Survivor: South Pacific
Filming location Upolu, Samoa
Winner Jim Rice (5-3)
Season run July 28, 2012
– September 1, 2012
No. of episodes 14
No. of days 39
No. of survivors 18
Tribes      Aganoa
Caramoan Stacey Powell
Season chronology
Previous Survivor: Nicaragua Fanfic
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Survivor: South Pacific is a fanfic of the twenty-third season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor, though in the fanfic series' chronology, it comes directly after Nicaragua. The season was filmed in Upolu, Samoa, the same filming location as the Samoa and most recent All-Stars season. The show once again featured two returning players, this time John Fincher and Brenda Lowe. Redemption Island was also absent, after being present in the previous two seasons. For the first time since Tocantins, the Final Tribal Council featured a Final Two instead of a Final Three. This is also the first season since Micronesia to have an even-numbered jury.

In the end Jim Rice the 35 year-old medical marijuana dispensary owner from Denver, Colorado defeated Dawn Meehan, the 41 year-old English Professor from South Jordan, Utah in 5-3 vote.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso
48, Forest Hills, NY
Aganoa 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Semhar Tadesse
24, Los Angeles, CA
Aganoa 2nd Voted Out
Day 5
Albert Destrade
26, Plantation, FL
Taga 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
Edna Ma
35, Los Angeles, CA
Taga 4th Voted Out
Day 11
Rick Nelson
51, Aurora, UT
Taga Aganoa 5th Voted Out
Day 14
Sophie Clarke
22, Willsboro, NY
Taga Aganoa 6th Voted Out
Day 17
John Cochran
24, Oakton, VA
Aganoa Aganoa 7th Voted Out
Day 18
Brandon Hantz
19, Katy, TX
Taga Taga 8th Voted Out
Day 18
Mikayla Wingle
22, Tampa, FL
Taga Taga Talofa 9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
Brenda Lowe
27, Miami, FL
Aganoa Aganoa 10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
Christine Shields Markoski
39, Merrick, NY
Taga Taga 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
Keith Tollefson
26, Edina, MN
Aganoa Aganoa 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 30
John Fincher
26, Los Angeles, CA
Samoa & All-Stars Samoa
Taga Aganoa 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 33
Whitney Duncan
27, Nashville, TN
Aganoa Taga 14th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 36
Stacey Powell
44, Grand Prairie, TX
Taga Taga 15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 37
Elyse Umemoto
27, Las Vegas, NV
Aganoa Taga 15th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 38
Dawn Meehan
41, South Jordan, UT
Aganoa Aganoa Runner-Up 0
Jim Rice
35, Denver, CO
Aganoa Taga Sole Survivor 12
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

Note 1: Stacey played the Hidden Immunity Idol for Christine, therefore three votes against her were not counted.

Note 2: Jim played the Hidden Immunity Idol, therefore four votes against him were not counted.

The gameEdit

Episode Titles Air Date Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
God’s Gift to Survivor July 28, 2012 Taga Taga Papa Bear 8-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
The Will to Win July 30, 2012 Taga3 Semhar 7-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 5
The Ugly Duckling August 1, 2012 Aganoa3 Albert 5-4 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
"You Know My Uncle" August 4, 2012 Aganoa3 Edna 5-2-1 4th Voted Out
Day 11
"He’s A Poser" August 8, 2012 Aganoa Taga Rick 5-2 5th Voted Out
Day 14
"Trying to Call for a Rebellion" August 10, 2012 Aganoa Taga Sophie 5-1 6th Voted Out
Day 17
Afraid to Pull the Trigger August 13, 2012 Aganoa Keith Cochran 4-1 7th Voted Out
Day 18
Mikayla Brandon 3-11 8th Voted Out
Day 18
Tribal Council Gone Bad August 19, 2012 None4 Christine Mikayla 9-1 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
"It’s Time to Play Survivor" August 21, 2012 Brenda, Elyse,
Keith, Whitney,
Whitney Brenda 6-3 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
Revenge of the Newbies August 23, 2012 Survivor Auction John Christine 5-3 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
"These People Would Suck at Poker" August 25, 2012 Dawn
[Stacey, Elyse]
John Keith 2-12 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 30
"My Mind is Officially Blown" August 27, 2012 Elyse
[Dawn, Whitney]
Dawn John 3-2-1 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 33
South Pacific Scramble August 30, 2012 Elyse
Jim Whitney 3-2 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 36
An Epic Battle September 1, 2012 None Jim Stacey 3-1 15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 37
Dawn Elyse 1-0 16th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 38
Reunion September 1, 2012 Jury Vote Dawn 5-3 Runner-Up
Jim Sole Survivor

Note 3: Combined Reward and Immunity Challenge.

Note 4: There was no Reward Challenge due to the tribal merge.

Note 5: John did not participate in the challenge after being left out in a school yard pick, but he had guessed the correct winning team at the challenge and went along with them on the reward.

Episode 1: God's Gift to SurvivorEdit

Sixteen new castaways arrived in the South Pacific, ranging from many different backgrounds, including the nephew of Russell Hantz. They were surprised to find that two more returning players would be joining them in the game: John Fincher and Brenda Lowe. John joined the blue Taga tribe, where he received criticism for his previous actions and his privileged position, while Brenda had a more positive reception on the red Aganoa tribe. In the first challenge, Brenda picked Keith and Jim and John picked Albert and Sophie to help them compete in a three-part competition that tested physical and mental elements. Even though Brenda did well in the puzzle, Taga never gave up their lead from the beginning, and won flint for the tribe. Arriving at camp, Taga trusted John to make the first fire, though he let them down by struggling, getting the ire of Stacey in particular. Luckily, with Albert's help, John was able to start a fire and save his Survivor stock. The Aganoa tribe quickly got to work around camp, and Brenda and Elyse seemed to hit it off based on their similar backgrounds. Away from the rest of the tribe, the two solidified their bond by affirming their loyalty to each other. Another strong two-person alliance was being made on Taga simultaneously between John and Albert; they named Edna and Christina as two weak links who could go sooner rather than later. The first night, Semhar really struggled to adjust to the elements, but the next morning she put on an act for her tribe to not give them a reason to vote her out. Meanwhile, retired cop Mark began to tell the tribe to call him "Papa Bear," which inspired some eyerolling from Jim. At the Immunity Challenge, Papa Bear had trouble getting over the wall and really slowed his tribe down, giving Taga another victory. Facing the first Tribal Council, Brenda brought up Papa Bear's name because of his weakness, and the vast majority of the tribe agreed with her choice. Papa Bear returned to camp and found out he was the target, so he quickly went around trying to spread Semhar's name, claiming "her heart isn't here." In the meantime, Cochran was getting a bit wary of voting out Papa Bear, as it was a sign that the weak links (himself included) would be the first to go. At Tribal Council, Papa Bear continued to argue the vote for Semhar, and Semhar reaffirmed that her heart was still in the game. Despite his constant arguments, Papa Bear became the first voted out in a unanimous decision.

  • Reward Challenge: John and Brenda would choose two people to represent their tribes with them. One person would climb a 12-foot pole to retrieve a wooden turtle. One person would then have to dig themselves under a log. Finally, the last person would solve a six-level Tower of Hanoi puzzle with the turtle as the top piece to win the challenge.
    • Reward: Flint
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes would race through an obstacle course of zigzagging pathways, through a web of strung up coconuts, and over a 10-foot (3.0 m) wall. One tribe member would then dig up a machete and use it to cut five ropes which would release a bin of coconuts. Three tribe members would then shoot the coconuts through a hoop into a net. When enough coconuts were shot into the net, their combined weight would raise a flag. The first tribe to raise their flag would win.

Episode 2: The Will to WinEdit

As the Aganoa tribe used the flint they got from Tribal Council to make their first fire, Semhar was grateful to have survived the vote and hopeful for her recovery. Meanwhile, it was becoming clearer that Cochran was socially awkward and on the outs with the tribes, between his comments to his other tribe members and his constant fear of the elements. At Taga, John, Albert, and Brandon got together and secured an alliance away from their older tribemates. John reasoned that, without attractive women to align with, he would get together with the strongest guys on the tribe. The three targeted Christine and Stacey for being untrustworthy; Brandon, though John had a sordid past with his uncle, was intent on keeping his word. Elsewhere, Brandon and Albert discussed bringing a female into their alliance, and settled on physical Mikayla. Back at Aganoa, Keith and Whitney really began to connect, and Keith revealed to her that he has a pacemaker from a congenital heart block. Meanwhile, Albert talked to Mikayla and brought her into the alliance with Brandon and John, and they solidified it by making a Final Three deal. As Mikayla was happy to have such a strong trust in someone, Albert figured that after getting Christine and Edna out as weak links, he would be unstoppable. Semhar revealed to Dawn that she had been sick the past four days, and Dawn tapped into her mothering skills to console her. At the challenge, Taga once again emerged victorious, pillows and blankets, and a clue to the location of a hidden Immunity Idol at their camp. As Taga relished their newest rewards, Aganoa prepared to vote someone else out once again. Brenda compiled an alliance of the four younger women (Brenda, Elyse, Whitney, and Semhar), and decided to bring in Jim and Keith to form a powerful alliance of six. The four girls decided to vote off Cochran for being on the outs; but when Elyse and Whitney approached Jim and Keith about the vote, Jim was insistent on getting rid of Semhar. He vented about how Semhar was useless and Cochran's obsession with the show and puzzle skills would actually be assets for the tribe. He talked to Keith in private about it also being a matter of gender, as they would be easily outnumbered by the girls in their alliance. Keith then stood up for the Semhar vote to Elyse and Whitney later, claiming Semhar brought nothing new to the tribe. Later in the day, Jim and Brenda had a conversation, where he told her she was making a mistake for keeping Semhar. He recognized she wanted to keep her as a mindless follower, and Brenda saw the similarities in her and Jim as the conversation went on. At Tribal Council, Semhar decided to reveal to the rest of the tribe that she's been sick, feeling comfortable her alliance was set in getting rid of Cochran. But when the votes came in, Brenda and the rest of the alliance decided to appease Jim, and Semhar was blindsided unanimously.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Four members from each tribe would unwind ribbons from a maypole to release a set of keys. One of the four would then use the keys to free four other tribemates. Those four tribemates would then push crates around a platform to clear the way for a large crate to pass under a pole. The entire tribe would then carry the large crate to a finish platform. The first tribe to have their large crate onto the finish platform would win.
    • Reward: Pillows, blankets, and a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol

Episode 3: The Ugly DucklingEdit

Cochran thanked his tribe for deciding to keep him over Semhar, but Elyse, Brenda, and Whitney were still a bit sour about voting off their ally. Brenda used this event as an opportunity to size up Jim as an equal. The next morning, Keith used the opportunity to admit to the rest of his tribe that he has a pacemaker. Though the tribe received it well, Brenda and Cochran questioned Keith's decision, as he revealed himself as a possible sympathy vote. At Taga, camp was at a high, with the whole tribe riding the wave of their first three challenge victories. But Sophie was not as happy, lamenting about how she can't really form a bond with Mikayla or any of the younger tribe members. The next day, Stacey stumbled upon a clue to the location of a hidden Immunity Idol in their camp. She revealed the clue to Christine, and the two scoured the area, but unfortunately came up short. Over at Aganoa, Keith's previous spear-fishing experience made him the primary provider; but even a full fish meal couldn't sway the tribe's mood that they needed to win a challenge. Fortunately, Aganoa emerged victorious in the challenge, winning Immunity for the first time, along with coffee, tea, milk, cookies, and another clue to the hidden Immunity Idol at their camp. Aganoa really relished their reward, and celebrated the fact they would not be voting someone out. Facing their first Tribal Council, the alliance of John, Albert, Brandon, and Mikayla decided to stick with the plan of getting rid of weak link Edna. Albert figured that, to try to keep his alliance secret, he would call a tribe meeting to discuss the vote. In the meeting, Albert and Mikayla called out Edna, who was shocked about the outcome and how cold they were to her. After Edna decided to leave the meeting, the rest of the tribe was hesitant to commit to anything publicly. Christine and Stacey met in private, and saw right through the alliance's plan of getting rid of Christine after Edna. They figured the only way to keep that from happening would be to bring together the older members of the tribe and get Sophie as a swing vote. Initially, they considered voting John, but Stacey brought up Albert as a possibility, because of his role as the glue in his alliance and his overall bravado in the tribe meeting. They went to Edna and Rick, who saw the situation as well and were on board. They then talked to Sophie and insisted she would go further with the other side. Sophie did not give a clear answer, thinking about whether she wanted to keep the tribe stronger or possibly keep some other targets in the game. At Tribal Council, Rick said he didn't trust John because of his previous actions, which caused Brandon to argue that John was not the person the show made him out to be. When asked who he was closest with on the tribe, Brandon immediately replied Albert, John, and Mikayla, which struck a chord with Sophie. The tribe meeting was also talked about, and Edna tried to argue for her safety. When the votes came in, the younger alliance was shocked and appalled to see that Sophie had joined with the older members to blindside Albert and take him out of the game.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: A tribe member would race across a floating bridge carrying a bodyboard attached to a rope. The tribe member would grab a bag containing a banner that would form part of their tribe's flag. They would then ride the bodyboard back to shore as it was winched in by the four members of their tribe. Five bundles would need to be winched to the beach in this manner. Two tribe members would then use grappling hooks from the top of a wall to retrieve the five banners. Finally, the two tribe members would assemble the banners into their tribe's flag. The first tribe to have their flag completed would win.
    • Reward: Chocolate, cookies, coffee, powdered milk, tea, and sugar.

Episode 4: "You Know My Uncle"Edit

Brandon, Mikayla, and John were not very happy to be on the losing side of the vote, and Mikayla angrily confronted the other five members of the tribe, who shrugged off the accusation of an alliance. Meanwhile, John and Brandon confirmed their loyalty to each other, and Brandon noted that one of the most dishonest players in Survivor history was extremely honest in this case. That, plus the secret he had been harboring, kept him up into the night, and the next morning Brandon admitted to John that he is Russell Hantz's nephew. While Brandon felt a huge sense of relief and an even stronger bond, John still did not trust him fully. At Aganoa, the situation was eerily similar to Nicaragua, with the younger players led by Brenda in control of the tribe. Brenda laid the plan out for her allies to get rid of Dawn after Cochran. But secretly, Brenda was willing to keep trustworthy Dawn above shady Jim; she also bragged about how she was able to control the minds and votes of her alliance members. Living up to his reputation, Jim revealed he had an MBA and was a world poker tour champion, but was hiding these facts from the rest of the tribe as part of his strategy. Later on, Brenda further cemented her control when she found the hidden Immunity Idol without even a clue. Despite her majority alliance, she decided to keep this secret to herself. Aganoa was hit with a violent storm that night, and the next morning the tribe was wet and miserable from their lack of tarp. The new five-person Taga alliance met on the beach and decided to get rid of John next for his veteran status. Meanwhile, Mikayla tried to eavesdrop on their meeting; when that proved unsuccessful, she showed up to break up any discussion, which prompted a confrontation between her and Stacey. The challenge had Keith, Jim, and Dawn facing off against John, Brandon, and Stacey in a weight-bearing competition. It came down to the two women, and in a close battle, Stacey was the first to drop the weight, giving Aganoa their second victory in a row. After the challenge, Dawn went over to Stacey to console her and compliment her on the job she did. Though Dawn found it was a human reaction, Jim in particular had a sour reaction to it all. Back at their camp, Jim started to vent about Dawn's move and how it looked like she was making friends on the other side. Though Dawn apologized for her actions, Jim and Brenda spoke in private and agreed it was definitely part of her strategy. John was feeling a bit of deja vu, anticipating another early exit like his boot in All-Stars: Samoa. Despite Brandon and Mikayla saying they would turn the vote around, he was noticing other tribe members averting their gaze, which to him sealed his fate. A bit worried about being perceived as the weak link, Edna double-checked that everyone in her alliance were voting for John. Though they agreed on the surface, Stacey and Christine met in private, unsure as to whether to keep Edna around. They figured that they could no longer sit anyone out since the numbers would be even, and if physical challenges were to come, Edna would not be the best asset to have. They brought up the possibility to Sophie and Rick, and Rick flat-out refused due to his loyalty to the alliance. At Tribal Council, another argument sparked between Mikayla and Stacey when Mikayla called the other alliance "weak players". John then made an argument that they needed him to avoid getting killed in the challenges and then killed post-merge. Though Edna knew her name would be written down, she had confidence in her allies. But she was thrown for a loop when Christine and Sophie (Stacey cast a stray vote for Mikayla due to her harsh words at Tribal Council) joined the younger members in voting Edna out.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Three castaways, two men and one woman, from each tribe would stand on perches holding a wooden pole on their shoulders to which weighted bags would be added. Every few minutes, the other four members of the opposing tribe would select someone to carry an additional 20 pounds of weight. If the weight becomes too much for a castaway, they would drop the pole and be out of the challenge. The last castaway standing would win the challenge for their tribe.
    • Reward: Two chicken hens and one rooster.

Episode 5: "He's a Poser"Edit

Rick was angry John was still in the game, but him and the rest of the tribe were thrown for a loop when John lied and said he had the hidden Immunity Idol and he would basically get to choose who went home next Tribal Council. While his allies congratulated him and others were nervous about his sudden power, Stacey and Rick in particular were not believing him whatsoever. At Aganoa, Keith and Whitney grew even closer romantically (much to the chagrin of bystander Cochran), while Brenda revealed to Elyse that she had found the Idol at their camp. Though Elyse acted excited to her ally, she was secretly worried that Brenda had really become the most powerful player in the game. Rick confronted allies Stacey, Christine, and Sophie about getting rid of Edna, and his principles of honor and loyalty found themselves in direct opposition of the nature of the game. Despite his frustration, Sophie talked to him and tried to assure him that he was still safe and John would be the next to go, though she was worried about Rick becoming an outsider. Everyone was thrown for a loop when the tribes were suddenly switched at the challenge. The new Aganoa became Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Keith, John, Rick, and Sophie; the new Taga was made up of Brandon, Christina, Mikayla, Stacey, Jim, Elyse, and Whitney. They then faced their first challenge as new tribes, and in a close race the new Aganoa won bread, vegetables, spices, and more rations. On the new Taga, the former Aganoa members began to get settled in, and Whitney in particular expressed her frustration. She vented that they were basically screwed by being in the minority, though she later told Elyse that she also was angry about being separated from Keith when they were starting to develop an emotional connection. While Elyse tried her best to comfort her and encourage her to keep her head in the game, Jim was flabbergasted at Whitney's "idiocy" for letting her emotions get in the way of her game. Losing three of her allies, Brenda was angry about the game changing, but when she saw that Cochran and Dawn wanted to remain committed to their majority within the tribe, her mood lightened. Cochran was also ecstatic for a new lease on life, even if it was as one of Brenda's followers. Meanwhile, Rick and Sophie decided there was no use in trying to go to John for a vote, so they would still stick to their original plan. As the new Taga began to get settled into chores, Christine and Stacey re-examined their Idol clue, and their search across the trees proved fruitful when they actually found the Idol. John took advantage of the opportunity to bond with Brenda over their "should have won" games, and went to her with a deal to protect each other. He told her he was definitely voting for Rick and his loyalty will always be with her, which boosted Brenda's ego even more. At the Immunity Challenge, the new Taga tribe won, sending the new Aganoa to Tribal Council. Immediately arriving back at camp, John told the former Aganoa members he was voting for Rick or Sophie. Meanwhile, Rick began approaching the former Aganoa members about voting for John because of his dangerous game. But that hit a wrong note in Brenda, who realized that she would be a quick target after John for being a veteran. Meeting in private once again, John pushed for Rick, one of the weaker people in challenges, and he became confident he would not be going home. She then met with Cochran, Dawn, and Keith and told them that Rick is the target. But Dawn was not so adamant about that, forming a bond with Rick for their mutual Mormon background and feeling John's previous actions made him devious. At Tribal Council, John was quite the topic of conversation. While there was talk of him being an Individual Immunity threat, Brenda quickly jumped to his defenses, which did not go unnoticed. That caused Sophie to plead to Cochran, Keith, and Dawn to follow their own wishes and vote who they want. Unfortunately, her pleas fell on deaf ears, as they joined John and Brenda to vote out Rick.

  • Reward Challenge: Working in teams of four, the tribes would race to fill and carry a bucket of water from a water tower filling station to a container. The bucket would have several holes in it which the castaways would have to plug to prevent water from running out of the bucket. The first tribe to have enough water in their container to tip a seesaw and raise their flag would win.
    • Reward: Vegetables, spices, bread, and more rations.
  • Immunity Challenge: Three castaways from each tribe would assemble a wheelbarrow and then push the wheelbarrow around a series of obstacles. Along the way, they would stop at two stations and collect a load of coconuts. At the end of the obstacle course, the three tribe members would dump out the coconuts into a box. The three other castaways would then disassemble the wheelbarrow and reassemble it into a sling shot. They would use the coconuts as ammunition for the slingshot to knock down six targets. The first tribe to knock all six of their targets down would win.

Episode 6: "Trying to Call for a Rebellion"Edit

With her closest ally on her new tribe voted out, Sophie knew she had nothing to lose by stirring things up. Dawn got emotionally overwhelmed after voting for Rick, feeling like she really has become a follower for the first time in her life. She broke down in front of Brenda, and Brenda assured her that voting out people you like was part of the game; their conversation made Brenda realize that Dawn was too emotional of a player. The next morning at Taga, Christine found some Polynesian chestnuts and freaked out excitedly. When the rest of the tribe saw her bounty, they were a bit confused, and Mikayla continued to vent about her dislike for her and Stacey. Meanwhile, while wondering about Brenda's fate on another tribe, Elyse let Jim know that Brenda had the hidden Immunity Idol. Jim was shocked to the hear the news, and knew now that Brenda was basically untouchable in the game. At the Reward Challenge, it was a back-and-forth battle, but Aganoa won a trip to the Sliding Rocks natural waterslide. Aganoa enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of a picnic lunch and watersliding (this was actually John's second trip to the Sliding Rocks after another reward in Samoa) and their spirits lifted. Seeing that Rick was voted out, Brandon suspected John had used the Idol he said he had; meanwhile, Stacey and Christine were glad to have their own Idol after seeing one of their allies leave. The next morning, Sophie approached Dawn about voting out John after seeing her struggle in voting out Rick. She suggested the two of them form an alliance and, along with Keith and Cochran, they get rid of John and Brenda. Despite making a case for turning against the veterans, Dawn was extremely hesitant to turn on her ally. Sophie conceded, but was frustrated that Brenda was having her allies eating right out of the palm of her hand. Mikayla suggested to Brandon that they throw the Immunity Challenge and vote off Stacey or Christine. Brandon immediately refused to do that, and suggested that if they did, Mikayla would go home. Mikayla got frustrated with Brandon's inability to think strategically, and even threw out his uncle Russell's name to get him to do it. But her plan failed when Cochran struggled with the knots and really slowed down his tribe in the Immunity Challenge, giving the new Taga tribe another victory. Cochran felt horrible for costing his tribe the challenge, and Sophie saw this as an opportunity to survive. She talked to Keith about it, and he totally agreed Cochran should go for being a weak link. But when he brought this idea up to Brenda and Dawn, Brenda was afraid of keeping someone around who was after her, and told them Cochran was easily expendable, but Sophie was a threat that needed to leave now. John told Sophie he would vote for Cochran, but he only did it to see her squirm as revenge for voting out Albert. At Tribal Council, Brenda expressed her distrust in Sophie, and Sophie was frustrated that the rest of the tribe was so "star-struck" by playing with Brenda and John that it clouded their judgment. Those ended up being her final words, as the tribe voted her unanimously out of the game.

  • Reward Challenge: One castaway from each tribe would race up to the top of a stack of crates. The castaway would then bounce a coconut off of a net trampoline to hit one of five targets. The castaways would then race back to the start line where another castaway would take their turn. The first tribe to knock out all five targets would win.
    • Reward: A trip to the "Sliding Rocks", a waterfall where people can slide down the rocks into a pool below, and a picnic lunch.
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes would split off in pairs of castaways. One pair would act as callers to the two other pairs as they navigate blindfolded and hooked to a rope through an obstacle course to collect four bags of masks. One pair of castaways would then use only their sense of touch with no help from the rest of the tribe to match the masks into pairs. The first pair to properly match all eight masks would win for their tribe.

Episode 7: Afraid to Pull the TriggerEdit

While John was aware he would be a huge target if his tribe went to Tribal Council again, he felt confident in his alliance with Brenda and saw no need to go back to his old tribe if he made it to the merge. Meanwhile, Whitney was having trouble sleeping, thinking about Keith and the genuine feelings she's developed for him, despite the fact she was seeing somebody back home. The next day, the majority of the new Taga tribe began to bond and really feel like one tribe united. But there were two outliers: Christine and Stacey, who assumed that Mikayla and Brandon had turned the rest of the tribe against them. They made the plan to use the hidden Immunity Idol at their next Tribal Council to eliminate Mikayla. That time came a bit sooner than expected, as both tribes found out at the challenge that everyone would be attending Tribal Council that night. Each tribe first competed individually, then the individual winners would face off for tribal reward. Much to Christine and Stacey's disappointment, Mikayla won individual Immunity for Taga, while Keith claimed the individual Immunity for Aganoa. In the final round, Keith beat Mikayla and won Aganoa a pizza and soft drinks feast while watching the other tribe's Tribal Council. Brenda decided John would be a big target to keep around at the merge, so she decided to get rid of Cochran. She talked about it with Dawn and Keith and while they understood her reasoning, they started to get wary of whether her plans were the best for their group as a whole. The Taga tribe was a bit miffed, about losing their third food reward in a row and then having to attend Tribal Council. Christine approached Mikayla to try to have the old Taga members vote for Whitney for Elyse, but she was met with awkward silence and purposeful skirting on Mikayla's part, which caused Christine to say they would have voted for her if she had not won Immunity. Her and Stacey then confirmed they would instead be voting for Brandon. Mikayla went to the other four tribemates about her conversation, and suggested they vote for Christine as the more sneaky of the pair. A bit fearful that one of them would have the Idol, Jim suggested they split votes, but Brandon swayed the vote against it, confident that John had really found the Idol and Christine would be going home. Back at Aganoa, knowing his head was once again on the chopping block, Cochran decided to make a bold move and target Brenda. He suggested the idea to Dawn, who opposed turning on her after she stuck her neck out to save Cochran a couple of days ago. Though Cochran argued that it would break up the powerful pair of Brenda and John, Dawn feared of the possible repercussions and lack of trust from Elyse, Jim, and Whitney. Cochran then suggested voting for John, which Dawn didn't oppose, but his plan took a step back when he suggested Keith give him his Immunity. As the day got later, Keith and Dawn were still unsure who would be better to keep around in the game. At Aganoa's Tribal Council, Dawn again became emotional about voting someone out, and Cochran tried to argue to the rest of the tribe that John would be too much of an Immunity threat to keep around. But Dawn and Keith ultimately sided with the veterans, and Cochran was voted out unanimously. Then it was Taga's turn to go to Tribal Council, and Brandon shocked the rest of the tribe when he decided to be honest and tell Christine she was being voted out. Furious, Mikayla and Jim whispered about changing their votes to Stacey, but realized it was too late to get a plan together. Brandon continued to air things out by telling everyone that Mikayla had planned on throwing the last challenge to get rid of Christine. Getting increasingly frustrated, Mikayla said Brandon was not trustworthy and revealed that Brandon was Russell Hantz's nephew. Clearly upset at her ally, Mikayla cast what she thought was a throwaway vote for Brandon. When the votes came in, the shockers continued when Stacey gave Christine the Idol to play. Three votes against her were nullified, and Christine and Stacey's votes, along with Mikayla's throwaway vote, outnumbered Jim's one vote for Stacey and were enough to send Brandon home.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each castaway cracks coconuts with a rock, takes a mouthful of juice, races back to a jar, and empties the water into a jar until it reaches a designated level. The first person to finish wins individual Immunity.
  • Reward Challenge: The two Immunity winners move onto a final round, where they must go through an obstacle course on their way to and from the jar. Again, the first person to reach the designated level wins reward for their tribe.
    • Reward: A feast of pizza and soft drinks to be eaten and drank while listening to the other tribe's Tribal Council.

Episode 8: Tribal Council Gone BadEdit

Dawn once again got emotional about having to vote out Cochran, but she knew she had to break up John and Brenda sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, the whole Aganoa tribe was in disbelief about what had just happened at Taga's Tribal Council. John used this moment as an opportunity to swear his allegiance to his new tribe, and talked about voting off Stacey first. After their Tribal Council, most of the Taga tribe was still in shock after the most recent events. While the former Aganoa members were grateful they survived, Mikayla and Stacey argued about Stacey and Christine not telling her about having an Idol. But Stacey was having none of it, and was not ready to start working with Mikayla anytime soon. The next day, Keith explained to Brenda what Cochran had tried to do the day before, and Brenda was ready to forget about the experience and move on. After seeing the rest of the tribe vote against them, Christine and Stacey felt especially on the outs, and were ready to turn on their tribe at the first opportunity (they even turned their buffs inside out). Taga received a key in treemail, which led them to a wooden chest at Aganoa's camp. As they approached the other tribe's camp, they saw Christine was there and Brandon was gone, and John was really thrown for a loop after losing his ally. It turned out the key opened a chest of various foods and beverages and new buffs, and the tribes were officially merged. The castaways were able to put the game on hold for a second as they feasted and got to know each other. Later that day, they decided to name the tribe "Talofa," which is Samoan for "hello." Elyse and Brenda met in private and caught each other up about everything that had happened over the past week, including Brenda's new alliance with John and Elyse telling Jim that Brenda had the Idol. Jim later met with them and affirmed their secret was safe with him, and then told Brenda about Whitney's previous meltdown and her tendency to play with her emotions. The six Aganoa members got together later that night and were all in agreement that they would go to the end together. The next day, Christine and Stacey approached Brenda and made a pitch to take out Mikayla. They offered their loyalty to her alliance, and Brenda was amused to find that everyone except Mikayla had come to her for an alliance. The first individual Immunity Challenge was a test of concentration and endurance. It came down to Christine and Mikayla, with the majority of the tribe showing very little support towards Mikayla; eventually she dropped out, giving Christine Immunity. The Aganoa alliance met once again and, given Christine and Stacey's proposal, Brenda wanted to vote out Mikayla, since she's the easiest target. But she was met with resistance from Jim, who wanted to break up the powerful pair of Stacey and Christine. As Whitney and Elyse supported Brenda, Jim realized that these younger girls could possibly feel threatened by Mikayla. Later that afternoon, Brenda told John to vote Mikayla, and John figured she deserved to know and told her. Mikayla took it very emotionally, frustrated that she was still targeted despite trying to remain under the radar. As a last-ditch effort, she went to some of the Aganoa members about getting rid of John. At Tribal Council, the Aganoa alliance continued to voice that they would be solid until the end. And despite Mikayla's last-minute pleas, the writing was on the wall and she was voted out unanimously, becoming the first jury member.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would balance on a small perch while holding a coconut between two ropes. At regular intervals, the lengths of the rope would be increased. The last person balancing their coconut would win.

Episode 9: "It's Time to Start Playing Survivor"Edit

Despite getting votes at nearly every Tribal Council he's been to, John was determined to not be the next to go. The next day, the Aganoa alliance continued to marvel at the fact that the Taga tribe seemed to be taking each other out. But Jim was thinking ahead to the endgame, and realized he would probably be the next to go after Dawn. He saw Brenda in the Final Three in any scenario and realized now might be the time to take the game into his own hands. At the Reward Challenge, a random division ended up with the younger members facing off against the older. In a closer competition than expected, the younger group of Elyse, Keith, Brenda, and Whitney won a trip to the 7-UP Oasis; John had to sit out of the challenge because of numbers but picked that group to win, so he got to join them on the reward. Jim had a really sour attitude about people like Brenda and Keith constantly getting opportunities to eat. Stacey and Christine decided to handle the loss differently, and decided to eat some of the tribe's food, including a fish that Keith had caught that morning. Meanwhile, the reward winners feasted on barbeque, but the heat really came when Keith and Whitney used it as an opportunity to reconnect. Going on their "first date," they declared their love for each other and shared their first kiss. Back at camp, Jim's thoughts again turned to strategy, and he thought now would be a perfect time to blindside Brenda, since she thought John was next. He sat down with Dawn and made a pitch, and Dawn began to really see Sophie's and Cochran's previous words about how her alliance was playing for Brenda to win. Returning from the reward, Whitney decided to tell the rest of the tribe about her and Keith's relationship to alleviate any suspicions. The next day, Jim brought together Keith, Whitney, and Dawn, and continued to make his argument for voting out Brenda. He kept emphasizing that none of them would win against her, and they all seemed to take the bait, as Keith and Whitney went on about how good she was at the game and how they can't win if she stays. In the Immunity Challenge, it came down to a battle of balance between Stacey and Whitney, and Whitney won Immunity. Back at camp, the Aganoa alliance met and decided to vote off John, but tell him they're voting Stacey. Brenda went along with her part of the plan and told John to vote off Stacey; overall, she felt very safe, knowing Elyse would let her know if she was in danger. Jim finally approached Elyse and let her know that they needed her vote to get rid of Brenda. Elyse was extremely hesitant about getting rid of her number one ally, and contemplated having Brenda play the Idol to get rid of Jim. At Tribal Council, Brenda decided to continue her trust in her allies an chose not to use her Idol. But she was in for the shock of a lifetime, as, in the biggest blindside of the season so far, she was voted out by the rest of her Aganoa alliance and John, who was brought in as a back-up plan. The woman set up to win the game was now gone, and it became anyone's game.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways would be split into two teams. One at time, a castaway would slide down a large water slide and then race out into the ocean to retrieve a crate. The next castaway would then slide down the slide and would help all team members who had gone down the slide to retrieve another crate. The process would repeat until five crates were retrieved. The teams would then use the crates to assemble a puzzle. The first team to assemble their puzzle would win.
    • Reward: A trip to an oasis with barbecue and 7-UP.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would fill a bowl with rice and balance it on their head while crossing over two teeter-totters. They would then dump the rice into a basket on a third teeter-totter. If a castaway touches the bowl or drops it, they would need to go back to the start. The first castaway to fill their basket with enough rice to cause their teeter-totter to tip and raise a flag would win.

Episode 10: Revenge of the NewbiesEdit

Having organized a blindside against her former ally Brenda, Jim was at the top of the world. He found a leadership spot for the alliance unoccupied, and he gladly took that spot. The next day, he used his close relationship with Elyse to make a deal to go to the end together. The castaways were surprised to find money in treemail, and soon found out they would be having a Survivor auction. At the auction, various people won different foods and luxuries, including a shower. John won a clue to a re-hidden Immunity Idol. Dawn and Stacey both put all of their money into a letter from home; despite wanting a letter desperately, Christine held out to use all of her money to win an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. The tribe was in high spirits returning to camp, and Dawn and Stacey each went off in private to enjoy their comforts from home. Meanwhile, John began to search for the Idol with his new clue, excited at the prospect of using it to take out Jim or Keith. What he didn't know was that Jim was discretely following him, using John as a clue to where he might look. The two men searched furtively, and it turned out John wasted his money, as Jim was able to find the Idol, making him even more powerful. The next morning, John approached Christine and Stacey in an attempt to possibly save himself and earn their jury votes. The two explained their reasoning in judging John from the first day, and John boldly suggested they work together to avoid getting picked off by the Aganoa alliance. John even shared his Idol clue with them so they could all work together to find it. Despite their initial feelings, Stacey and Christine were pretty excited to be working with John. At the Immunity Challenge, Christine's advantage was that she was able to automatically advance to the second round to compete with John, Elyse, and Jim. The four then tried to put together an extremely complex puzzle; despite Christine's many attempts to solve it, John was the first to finish and won a crucial Immunity. The Aganoa alliance was bummed about John getting to survive another Tribal Council. They debated whether to target Christine, whose actions at the auction showed how badly she wanted to win the game, or Stacey, who was more of a physical threat. John continued to search in vain for the Idol, then decided to take a different approach and talked to Jim about breaking up the pair of Keith and Whitney. Though he brought up his previous relationship with Monica as an example, Jim cited Christine and Stacey as a very similar pair that needed to be broken up. John decided to use this as an opportunity to try to turn Keith against Jim next round, but unfortunately Stacey or Christine still had to go. Seeing the inevitable, the two close friends shared one last afternoon together in the South Pacific. At Tribal Council, Jim tried to curry favor towards now-jury member Brenda, while the former Taga members continued to push for Keith, much to Keith's surprise. But the Aganoa alliance claimed another victim when they stuck together and voted out Christine.

  • Reward Challenge: Instead of a Reward Challenge, a Survivor Auction was held. Items won were the following:
Contestants Item(s)
Christine An advantage in the next Immunity Challenge
Dawn Letter from home
Elyse A shower with shampoo, soap, and toothbrush; peanut butter and chocolate
Jim Chips, guacamole, and a margarita
John A clue to the hidden Immunity Idol; BLT sandwich with chips and iced tea
Keith Protein shake, cake to share with the tribe
Stacey Letter from home
Whitney Three donuts and an iced coffee
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would race across a ladder bridge while guiding three bags of puzzle pieces along a rope wrapped around the bridge. The first four castaways to complete the first stage would move on to the second stage where they would assemble a complex puzzle. The first castaway to complete their puzzle would win.

Episode 11: "These People Would Suck at Poker"Edit

While Stacey was upset about losing her closest ally Christine, her and John reaffirmed his plan and the web of lies they would be spinning. Keith was still shaken by the fact that he got three votes, and questioned if he was seen as a physical threat. The next day, John set his plan into motion. He sat down with Keith and told him that Jim had said that Keith and Whitney needed to be split up, and led the former Taga members to target Keith. Keith fell for it hook line and sinker, angry that his ally would sell him out like that. John then suggested that Keith and Whitney pair up with him and Stacey to vote out Jim, and then John, Keith, and Whitney would go to the Final Three together. Keith was ecstatic about the plan, not so confident that Jim would take him to the Final Three. In the Reward Challenge, the castaways answered some rather touchy questions about each other. John took the majority of the negative answers, and Dawn ended up outlasting her other tribe members and winning a helicopter ride to an authentic South Pacific village. When asked to bring two people with her, she picked Stacey, who had never been on a post-merge reward before, and Elyse, who finished second in the challenge. The three women enjoyed a breathtaking helicopter ride and a huge feast. Initially Jim was angry for not getting picked, as he had also not been on any post-merge rewards, but he realized somebody from their alliance had to hang back to keep an eye on everything. He was getting worried about how close Keith and John were getting over the past few days, so he approached Keith about making sure their alliance was solid; this ended up alienating Keith even further, as Jim's weird behavior might lead to suspicious actions. He decided to give Jim a chance to tell his side of John's story, so he got together with him and Whitney and told him what John said. Jim adamantly denied the supposed conversation happened, but did note that he was opposed to Keith and Whitney's relationship, as they would automatically force a tie in the Final Four, which did not make the other two feel better. Jim then verbally accosted John, confronting him for throwing him under the bus, while John just continued to tell his fabricated story. Dawn, Elyse, and Stacey returned to an extremely hostile camp, and Stacey did not make things better when she backed up John's story. Jim got increasingly frustrated that his name was getting dragged through the mud, as Keith and Whitney failed to believe him. He finally gave up on convincing, and Keith thought that Jim had to be the next to go. At the Immunity Challenge, the Talofa members faced elements from previous challenges, and in a close competition, John won Immunity once again, which angered Jim. Back at camp, Dawn refused to believe John's story, and gathered the Aganoa alliance together to try to get the votes against Stacey. Keith and Whitney agreed to stay loyal on the surface, but they knew their ties to their former tribe were cut. They talked in private on the beach and decided to still vote for Jim, as they now knew he would never take them to the Final Three. John and Stacey then approached them and they made a Final Four deal, anticipating Jim's blindside. Keith then lied to Jim and Dawn that they agreed to vote with Stacey to appease her, but Jim could sense the shift going on, and had a last-minute conversation with Dawn and Elyse to shift their votes to Keith. At Tribal Council, Jim got even more upset and angry with John, while John continued to cooly play everything off. Jim was able to turn the tables, though, and played his hidden Immunity Idol, shocking the rest of the tribe. The new foursome had their votes negated, and Elyse and Jim's two votes for Keith were enough to send him to the jury.

  • Reward Challenge: Each castaway would fill out a questionnaire about their opinions on the others. Then, they must predict the most common answer to each question. Each castaway with a correct prediction would be allowed to cut a section of rope holding up a doll of the castaway they want eliminated. Three cuts of the rope would send the doll into a fire where it would burn, thus eliminating that player from the challenge. Last person left with their doll not burned wins reward.
    • Reward: A helicopter trip to a South Pacific village and a feast.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would replay previous challenges. In the first stage, the castaways would toss sand bags and attempt to land them on top of three crates. The three castaways to have one bag on all three crates would move on. In the final stage, the castaways would use the coconuts as ammunition for the slingshot to knock down three targets. The first castaway to knock all three of their targets down would win.

Episode 12: "My Mind is Officially Blown"Edit

Though John congratulated Jim for a big move, in private he felt like an idiot for his new Final Four alliance going down the tubes. Whitney and Jim argued about Jim playing the hidden Immunity Idol, and she was furious that she was blindsided and lost the love of her life. She went so far as to say that she would make sure that the jury would never vote for him, and the tribe was left walking on eggshells. The next day, things settled down a bit, partly due to the fact that it was Dawn's birthday. After a brief celebration, the tribe found a Sprint EVO 3D phone with videos from their respective loved ones. They got to see their loved ones in person at the Reward Challenge, and everyone got extremely emotional at seeing their siblings, parents, or spouses. Though John started off in the lead right away, he lost time at the table maze, allowing Elyse to come through and win the right for their loved one to come back to camp. Given the chance to give the reward to two more people, she picked Dawn because it was her birthday and Whitney because of her fragile emotional state. Though everyone understood her picks, Jim could see Elyse possibly currying favor by doing the "noble" thing in picking Dawn. Though half of them didn't win, everyone's moods were lifted immensely with seeing their loved ones. Whitney and her mother met in private, and Whitney told her about her feelings for Keith (she also revealed she had never told her family about her previous marriage). Knowing she would have to deal with some murky details when she got back home, Whitney felt like a winner when her mother supported what she was doing. After the loved ones left camp, the game began to settle in again the next day. Whitney decided that she would rather be on the jury with Keith and she would never win, so she shocked the tribe by telling them to vote her out at the next Tribal Council, which eliminated the chance of a 3-3 tie. At the Immunity Challenge, Whitney purposely boxed herself in so she would be out, while Jim earned the right to eliminate one player and chose John. It came down to Stacey and Dawn, and Dawn was able to come through with Immunity. John and Stacey were happy that it seemed Whitney was the next to go, but they were afraid of being in the minority next round. John went with Jim and private and brought up the fact that Dawn is a likable person who could very easily win over a strategist (like Kelly or Alina). Jim secretly did not trust John at all, but masked his feelings and agreed to vote out Dawn after Whitney. Meanwhile, Dawn and Elyse were talking about actually voting for John instead of Whitney, since this is a rare opportunity where he didn't have Immunity. When Jim re-joined them, they found themselves on the exact same page, and weighed the pros and cons of getting rid of John or Whitney. At Tribal Council, Whitney caused mixed reactions from both the tribe and jury when she talked about being voluntarily voted off for Keith. But her request was denied; Dawn, Elyse, and Jim decided to take the opportunity to vote out John, and after what seemed like nine lives the other returning player was finally eliminated in a 3-2-1 vote.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways would toss a grappling hook to retrieve three bags with a ball inside. They would then use one of those balls to finish a labyrinth game. The first to finish would win.
    • Reward: Time with their loved one back at camp.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would play on a grid of hexagons. They would start by standing on a hexagon and step to an adjoining hexagon. As they move, they would flip over the hexagon they were just on, indicating that the hexagon was no longer in play. Each castaway would continue to move until they could no longer make a move. The last castaway to be able to make a move would win.

Episode 13: South Pacific ScrambleEdit

Whitney was miffed at the alliance of Dawn, Elyse, and Jim getting rid of John after she had asked to be voted out, and said that Jim was playing for second place. Meanwhile, Stacey felt her chances of Final Three went right down the tubes with John's departure, and knew she had to pull a big move or be the next to go. Overnight, Whitney had a change of heart about the game, feeling that Keith would want her to stick it out and knowing that there was only so much more to go. Despite this sudden change, Elyse admitted that either she or Stacey would be next. In the Reward Challenge, it came down to Dawn and Elyse, and Elyse was the first to get her combination lock right, winning her second reward in a row and a trip to a spa resort. Jeff Probst asked her to bring one more person, and she picked Jim because he's never been on a post-merge reward, which flabbergasted Whitney. At the resort, Jim and Elyse were able to look at themselves in the mirror for the first time since arriving in the South Pacific, and they were able to enjoy themselves, trusting that Dawn would stay true to their alliance despite being alone back at camp. They sat down to dinner, and Jim decided to reveal that he is a Vegas poker player, and they reaffirmed how much they trusted Dawn wouldn't do anything while they were away. With so few people back at camp, Stacey and Whitney talked one-on-one for the first time ever, and vented together about Jim. They talked about voting for him next, and Whitney even said she believed he was lying about his job. They went to Dawn for a third vote, but Dawn skirted any sort of decision, saying it was too early, but she knew that she wasn't going to flip on Jim and Elyse. However, she did contemplate getting rid of Elyse if anything, as she's the biggest jury threat left. After spending a night in a real bed for the first time in a month, Elyse and Jim returned to camp the next morning and decided to tell everyone about the reward in detail. Dawn then told her two allies about what Whitney and Stacey had done the day before, but assured them they would stay loyal to the Final Three. At the Immunity Challenge, Jim took off to an early lead and nobody else ever caught up, giving him an easy Immunity victory. Frustrated that her main target was now safe, Whitney had to admit to Stacey that she had to vote for her to keep herself alive. Stacey then decided to take her game into her own hands. She approached Dawn and tried to play up how she needed the million dollars as a mother. Though Dawn took this argument with a grain of salt, she was concerned that Jim and Elyse would choose to take Whitney to the Final Three because she would not be a threat to win. Her fears were realized when Jim brought up the idea to Elyse of keeping Whitney to provide the future option of taking her to the end over Dawn. Elyse found herself caught between her two allies. She talked with Dawn and they realized that if they got rid of Whitney, they basically cut Jim of any additional options, and Elyse found herself getting closer to Dawn. At Tribal Council, Whitney again gave the jury mixed emotions when she apologized for her previous behavior. Interestingly, both Stacey and Whitney played up their weakness to try to stay in the game, though Stacey ruffled feathers when she said that if everyone were playing smart, Dawn or Elyse should be voted out (causing quite the awkward silence). In the end, Elyse decided to side with Dawn and Stacey in voting out Whitney, and supposed mastermind Jim found himself in the voting minority for the first time.

  • Reward Challenge: The castaways would race to collect three disks from three poles. The castaway would have to circle around the pole at each station to unscrew the disk from the top of the pole. Once all three disks were retrieved, they would use the disks to solve a combination lock that would release a flag. The first castaway to raise their flag would win.
    • Reward: A trip to a resort, with a three course meal, shower, massage, fresh clothes and a bed.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would use a rope to climb a wall to collect five bags of puzzle pieces. Once all five bags were collected, the 15 puzzle pieces would have to be sorted into matching pairs. Three of the pieces would be unmatchable. Once they solved the puzzle, they would race back up the wall and raise their flag. The first castaway to raise their flag would win Immunity.

Episode 14: An Epic BattleEdit

Jim was pretty blindsided to see his allies vote out Whitney, and didn't believe them when they told him they just wanted to send Whitney to Keith. Though Dawn, Elyse, and Jim were excited to carry their alliance to the Final Three, on Day 37 they realized that days were not really adding up and feared the worst. Meanwhile, Stacey knew this upcoming challenge was a do or die situation, and her life in the game hinged on it. At the first Immunity Challenge, it was a close contest, but Jim had a lucky break and pulled out another win. The Aganoa alliance's fears were confirmed when they realized it would probably be a Final Two facing the jury, and Dawn now started to heed her previous thoughts of Jim and Elyse being close. She faced a tough decision: vote Stacey out with her alliance, or vote for Elyse with Stacey and force a tie against the jury threat. Stacey and Elyse and Jim made their arguments to Dawn, and Dawn was honest to everyone about contemplating both options. Seeing Dawn's hesitance, Jim thought about being a third vote for Elyse, but realized he needed some redeemable moves to win the game. At Tribal Council, despite Stacey continuing to push Dawn to force a tie, Dawn didn't turn on her allies, and the last Taga member Stacey was finally voted out.

  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways would race through various obstacles to retrieve five bags of puzzle pieces. The first castaway to retrieve all five bags and solve the puzzle would win.

Though they were sad they would have to vote off one of their alliance, Jim and Elyse were confident in their relationship and knew they would take each other if one of them won the final challenge. Meanwhile, Dawn was happy with the decision she made, figuring Elyse would have probably won in a fire-making tiebreaker and she would really be on the outs; but she knew the challenge was a must-win for her. The next day, the three acknowledged their fallen comrades, and soon they faced their final Immunity Challenge. In a test of balance and concentration, Jim was out early, prompting an angry response, and in a need-to-win situation, Dawn pulled out a win and a guaranteed spot at the final Tribal Council. While Dawn got emotional about the journey she made, the close allies from the beginning knew they had to turn on each other. Elyse told Dawn she knew Jim would give her a better chance to win, but she deserve to sit at the end with Dawn because of their similar playing styles and the fact that Elyse took Dawn on a Reward for her birthday. Adamant to get the last word, Jim then told Dawn he was guaranteed not to get four jury votes and she would automatically win. At Tribal Council, Dawn was still torn between the two options, but Jim continued to persuade her by saying anyone would have taken Dawn on a reward on her birthday, and flat-out told her he would not be voting for her if she voted him out. Feeling Jim's pressure, and seeing the final Tribal Council just ahead, Dawn chose to vote for Elyse, making her the final jury member.

  • Immunity Challenge: While balancing on a beam that narrows in three stages, the castaways would hold a wooden bow with a ball balanced on top. At regular intervals, the castaways would move down the beam towards the narrower part of the beam. The last castaway balancing the ball on the bow and standing on the beam would win.

The Final Two woke on Day 39 to a huge breakfast, and that night they faced their final Tribal Council. In their opening statements, Dawn made a personal plea about her solid game, while Jim shocked the jury by saying that he lied about his occupation, and used that as an example of how he was playing the game before he hit the beach. He went so far as to say that a vote for Dawn to win was like a vote for Alina or Kelly to win. In their jury statements, Mikayla told Dawn she wouldn't get her vote if she cried, and Jim faced harsh words from Stacey, Christine, and especially Whitney for his actions and general scheming demeanor. Keith surprisingly seemed to face no ill will towards Jim, despite their fight before Keith's blindside, and Jim used Elyse's question as an opportunity to pseudo-apologize about his harsh words, while Dawn admitted she didn't really start playing the game until the vote against Brenda. Brenda and John were both strongly for Jim in their statements, praising his game and saying that the jury needed to get over their emotions and vote for the best player. In the end, Christine, Stacey, and Whitney's hate for Jim made them vote for Dawn. But the rest of the jury listened to the returning players' words and honored Jim's strategic game, making him the Sole Survivor.

Voting HistoryEdit

Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Eliminated: Papa Bear
8/9 Votes
7/8 Votes
5/9 Votes
5/8 Votes
5/7 Votes
5/6 Votes
4/5 Votes
3/4 Votes1
9/10 Votes
6/9 Votes
5/8 Votes
2/3 Votes2
3/6 Votes
3/5 Votes
3/4 Votes
1 Vote
Voter Vote
Jim Papa Bear Semhar Stacey Mikayla Brenda Christine Keith John Stacey Stacey
Dawn Papa Bear Semhar Rick Sophie Cochran Mikayla Brenda Christine Stacey John Whitney Stacey Elyse
Elyse Papa Bear Semhar Christine Mikayla Brenda Christine Keith John Whitney Stacey
Stacey Albert Mikayla Brandon Mikayla John Keith Jim Whitney Whitney Elyse
Whitney Papa Bear Semhar Christine Mikayla Brenda Christine Jim Jim Stacey
John Edna Edna Rick Sophie Cochran Mikayla Brenda Keith Jim Whitney
Keith Papa Bear Semhar Rick Sophie Cochran Mikayla Brenda Christine Jim
Christine Albert Edna Brandon Mikayla John Keith
Brenda Papa Bear Semhar Rick Sophie Cochran Mikayla John
Mikayla Edna Edna Brandon John
Brandon Edna Edna Christine
Cochran Papa Bear Semhar Rick Sophie John
Sophie Albert Edna John Cochran
Rick Albert John John
Edna Albert John
Albert Edna
Semhar Papa Bear Cochran
Papa Bear Semhar
Jury Vote
Finalist: Dawn
3/8 Votes
5/8 Votes
Juror Vote
Elyse Jim
Stacey Dawn
Whitney Dawn
John Jim
Keith Jim
Christine Dawn
Brenda Jim
Mikayla Jim