Survivor Fanfics Wiki is a collaborative website about the fanfics written by Survivor Sucks/Fantasy Games Central poster guatemala fanfic, though it has been modified to include fanfics from other posters. To date, there have been fourteen fanfics (eleven of which have been based entirely on a real season of Survivor, and two of which were All-Stars seasons). The fourteenth in the series, Survivor:Caramoan finished up in December 2016 after a three-year hiatus.

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Guatemala fanfic is extremely busy with class. He would like to write stories/update stories in the future, but it will most likely come at a later date.

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An article has now been written for all fanfics thus far, and updates are nearly complete.

Special thanks to Survivor Sucks poster Mr X819 for all of his amazing contributions to the Wiki site! A huge thank you also goes out to Lasercatz and ImANewUser for their great updates to the site as well! Your hard work is appreciated!

In a press conference in June 2010, Jeff Probst gave his updated ranking of the seasons (including Tocantins):

1. Tocantins
2. China
3. Micronesia
4. Gabon
5. Fiji
6. Cook Islands
7. All-Stars Belize
8. Guatemala
9. Exile Island

After the ranking, there were five seasons written. All except Nicaragua and South Pacific were written in a very abbreviated format (just a basic sketching out of events). They are:

All-Stars Samoa
Redemption Island
South Pacific

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