Survivor: Samoa (II)
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Filming location Upola, Samoa
Winner TBD (TBD)
Season run December 16th, 2010
– Still running
No. of episodes 19
No. of days 40
No. of survivors 21
Tribes      Krakort


Season chronology
Previous None
Next TBA

Survivor: Samoa (II) is a Fan Fiction based on the the nineteenth season of the CBS reality television series, Survivor. This Fan Fiction premiered on December 16th, 2010 and has a new host, Jessica.

The season featured several new twists. For example, there are twenty-one contestants and they aren't from any previous season, but have some of the same personalities as them. Also, there are forty days. There is also a double snuffing once.

Read on as this Fan Fiction continues to get interesting every few days.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Jerard Tincole No Tribe

1st Voted Out

Day 3

Amy Derento Krakort 6
Brian Frento Krakort
Charlie Hanson Landore
Chlarah Ticyndor Landore
Evan Jota Landore
Hedda Robinson Krakort 3
Ilana Rowan Landore
Ivan Drama Krakort
Jacob Wefferly Krakort
Kaitlyn Coopersine Landore
LeSawlah Dware Krakort
Noah Jackson Landore
Oran Tylers Krakort
Paige Redlee Krakort
Rebecca Garten Landore
Rory Twinsly Landore
Sarah "Yvette" Klay Landore
Steven Poindes Landore
Wendalyn "Wendi" Sakndy Krakort
Wentworth Goldindollah Krakort

Voting HistoryEdit