity and BBQ for the new Zapatera. They celebrated back at their camp, and Mike was happy to see he was on a tribe of hard workers, while Kristina was angry she had lost her two closest allies. Almost immediately, Ashley let the former Zapatera members on her tribe know that she used to be an outsider and will gladly vote Francesca with them. While the four were shocked about how easy this vote will be, Krista was a bit wary that Ashley didn't have ulterior motives. She brought up the idea of voting out Grant to Matt and Andrea, someone who wasn't loyal to their original alliance. Francesca, deciding to not give up, approached the three, offering her loyalty and promising they would have David and Stephanie on their side at the merge. They were suddenly left between a rock and a hard place. At Tribal Council, Francesca and Ashley went at it, and it was clear that it was between the two of them. The former Zapateras decided to side with Ashley, and Francesca was sent to Redemption Island unanimously.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would stack wooden blocks like a line of domino tiles while avoiding ropes that would topple the tiles that were already stacked. Once all of the blocks were properly stacked, the castaway would start a chain reaction which would release a ball that would smash a tile. The first castaway to break their tile would win.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Two castaways from each tribe would shoot balls from a slingshot while the other members of the tribe tried to catch the balls. For every ball caught, the castaway would score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score five points would win.
    • Reward: A BBQ set, steak, sausage, bread, vegetables, and condiments.

Episode 5: Change in PlansEdit

Francesca was still reeling from her fall from grace in one tribe swap, but she realized it might be easier to just win a bunch of duels and make her way to the merge. Ometepe returned from their first Tribal Council as a new tribe, and Grant felt confident that Ashley would be the next to go, while Ashley thought that her loyalty would at least let her stay above Grant. At the Duel, Steve got out to a lead as the puzzle pieces were heavy, but Francesca was able to stay calm and put her puzzle together first, and Steve was finally eliminated from the game. At Zapatera, Phillip and Ralph began to bond over their work ethics, while Stephanie was angered at being the only younger person on her tribe. Scrambling to find allies, Kristina went to Julie and tried to tell her that they would most likely be targeted for being older women; but Julie was not eager to bite, remembering how Kristina did not give her the time of day for the past couple of weeks. While Grant decided to keep working hard, Ashley formed a close bond with Matt and Krista, and Andrea was annoyed to see that their previous laziness was magnified with having Ashley around. She joined Grant in working around camp, and revealed to him that she wanted to keep him around as long as possible. Trying to control the possibility of Mike flipping, David attempted to wrangle him on his side, but the plea pretty much fell on deaf ears. But Mike faced a surprise when Ralph pulled him aside and actually said he was interested in flipping to the Ometepe members, still feeling like an outsider on his original tribe; unfortunately, this foiled Mike's plan to get rid of David. At the challenge, the score was very close, but Krista getting easily pushed around cost her tribe the basket, giving the new Zapatera various breakfast foods, coffee, and Immunity once again. Facing the vote once again, the alliance of Matt, Krista, and Andrea met, and Andrea's plan to get rid of Ashley was delayed when Ashley walked in on their conversation. Andrea attempted to have conversations with them individually, suggesting that Grant would be more likely to come back from Redemption Island than Ashley, and right before Tribal Council, the duo were clearly torn. But at Tribal Council, they decided to follow their ally's words and Ashley was unanimously sent to Redemption Island.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would race to retrieve puzzle pieces and then assemble them into a cube. The first castaway to assemble the cube would win.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Three members from each tribe would race to fetch a ball in the water and shoot it into a basket. The tribe would score a point for every basket they make. The first tribe to score three points would win.
    • Reward: Coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, honey, pastries, and donuts

Episode 6: "Man Down!"Edit

Things started off awkward on Redemption Island when Francesca greeted newest boot Ashley, but the two decided to bury the hatchet and enjoy the time together. Matt was angry and upset with himself for not apparently following God's will and voting for Ashley. While Grant and Andrea could only look on, Krista tried to help her friend with his mental breakdown, but realized she may have to reconsider the plan to have Grant go next. At Zapatera, David was feeling like a lone wolf, watching his closest ally Phillip begin to bond more with Ralph; he continued to hope that Francesca would survive on Redemption Island. Little did David know that his hopes were being squashed, as at the Duel, Ashley got off to an early lead and kept it, eliminating Francesca from the game. As Ometepe's camp continued to struggle from not having any reward luxuries, Krista and Matt went off by themselves, causing Andrea to have some paranoia about being on the outside of her alliance. Seeing a hole he can expose, Grant started to feed Andrea's fears, causing her to doubt her allies even more. A rough storm hit Nicaragua, and most of Zapatera decided to bring the net out to the ocean and try to catch fish, which prompted even more ire from Stephanie. When they came back empty-handed, she complained about their carelessness, and Ralph argued with her once again. With their small number, the Ometepes were able to easily fit in their shelter, but Matt was worried about the fire going out. His fears came true when their fire was out, and he attempted to start the fire again on his own, but ended up slicing his hand up with the machete accidentally. The medical team was able to wrap up his hand, though he now had heavy bandages covering it like a cast. At the challenge, Matt's lack of mobility really slowed his tribe down, giving Zapatera yet another victory, Immunity, and a picnic lunch and trip to a mountain. As the tribe started to dig into their feast on the reward, Ralph saw a clue for the hidden Immunity Idol under his plate. Knowing Kristina already had the Idol, he showed the clue to the tribe and announced that it was useless before throwing it off the mountain. Matt confirmed with his allies that they were voting for Grant, but Andrea met with Grant in private and promised she would work as hard as she could to get Matt voted out. In a last ditch effort, she went to Krista and tried to convince her that if they kept Matt, they would lose the next challenge no matter what; Krista realized her two options were to vote out her closest ally or force a tie. And at Tribal Council, Matt was shocked when what he thought were his two allies joined with Grant to send him to Redemption Island.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags that hold a ball. The castaways would then use one of the balls to work a labyrinth. The first castaway to finish the labyrinth would win.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Three tribe-mates will take turns racing out to a makeshift temple where they will dig through sand around the base to uncover one of their six tribe-colored giant puzzle pieces. Once the tribe has collected the pieces, one of the diggers will join the fourth tribe-member in completing a giant wheel shaped puzzle. The first tribe to complete the puzzle wins tribal Immunity as well as reward.
    • Reward: A trip to a mountain overlooking San Juan del Sur and a picnic lunch

Episode 7: "Who's the Boss Now?"Edit

Grant was extremely grateful that Andrea and Krista kept him around, but Andrea knew that if they had to go to Tribal Council again, she would have to vote for Grant. As Matt found Ashley on Redemption Island, he was still shaken up from his blindside. The next day, while Krista worried about Matt's safety in the game, Matt apologized to Ashley for breaking his promise and voting her out. At the Duel, Matt got out to an early lead very quickly, but his lack of concentration gave Ashley the opportunity to catch up and eventually win, sending Matt out of the game. Feeling bad, Grant and Andrea invited Krista to go crabbing with them, and the so-called "girly girl" was ecstatic to catch her first crab. At Zapatera, Stephanie and Kristina bonded over their mutual dislike of their tribemates, while David's paranoia of losing his closest two allies continued. He took Julie aside and gave her a desperate alliance proposal and, though she accepted, she was still wary. At the challenge, Kristina was flabbergasted when she found out that Ometepe had voted out Matt. Zapatera once again got off to a good start, but David fumbled with the puzzle, allowing Ometepe to catch up and win much-needed Immunity and a helicopter ride to the Cerro Negro, an active volcano. While the threesome enjoyed an amazing trip and picnic at the volcano, Grant did some searching and was able to find the clue to the hidden Immunity Idol. Facing Tribal Council for the first time in a while, Mike used this as a great opportunity to finally get rid of David. But when he approached Julie about voting him out with Ralph and Kristina, she was very hesitant about it, and he saw that David had already gotten to her. He then tried to go to Ralph, but his plan failed when Ralph refused to work with Kristina. Meanwhile, David felt he was getting his mojo back, and decided to target Kristina, but knew he had to split the votes between her and Mike. But Stephanie was getting tired of being bossed around, and decided to jump ship and vote out David. Before taking off, Stephanie secretly approached Mike about voting David, and he was absolutely giddy. At Tribal Council, harsh words were spoken between David and Kristina and Ralph and Stephanie, but Phillip tried to reassure Jeff Probst that the tribe was unified. When the votes came in, Stephanie's plan worked out, and David was completely blindsided in a 3-2-2 vote.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The two castaways would compete in a game of concentration. One at a time, the castaways would turn over two tiles from a field of twenty. Should they undercover a pair of matching symbols, they would score one point. The first castaway to score five points would win.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Two members at a time from each team would race across a field to retrieve a large puzzle board. Once the pair returns, the other two teammates would retrieve another board. Four boards would need to be retrieved. Once retrieved, the boards would have to be arranged in a line so that the large holes were aligned like a grille to reveal seven vowels. The revealed vowels and seven consonants given to the team would need to be arranged to solve a four word phrase. The first team to solve the phrase would win.
    • Reward: A ride aboard an Mil Mi-17 to an active volcano and a picnic of fruit, vegetables, cheese, candy, cookies, crackers, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Episode 8: "Sleep with One Eye Open"Edit

After being the victim of the biggest blindside thus far, David faced another disappointment when he saw Ashley on Redemption Island. He attempted to mend fences with her, but Ashley was still bitter about David’s cocky attitude and him targeting her back on Ometepe. Back at Zapatera, Julie, Ralph, and Phillip were still recovering from the events, and Stephanie did not make things better when she shrugged off Ralph and got in a huge fight with Phillip. While this made Stephanie line Phillip up as the next to go, Kristina stood in the shadows and was happy that the target was disappearing off her back. The next morning, both tribes received treemail instructing them to go to Redemption Island. Anticipating a merge, Grant did some last-minute scrambling to find the hidden Immunity Idol, and lucked out when he was able to unearth it. At the Duel, Jeff Probst revealed that the winner would enter the game. Before starting, David used the opportunity to tell the Ometepes that Stephanie and Kristina could not be trusted. But those words ended up being his last when, despite some adamant vocal support from Phillip, David was the first to drop, eliminating him and giving Ashley the chance to return to the game. As he left Redemption Island, the remaining players were then given another surprise when Jeff announced they had merged and Redemption Island would begin again. The ten players arrived on a new beach as a new tribe and devoured a picnic lunch that was waiting for them. As they painted the tribe flag, Stephanie and Kristina were confident that they could use their old Zapatera ties to get rid of Phillip, Ralph, and Julie. Mike decided to reconnect with his old ally Ashley and told her about his new alliance with Kristina and Stephanie. Ashley was frustrated with Mike for aligning with Stephanie, and tried to encourage him to turn on her for not being trustworthy. The next day, Grant and Mike formed a bit of a “bromance” over their respective careers, while Kristina was happy to reunite with her allies Krista and Andrea, though she didn’t know Andrea was the one to betray their former ally Matt. At the first Individual Immunity Challenge, Andrea and Stephanie were the last two hanging on, and Stephanie convinced Andrea to drop, giving her Immunity. Kristina and Stephanie decided to vote out Ralph, and let Krista and Andrea in on the plan. Andrea sat down with Grant to let him know about the plan, but Grant was wary about Andrea, considering this was the first time they had spoken in several days. Grant then talked to Mike, and they both decided they didn’t want to be pawns in Kristina’s game. Meanwhile, Ralph pulled Ashley aside and he made the plan to blindside Kristina, despite having the Idol. Though she was wary of the plan, Ashley was ready to take her game into her own hands. She went to Grant and Mike to get them in on the plan, and the three contemplated their options. At Tribal Council, despite pulling out and showing her Idol to everyone, Kristina decided not to play it. That ended up being a costly move, as Ashley, Grant, and Mike decided to join Julie, Phillip, and Ralph in blindsiding Kristina. The most powerful woman in the game was now gone.

  • Redemption Island Duel:The two castaways would brace themselves with their arms between two walls while standing barefoot on two foot pegs. Every 15 minutes, the castaways would move down to smaller foot pegs. When the castaways reached the third set of foot pegs, they would try to remain on them as long as they could. The last castaway to remain on their pegs would win.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would hang from a bar over a pool of water. After twenty minutes, the castaways could only hang upside down with their legs over the bar. The last castaway to hang on to the bar would win.

Episode 9: "The Wicked Witch of Nicaragua"Edit

Kristina was absolutely livid when she arrived on Redemption Island, and broke down after she was blindsided with the hidden Immunity Idol in her pocket. Meanwhile, back at camp, Andrea was crying as well, and Stephanie took out her anger on the rest of her tribe. She went off on Mike for betraying her after she helped him out the Tribal Council before, and when approached by Ashley and Phillip, she gave up and knew she was next to go. The next day, Andrea still felt really betrayed by her supposed ally Grant and, realizing his folly, he tried to talk to her. But Andrea was leery to forgive Grant immediately, and was angry for leaving her in such a precarious position. The tribe was treated to their first Reward Challenge, a Survivor Auction. Grant tried to win some points with Andrea by sharing pizza with her (in addition to Mike, Julie, and Ashley), and Mike won an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. Noticing a possibility to exploit something, Stephanie went to Phillip to take Grant not giving him pizza as a sign, but she was almost immediately denied. Noticing her ally just digging herself deeper, Krista decided to lay low. In the meantime, Kristina was able to pick up her mood and decided maybe time away from Ralph and Phillip would allow her to flourish on Redemption Island. Ashley and Julie began to form more of a mother-daughter bond, and Julie revealed her house was in foreclosure and she just went through a divorce. Andrea’s work ethic around camp began to really shine, especially compared to the other girls. Meeting before the challenge, Krista and Andrea knew that Stephanie couldn’t win Immunity, or the votes would bounce back to one of them. But they didn’t need to worry much, as in a challenge that was both a questionnaire and popularity contest, Stephanie was quickly the first one out. Mike was able to use his advantage to clean up the competition and won Immunity. Knowing their main target was vulnerable, Phillip and Ralph were committed to voting for Stephanie, and wouldn’t waver. But Mike started to notice how close Krista and Andrea were, and he came up with an idea of getting rid of Krista, the supposed glue in their alliance. He proposed the notion to Grant and Ashley and, while Grant was excited about keeping Andrea around, Ashley was really hesitant about changing plans. She was then given the task to talk to Julie and Julie was thrilled to be a part of the plans, but felt guilty about not telling Ralph and Phillip. At Tribal Council, Stephanie was the topic of conversation, between her position in the game and her attitude towards everyone else. But despite being such a high-profile target, Stephanie was spared when the alliance of four ignored Phillip and Ralph and voted Krista to Redemption Island.

  • Reward Challenge: Instead of a Reward Challenge, a Survivor Auction was held. Items won were the following:
Contestants Item(s)
Andrea Strawberry milkshake
Ashley Ice cream sundae
Grant Pizza
Julie Nothing
Krista Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Mike An advantage at the next Immunity Challenge
Phillip Hamburger and fries
Ralph Chicken wings with hot sauce
Stephanie Stack of Oreo cookies; a shower and clean underwear
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways are given a questionnaire to fill out. Each individual tribe member must guess what answer came up the most often for each question. Each correct answer earn that tribe member the opportunity to chop at another tribe member’s rope, which is attached to a bucket of water. Each rope has three sections and once all three sections are chopped, the bucket will tip which will douse a specific tribemate’s temple which has a flame burning at the top. Once a tribe member’s temple fire has been put out, they are out of the challenge. The last tribe member left standing wins Immunity.

Episode 10: "Some Houdini Magic"Edit

Both Kristina and Krista were shocked to see her at Redemption Island and that Stephanie was still in the game. Felt left out of the plan, Phillip went on an angry tirade at camp against his supposed allies, and Grant and Mike attempted to talk him off the ledge. Ashley was turned off by Phillip’s mood swings and proposed to Mike the next day that they get rid of him. The Rivas tribe was surprised to find that they would all be attending the duel, and at Redemption Island, Kristina’s slow and steady strategy bought her some more time in the game and eliminated Krista. After seeing that Krista did not become a jury member, the speculation was that the game would end in a Final 2, causing some eventual shifts in strategy. Andrea went to Grant for protection, trying to rekindle the bond they had before the merge, causing Grant to question whether Ashley or Mike would take him to the finals. He proposed bringing Andrea in the core alliance to Mike, and Mike was beginning to get frustrated with his allies trying to rock the boat. At the Immunity Challenge, Stephanie was able to win a much-needed challenge and earned safety. Stephanie also picked Mike and Ashley to share a chocolate cake reward with, and the tribe also received a mysterious package to be opened at Tribal Council. Facing their worst-case scenario, the core alliance of six got together, and Phillip solidified their plans to vote out Andrea and then Stephanie when she doesn’t win Immunity. Knowing their back was against the wall, Andrea and Stephanie made a plan to get Julie voted out as a jury threat. Andrea then talked to Grant, and he started to get swayed by her case. Mike got even more confused when Grant came to him to spare his ally and vote out Julie. He decided to stick his neck out for Grant, but Ashley was much harder to convince, angry that they were targeting her motherly figure since the beginning of the game. But at Tribal Council, she sadly joined her allies and Julie was blindsided.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The competitors would use 150 wooden tiles to build a house of cards. The first castaway to build a tower to a height of 8 feet (2.4 m) would remain in the game.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Each person will be given two Mesoamerican statues, which they will need to memorize the features of using only their sense of touch. They will need to climb over and crawl under a series of hitching posts to a field of statues, in which they will need to feel the statues and correctly identify them as a replica of one of their original statues, and bring it back to the start. Some of the statues in the field are dummy statues which will not pair up with any of the original statues. The first person to correctly match their two pairs of statues will win Individual Immunity as well as reward.
    • Reward: Chocolate cake and milk to share with two other tribe members.

The tribe then found out that they would compete immediately in another Immunity Challenge and one more person would leave tonight. In a challenge of memory, Stephanie once again emerged victorious, winning Immunity for the third time. In the second vote, Phillip and Ralph stayed loyal to their alliance and voted Andrea, while Mike and Andrea voted for Ralph. But Grant and Ashley both decided to vote differently from their alliance-mate and joined Stephanie in voting Phillip, sending the supposed special agent to Redemption Island behind Julie.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would test their memory by having to memorize a series of symbols shown by Jeff. The castaways would have to show back the symbols in order. If they showed the wrong symbol, they would be out of the challenge. The last castaway to show all of the correct symbols would win.

Episode 11: "Ready to Strike"Edit

Kristina eagerly awaited for who she expected to be Stephanie to arrive on Redemption Island, but her theory was shattered when Julie showed up. But both ladies received a further shock when Phillip arrived soon after, a victim of a double Tribal Council twist. The next day, Ralph was still reeling from losing both of his closest allies, and Ashley celebrated the fact that Phillip was finally gone. But trying to figure out how the votes lined up, Ashley noticed that Mike voted differently from his allies, and Ralph tried to stir the pot that Mike voted that way to “throw Phillip a bone,” which rubbed her and Grant the wrong way for attempting to curry jury votes. In the first ever three-way duel, Phillip rambled about his ancestor coming to him in a vision, and the vision proved true when he knocked Kristina and Julie to the jury. Back at camp, Andrea started to distance herself from Stephanie, while Ashley confronted Mike about his vote at last Tribal Council. Mike tried to push on her that his stray vote was accidental, though he admitted in private that it definitely had strategic undertones. A thunderstorm rocked the Rivas camp and, while Stephanie complained about the weather, Ralph went out into the rain to reinforce the shelter, earning praise from the rest of his tribe. At the Immunity Challenge, Stephanie got off to an early lead, but the heat and use of energy got to her quickly, and Mike was able to power through and win Immunity once again. As part of his win, he got to choose Ashley to get Survivor room service with him right outside of camp. Despite losing the challenge, Stephanie was determined not to give up, but it was hard when the rest of the tribe decided to vote her out when she was away. Andrea was expressing some hesitation, and talked to Stephanie about how they need Grant and Mike’s votes if they want to continue in the game. She subtly tried to campaign for her friend to Grant, saying that Stephanie had no more power in the game, but Grant was fed up with constant changes in plans. After enjoying some luxurious room service, Mike was quickly approached by Stephanie, and she theorized that in a Final Four of him, Ashley, Andrea, and Grant, there would be a tie. At Tribal Council, she continued to state her case, talking about big of a threat Ralph is. But when the votes came in, her nine lives were up, and she was sent to Redemption Island unanimously.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The three castaways would play a variation of shuffleboard. The castaways would be given three pucks which they would slide across a board and past various obstacles. The last player left standing with at least one token on their board would survive on Redemption Island.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The castaways would have to race to assemble eighteen puzzle steps in a staircase. The castaways could only carry one puzzle step at a time up the staircase and had to place the steps in order from bottom to top. The first castaway to correctly place all eighteen steps and reach the top of the staircase would win.
    • Reward: Survivor’s version of “room service”: a three course meal delivered to the winner at camp.

Episode 12: "I Got Nine Lives"Edit

Deciding to let bygones be bygones, Phillip attempted to be nice to his enemy Stephanie on Exile Island, but all she did was shrug him off. When Ralph decided to go off fishing, the other four Rivas members verified that he would be the next to go. But Andrea wasn’t so sure about her chances at the Final Four with her current alliance. Later that morning, they (along with Stephanie and Phillip) got an Epic 4G by Sprint in their treemail, and were treated to videos of their loved ones. At the Duel, Stephanie came from behind to win, sending her enemy to the jury and earning some time with her loved one. But she was given a choice: take with her loved one and choose two other tribe members to get to see their loved ones, or give up seeing her loved one to have the entire Rivas tribe see their loved one. She chose to go with the former option, and decided to have Andrea and Mike see their loved ones. When Mike asked Stephanie to choose a clearly distraught Ashley over himself, Stephanie stuck by her decision, citing that Ashley treated her badly over the course of the game. As Stephanie, Mike, and Andrea enjoyed time with their sister, mother, and father respectively, Ashley was heartbroken and was starting to check out from the game. At the Immunity Challenge, Grant went out to an early lead, which carried him to a challenge win. Knowing his neck was on the line, Ralph talked to Andrea about how tight of a pair Ashley and Mike were, and following her earlier thoughts, Andrea was willing to jump on board to blindside Ashley. Fearing the worst going on behind her back, Ashley went to Andrea to solidify a Final Two alliance, but Andrea could detect her insincerity. She then went to Grant, who was frustrated that she wanted to change things up. Despite the initial rejection, he was still entertaining the idea. At Tribal Council, he chose to side with his former Zapatera members and blindsided Ashley, sending her to Redemption Island for the second time and leaving Mike stunned.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The castaways would navigate a handle across a table maze. Once clear of the maze, the handle would be used to smash open a box that contained a bag of puzzle pieces. The first to solve the word puzzle would remain in the game.
    • Reward: The winner of the Duel had a choice. They could either have their loved one visit, and grant two other castaways in the game with their loved ones; or they could choose to forgo their loved one visit to have everyone remaining in the game get their loved one visit.
  • Immunity Challenge: With one arm tied behind their backs, the castaways would work to solve a three section puzzle in the shape of a fish skeleton. The castaways would link together fish hooks to retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces that would complete one of the three sections. After one section is complete, the castaways would retrieve another bag of puzzle pieces until all three sections were complete. The first castaway to solve the entire puzzle would win.

Episode 13: "Hoping for a Miracle"Edit

Trying to sleep in the rain, Stephanie was not excited at all when a blindsided Ashley came to Redemption Island, and things were definitely tense from the first moment she showed up. Despite being left in the dark with the vote, Mike was not afraid to fight with his back against the wall. The next morning, contemplating the past 33 days, Grant knew he had to take his game into his own hands to avoid being seen as a flip-flopper. Stephanie and Ashley bickered back and forth at their camp, and it was clear they were both out for blood. At the Duel, it was a close match, but Ashley edged out a win, eliminating a saddened and frustrated Stephanie. After the Rivas tribe feasted on crabs and fish, Mike pulled Grant aside to talk, and asked if they could still work together. When Grant responded that he would have to talk to Andrea first, Mike knew that the pair had to be broken up quickly. When he had a private moment with Ralph, he proposed voting out Andrea, and was met with a lack of commitment. At the Immunity Challenge, Mike started in the lead, but Grant dug up the last bag faster and won his second Immunity. Despite having guaranteed safety, Grant was still thinking about his hidden Immunity Idol, wondering if it would be good until this Final 4 or the next one (after someone returned from Redemption Island). Andrea talked to him about voting out Mike, since sending Ralph to Redemption Island would risk Ashley coming back to the game and joining back up with Mike. Grant was extremely bummed about voting for his closest ally in the game, but was reluctant to go against Andrea. They then got Ralph in on the plan, and he admitted the information to Mike. Seeing the writing on the wall, Mike again pushed for Ralph to force a tie, but Ralph still seemed on the fence. Hoping his plan would come to fruition, Mike went into private to practice starting a fire, but when Andrea spied him, she got paranoid about Ralph voting with him, causing Grant to question using his Idol to prevent a tie. At Tribal Council, everything was thrown out into the open, and it was clear that Ralph was surprisingly in the position of power. Grant shocked the rest of the tribe when he decided to use his Idol on Andrea. It turned out to be for the best, as Ralph had actually voted with Mike, but their two votes were nullified and their two votes for Mike were enough to send him to Redemption Island.

  • Redemption Island Duel: Competing in rounds, the competitors would throw a metal ball in an attempt to break four tiles. The first person to break all four tiles would remain in the game.
  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Using a set of coordinates, each player will cross two ropes. Where the ropes intersect, they will dig down to retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces, return to their answer board, and solve the puzzle, which will give them their next set of coordinates leading them to another bag of puzzle pieces. The first person to retrieve all three bags and complete all three puzzles wins.
    • Reward: A tent, cot, and sleeping bag for one night.

Episode 14: "This is Everything"Edit

Ashley was both devastated to see her closest ally Mike arriving on Redemption Island and shocked that Grant actually stepped up his game by playing his hidden Immunity Idol. Meanwhile, things were a little awkward back at Rivas camp, as Ralph dug himself a hole by unsuccessfully going against Grant and Andrea. Though they had secured another victory, the pair was wary, as someone returning from Redemption Island would probably side with Ralph and put them in the same situation as last time. At Redemption Island, the final Duel occurred and in a test of balance and concentration, Ashley dropped her vase first, giving Mike the victory and the chance to re-enter the game. The Rivas tribe found themselves with the same members that they did only one day before, and Mike quickly got together with Ralph to re-affirm their loyalty to each other. He then talked to Grant, who admitted that if he didn’t win Immunity. But at the challenge, despite Andrea and Grant working together, Mike was able to pull off a much-needed win. He then found himself in a surprising position of power, as Ralph begged him to tie the vote as he had done for Mike. Mike tried to get Grant to possibly get rid of Andrea, and got some satisfaction when Grant admitted he would consider it if he won Immunity at the Final Three (though Grant didn’t actually have those intentions). Going into Tribal Council, Mike was unsure about how to vote. But when the votes came in, he chose not to tie the vote, and Ralph was unanimously voted out and immediately sent to the jury.

  • Redemption Island Duel: The competitors would put one foot on one end of a seesaw with the other end having a ceramic vase balanced on it. The castaways would attempt to keep the vase balanced on the end with their foot still on the seesaw. The last castaway to have their vase balanced on the end of the seesaw would win.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would race through a maze to collect four bags of puzzle pieces at four different stations. Once all four bags were collected, the castaways would race to the top of a pyramid and assemble a word puzzle. The first castaway to correctly solve the puzzle would win.

Andrea was grateful to survive once again, and admitted that Mike may have made a mistake, since she would have easily lost to Ralph in a fire-making tiebreaker challenge. On Day 38, the Final Three went through their Rites of Passage and acknowledged their fallen comrades. They then faced their final Immunity Challenge, and in a close call between Mike and Andrea, Andrea was the last person standing and won a spot in the Final Two. Facing a tough decision, Andrea wondered if Grant threw the challenge, and Mike used it as an opportunity to make his pitch. He decided not to mention his conversation with Grant the day before to maintain their friendship, but talked about how Andrea would easily win a jury vote over him. She then went to Grant and when asked about throwing the challenge, Grant got very offended that his closest ally would mistrust him. At Tribal Council, Mike once again stated his case, while Grant kept refuting the idea that he threw the challenge. Ultimately, Andrea chose to stay true to her early alliance, and made Mike the final jury member.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway would have to stand on a small wooden log while balancing a ball on a wooden disk. Should their ball fall off the disk or if they step off the log, the castaway would be out of the challenge. The last castaway to not drop a ball or step off the log would win.

On their final day in Nicaragua, Andrea and Grant celebrated the fact that such a strong pair made it to the end; but they knew only one person could win. After they burned the camp, they arrived at their Final Tribal Council. In her jury statement, Kristina wondered why Andrea voted Matt off so early, and chastised Grant for playing too safe of a game; but Grant turned the tables on her when he reminded her that it was his vote that sent her to Redemption Island. Grant then had to defend himself to Ashley, who claimed that he made a mistake in voting her out as she would have taken him to the Final Two. Stephanie then blasted Grant for being wishy-washy and criticized Andrea for ostracizing her before she was voted out. Keeping true to his personality, Phillip ended the jury questioning by asking what Grant and Andrea saw in him as a competitor. When the votes came in, Andrea got votes from her allies Kristina and Stephanie, as well as Ashley out of respect for her game. But the rest of the jury rewarded Grant for his loyalty and nice personality, and he became the Sole Survivor in a very close 4-3 vote.

Voting HistoryEdit

Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Voted Out: Steve
5/8 Votes
4/4 Votes1
4/7 Votes
5/6 Votes
4/5 Votes
3/4 Votes
3/7 Votes
6/10 Votes
4/9 Votes
5/8 Votes
3/7 Votes
5/6 Votes
3/5 Votes
2/2 Votes5
3/4 Votes
1 Vote
Voter Vote
Grant Kristina Francesca Ashley Matt Kristina Krista Julie Phillip Stephanie Ashley Mike Ralph
Andrea Steve Francesca Ashley Matt Ralph Phillip Julie Ralph Stephanie Ashley Mike Ralph Mike
Mike Francesca Francesca David Kristina Krista Julie Ralph Stephanie Ralph Andrea Ralph
Ralph Kristina Kristina Kristina Stephanie Andrea Andrea Stephanie Ashley Andrea Andrea
Ashley Francesca Francesca Francesca Grant Kristina Krista Julie Phillip Stephanie Ralph
Stephanie Sarita Natalie David Ralph Phillip Julie Phillip Ralph
Phillip Sarita Natalie Mike Kristina Stephanie Andrea Andrea
Julie Steve Kristina Kristina Krista Andrea
Krista Steve Francesca Ashley Matt Ralph Phillip
Kristina Steve David Ralph
David Sarita Natalie Mike
Matt Steve Francesca Ashley Grant
Francesca Sarita Natalie Ashley
Natalie Francesca Francesca
Sarita Francesca
Steve Kristina
Jury Vote
Finalist: Andrea
3/7 Votes
4/7 Votes
Juror Vote
Mike Grant
Ralph Grant
Ashley Andrea
Stephanie Andrea
Phillip Grant
Julie Grant
Kristina Andrea