The castaways started their not-so long journey at TDWiki, they then traveled by time-travel and virtual reality goggles to get to an Archive. There, they witnessed a play put on by the Past Survivor's who walked in their footsteps before them. While Neko squirmed in fear of all the death, Ale shouted and told them they needed more blood. The castaways were then put into two tribes. Neko, Jax, Landry are the Gaffamazons, and Ale, Dakota, and Awesome are the Gritory. At the first challenge, tribes found themselves truding through mud and swamps. Leechs clung to Landry, while Neko squirmed and was being carried through the water by Landry. In a no challenge victory, the Gritory won the challenge. At tribal council, Neko was seen as the weakest link. Landry being the one who has to carry people, and Jax the one who has no air time. In a 2-1 vote. Neko was sent home. The one vote is for Jax. After Neko left, Oatmeal gave flint to the observing Gritory.